ZachSmashAttack's advice for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted February 15, 2017

Ok. Since no one cared to mention Little Mac's air game that much I will give a little talk about it. This is how to air mac. First off, (In case you haven't noticed) Little Mac has seriously and purposely underpowered Aerial game. All his air attacks don't do that much damage and have point blank range. So people are just like, "Oh man, Little Mac's air game sucks." However, a lot of people don't take into consideration what his air attacks properties are. Let's go into these properties.

First of all and most important, all of Little Mac's aerials are auto-cancelable from a short hop.

Down air can jab lock so if they miss a tech at any time then you could follow up with a jab lock and then a F-smash or even in some rare cases a KO punch, Plus it the the fastest meteor smash in the game (albeit weak it can still gimp).

Up air is a solid anti-air attack and can be used to do combos like U-tilt to Uair multiple times and maybe finish it off with an up b.

Nair can be used to do interesting combos and comes out on frame 2. While this attack may be very weak when it comes to damage and knockback, there is ONE very unique trick that Little Mac may be able to pull off that involves this move. If he use his Down-A on an opponent (At around 70%, give or take) to get them in the air, quickly footstools them, and then in a certain rhythm, quickly alternates between Neutral-Airs and footstools, he can potentially carry opponents to the top of the stage and then finish them off with a Rising Uppercut! This move can combo into itself in the air, and the opponent's weight class and damage percentage doesn't matter. This can be used as a guaranteed kill combo at any percentage if used off the stage. When your opponent is trying to recover, jump off and intercept them with a neutral air. Punch them at least 4-5 times (if you jumped from the stage ledge) and toadstool jump a bit above the blastline. If done correctly this is a guaranteed kill. The timing is strict for this combo, and the opponent must be beneath Mac. *Credit to Zebraman7279 and KarmasCamera for the info on Nair.*

Fair and Bair are semi-spikes allowing for gimps combined with Nair and Dair. Even though they have poor range they have good knockback allowing for some great gimps. Also a combo could be D-tilt to fair to D-tilt to fair to F-smash is effective on an unprepared opponent.

Now some people might be wondering how little mac can gimp even though he has extremely bad recovery but I am about to tell you step two to a decent air mac.

Step two: I am just going to say this straight out. Lots of people think Little Mac's recovery sucks. He has the third lowest jump and is a fast falling lightweight with mediocre air speed which doesn't help at all. However what is often overlooked (See some posts above.) is his wall jump. He has the second highest wall jump in the entire game (Surpassed only by Lucario). If you go for a gimp and keep your second jump you will definitely be able to make it back if you know what you're doing. Also use this wisely and you can make some amazing recoveries. But don't overthink it if a simple side-b or up-b will work. Try to pick an omega form stage with walls.

One more thing, to get air mac down and your gimping game down you need to PRACTICE. Don't expect to get amazing gimps your first try. It takes precision, skill, and good reads. Plus if you're not prepared you might not be able to recover. So only gimp if it's worth it.

And that about wraps it up. But remember, Little Mac's ground game is tons better then his air game. However if you play it right it could lead to some surprise KO's. And remember that I didn't cover any of mac's ground game. Make sure to take a look at the other posts. But if you want to play air mac then you read the right post. I hope you found this informative and I hope to write more. Thank you and goodbye.