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FooFighterGE's advice for Bowser in Super Smash Bros. 4

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posted August 2, 2016

Bowser is a tricky character to pick up, and can be rewarding if you are patient. If you're looking for a fun, heavyweight character, or you just don't want to be part of the plethora of "disrespectful" Ganondorf players, then Bowser is for you.

Up-throw combos are arguably Bowser's best tools. Since Bowser has a decent grab, grabs aren't too hard to get, and you can hit hard with your combos, and even kill. U-throw-U-tilt is true at early percents, and after that, U-throw-N-air can combo at 50%-ish. Also, if your opponent doesn't DI properly or doesn't DI at all, U-throw-U-air will kill some characters at 90% as a 50-50.

Bowser is the heaviest character in the game, and his recovery isn't half bad. His aerials pack a huge punch (I once killed a ZSS at 50% by the ledge with back air), but have a lot of lag and significant start-up. Because of his huge hurtbox and slow aerials, Bowser is huge combo-meat. His fastest aerial, n-air, comes out frame 8, so your quickest option to get out of aerial combos is to airdodge (which is rarely safe). However, on the ground, you have an amazing out-of-shield option in up-B. It beats spot-dodges, and you can retreat to the side if you need to. It can also kill. Jabs work too, but up-b or side tilt work better. Smash attacks are really powerful, but are so laggy that you will usually be killing with aerials or the 50-50 death combo.

In conclusion, Bowser has some neat tricks, but you must be incredibly patient for success. Oh, and down-B breaks shields.