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Pikachu Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moves


Weight: 79 Tier Ranking: 1st Popularity: 29th
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Uncanny_Doom posted January 30, 2019

Some Pika combos:

A basic easy little combo is Up Tilt > Short Hop Up Air > Double Jump Up Air > Up Air. You can also go for something like a Back Air instead of the double jump Up Air if you want to control where opponent is going better.

Down throw at low percent > short hop Nair > fast-fall > re-grab > repeat. When the damage gets around middling percents you can substitute the re-grab for an up tilt and continue doing short hop Nair > fast-fall > up-tilt for a little bit. On heavy characters you can make this combo rack up to 60-80 percent. Fast-falling the Nair is the key to this combo and takes a little practice.

Short Hop Fair > Short Hop Fair > Short Hop Fair works at very low/zero percent on people who don't DI away or big body hurtboxes.

Short hop Back Air will combo into itself at low percents similar to Fair, and it's a good out of shield option to punish. Both Bair and Fair have a lot of carry potential to get opponents off-stage so they're good to know.

Running turnaround Up Air (if you use a shoulder button to jump you might know how this works already) can pick people up and combo into fast-fall Nair > Up Tilt setups.

Landing Nair in general will true combo into Up Smash. Very important to know if you connect with it because if the opponent is in front of you and you can fast-fall to a platform or stage you have guaranteed follow-up every time.

randomphoenix posted January 16, 2019

First time commenting! Anyways, here's an easy-bake combo that I frequently employ.


...If the opponent doesn't DI left/right, then follow up with DOWN+B.

...If the opponent DIs to the left/right, then follow up with UP-AIR.

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