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shakunetsu's advice for Ryu in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

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posted June 19, 2017

The radical change of the gameplay fundamentals that is the new mechanic the projectile deflect destroys Ryu playstyle. Ryu was been an average character and not threatening in UMVC3 and TVC but now he had returned to the most predictable character after being stripped mostly out from his TVC and UMVC3 updates along with the new projectile deflect mechanic.

While others having the benefit of gem/stone advantaged and also enjoy the universal short hop was also given new mobility option and new special moves to utilize and compensate with the radical update. Some that has new improved moveset are like Ironman, dante and Cap. While the likes of Hulk, Arthur and Thanos get new mobility option like air dash and wall jump other than the universal updates.

In fact he doesn't need "new moves" or "new" stuff what he needs was his usual tools from UMVC3 and TVC that doesn't even make him top tier or threatening to others in MVC standard compare to the new update of others in MVCi.


1.) Shin Hadouken from UMVC3's Hado Kakusei to replace Shinkuu
2.) Hado Shoryuken -
3.) Air Dash from TVC - for better unpredictability and other way to advance.
4.) Hadouken - Durability 2 against normals projectile and cannot be deflected

Even SMASH gave Ryu new and unique tools beyond his specials and universal mobility and offensive options to make him viable and effective in a different gameplay system. While MVCi took a lot of potential making him just average.