deaco's advice for Greninja in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted December 9, 2016

It's not easy to kill with grenija so here are some useful setups:
-weak nair -> dash up smash. Super useful, true combo. At higher percents use weak nair -> fair
-down tilt -> up smash/ dash up smash if you hit the opponent near the base of down tilt the up smash is true, however if you don't it's an airdodge 50/50 at higher percents go for dtilt -> fair
-dair(spike) -> upair(spike) -> down smash/ uptilt -> up air. The opponent will have the chance to tech the upair spike but it's a small window you can use down smash or uptilt up air interchangeably(they start killing at around the same percent) but uptilt upair provides more room for error.
-dair(spike) -> side b. True combo at relly high percents(150ish) useful when started with a dair out of sheild.
-up throw -> up air/side b/up b. If you think the opponent will do nothing then up air, if you think the opponent will jump then up b(aim the water towards the opponent so it pushes them into the blastzone), if you think the opponent will airdodge then side b. Not the most reliable kill setup but it's useful to keep in mind.
-up tilt -> up air. True combo, great if you can land the up tilt
-dair(spike) -> footstool -> bair(first hits)- pretty hard, only try it if you're good at it otherwise use dair(spike) to upair(spike)
-grab -> two pummels -> upthorw. kills at later percents(130ish depending on rage) good to remember if you're struggling for the kill. I'm pretty sure it's almost impossible to mash out of just 2 pummels(I heard that from somewhere idk it could be wrong but no one has ever mashed out of two pummels for me)