Rulio's advice for Mai in King of Fighters 14

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posted March 30, 2017

Mai is character know for her ability to deal with almost everyone in the cast due to her speed, overall great moves, mixing and pressing ability. She can also perform great damages once the combos start. Since, she has the ability to create meter bars fairly quickly, Mai can get confortable in Point or Middle but her best place would be in Anchor due to her useful supers. She do have a lot of combos possibility on light attacks especially low light kick. She does not have to change her play style considering her opponent making her a versatile character.

Her only weakness would maybe be the fact she isn't that strong at heavy zoning like other Top-tier or God-tier like K', Robert or Iori.

Mai is a really strong, easy to understand and versatile character meant for players that struggle with Mid-tiers, players that need to have a strong character in a Mid-Low-tiers characters team and players that just need to win.