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EraserRain's advice for F.A.N.G in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

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posted January 9, 2017

Just a warning to players picking up F.A.N.G. after season 2's patch. He is slower and added frames to all his Medium moves. They still good tools, but not as good as they were in season 1. The added 2 frames to st.HK have made his cross-up combos harder to do. You need to go deeper with jm.HK for it to work. Outside of that it's a huge risk to use it.

Some combos in season 1 no longer work because of the frames added. The Input latency change in season 2 makes charge attacks a little harder to do. Combo execution and hit confirming are now a must for him.

The new V-Trigger he now has takes time to actually hard to learn to use it for bigger damaging combos. It is still better to use it to extend combos.

Recoverable damage is 50% slower in season 2. This is however not a dependable buff for him. It is hard to do gray damage with to start with. Still keep up the poison damage as much as you can.

F.A.N.G. is a fighter that you must spend a lot of time in the training room with. You will lose a lot at first, but with time you can take on most of the cast with him. He is really fun to play when you get used to him.