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Weight: 92 Tier Ranking: 64th Popularity: 80th
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LinkMain24 posted February 15, 2021

Steve is most certainly one of the hardest SSBU characters to play successfully. There’s a lot of factors involved, such as:
-material gauge. If you don’t have certain materials, mainly iron, some moves will simply fail. The gauge can never have any black on the right side. If there is, mine.
-weapon durability. While the negatives aren’t as bad as not having materials, be wary about your weapons, too. In time, the weapons you use will break. Be sure to keep mining so that you have the materials to make new ones. Try to go for diamond, it’s the best one and weapon making is its only purpose.
-block placement. Knowing when and where to place blocks could literally save your life where other characters would die. It’s also an effective edge guard method, which leads to my next point...
-knowing when to edge guard and knowing when to mine. It mostly just comes down to instinct following experience, but it’s still important.

Moves to know:
Jab/F-tilt/Nair - disrupter move for front. You can reverse nair similar to reverse n-b, so it covers the back too. Weapon reliant.
Up tilt/Up air - with enough practice, this will be your wumbo combo. At 0 on nearly any foe, you can up tilt > up tilt > jump into up air > jump into up air > up air. Weapon reliant.
D-tilt - edge guard 3000. Low speed, multi hit, falling mechanism, and decent launch power make for easy edge guard. On characters with good recovery, you can just keep using it. And it can be used as a kill/grab setup if you’re standing on a dying block when you use it.
Smash attacks - kill things. D-smash is best setup for edge guard, up smash can be used with up tilt/up air/block for great combo, and f-smash is weapon reliant.
Fair - spike. Weapon reliant.
Bair - more powerful fair but no spike. Weapon reliant.
Dair - best aerial approach option, but I also enjoy using it as an edge guard technique. On people with vertical recovery, this is lethal. Material dependent.
Grab - slow, but long range and good throws. Wonky hit box, though.
F-throw - edge guard setup.
D-throw - combo setup. Material dependent.
N-b - this is where everything gets explained. In the air, you place blocks, which is material dependent. On the ground while next to a crafting table, you can make/fix weapons. And on the ground and not touching the crafting table or in need of it, you can mine for materials, which is weapon dependent.
Side-b - fantastic at everything. Approach? Check. Recovery? Check. Setup? Kill with up smash or edge guard? It’s fantastic, but like most good things, it’s material dependent.
Up-b - recovery only. If you want to get good, learn how to control this move.

In conclusion, Steve definitely takes a lot of time and patience, but he has good stuff. You just need to be mindful of it all.

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