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Eswndernder posted January 4, 2021

Hello. I'm a dedicated Smash Brothers fan wanting to offer you some tips on how to play Sephiroth. Here are some top pro player tips, and although some of them do look really lame, they do actually help you win.

1.) Make use of the aerials
One thing to understand for an aspiring Sephiroth main or player, your aerials are where it's at. N-Air and D-Air are particularly good. Use N-Air if you are in need of a combo starter or a quick attack, it's probably one of Sephiroth's fastest, if not best attacks. Down Air is amazing powerful for edge-guarding, and it comes out very quickly.

2.) Use Side-B...A LOT.
I'm not joking about this one bit. Shadow Flare is one of the most versatile projectiles in the game. A good strat is to try to get at least 3 on an opponent, though up to 5 can be applied. They will rotate around the opponent for sometime before blowing up in their face. Your opponent has two choices. Shield it, or don't. If they do choose to shield, stay close, because you can follow-up with a down smash for an easy shield-break punish. If they don't, be right there to follow-up with a nasty punish. Either way, your opponent is probably doomed at 60% to either of these options.

3.) Make use of the one-winged angel mode
Sephiroth has a comeback mechanic that activates around 80%. It grants him several advantages. These include, increases to your speed and damage, air movement, a third jump, and super-armor on his smash attacks. It can give you a massive up in power in a losing battle, so don't ignore the advantages it grants you.

4.) Be careful of openings.
Sephiroth's greatest weakness is his bad framedata. To put in more "English, please" terms, it means a lot his moves are slow and have lag. Other characters, such as my main Bayonetta, can take advantage of the openings a lot of his moves give him. One of the best examples is his up-air, which has a ridiculous amount of range, but is slow on startup, and has endlag. If you aren't careful of the openings that you leave, not even the winged angel mode can save you then.

5.) Use your counter to edgeguard.
If the creator Masahiro Sakurai says it's a good idea, then it probably is. The down special Scintilla is an amazing effective, and relatively safe way to edgeguard your opponents. Be wary, though, this won't work on every characters recovery. (Characters like Ganondorf and Captain Falcon command grab you with their up specials, meaning that they override the counter. Others like Pit and Dark Pit have recoveries that don't have hitboxes meaning they can safely glide through the counter.)

Please post if you have anything else to add to this list.


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