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Young Link Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork

Young Link Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moves


Weight: 88 Tier Ranking: 20th Popularity: 6th
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Yoink posted September 15, 2019

Young link has a lot of great kill confirms off of his d-tilt and boomerangs like being able to hit forward aerials, down air, up air and even up b so if you want to get good with young link then make sure you learn your kill confirms because if not then you will have a lot of trouble killing

LinkMain24 posted September 18, 2020

N-b at 0, grab, down throw, nair. Repeat. I did this with a Mario dummy, so this might not always work, but it’s a nice combo. You can keep going as long as they don’t fall out, too. You may have to add n-bs or switch to side-b.

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