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Tekken 7 > Master Raven
Master Raven Tekken 7 artwork

Master Raven Tekken 7 moves


Tier Ranking: N/A Tekken 7 Tiers Popularity: 35th
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bjmalone posted April 23, 2018

Master raven is very unsafe but the risk is worth the reward. Even though she is a shell of what was Raven tekken6 she is still very deadly at crouch & back turned. She has 2 lows that will launch and combos that can carry to the wall. Her wall combos are not mind blowing but ok. She doesn't have clones like T6 Raven but her move list is pretty much the same. You can not go in guns blazing. Be defensive and look for the CH to get the most out of her.

darkjuste posted February 4, 2018

Be defensive with her. Everything she does is risky.

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