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MarvelfanX's advice for Captain Cold in Injustice 2

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posted December 27, 2017

Captain Cold is not big in the combo department so his main technique is setups and traps that allow you time to charge his Cyclotron character power for more deadly attacks.Use death cicle to keep opponents from getting too close and his crouching medium is a pretty decent anti air to keep opponents from jumping in.If you meter burn death cicle a block of ice drops from the sky keeping your opponent from getting to you.Use this time to charge your Cyclotron character power or you can also charge it after using a meter burned big freeze.Also it's great to note that the ice block hinders your opponent from using projectiles but yours can go right through the block.The Wall is useful as a wakeup or a well timed anti air.Meter burn it to send the wall flying towards the opponent which can also give you some time to set up more traps or charge the Cyclotron.