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King Dedede Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moves


Weight: 127 Tier Ranking: 75th Popularity: 47th
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ChillyG posted May 1, 2019

Advantage offstage: dedede is hands down the best offstage character in the game. Given he can live on the ledge for an entire game, he can really make a presence in this zone. If you chase your opponent offstage, you have to guess if they are recovering high or low (or if they are far enough out, if you can pop them with a gordo) if high, go up air, if low, fair chain and gg. If you miss go for nair or upair. If you want to stay on stage, you have a ton of gordo trap options. There used to be a shield break with up Gordo to f smash, but now that it's gone, you have to choose between the remaining traps:
1. Up Gordo d-smash
2. Up Gordo up smash
3. Up Gordo dash attack 2 frame (lasts a long time)
4. Up Gordo down B
5. Up Gordo turnaround down B
The best part is all of these kill. Stupid. Early.
Disadvantage onstage: get to ledge. It's your best friend. With the only frame 1 airdodge in the game you'd be surprised what you can get out of. Also Nair can work wonders and a well placed Gordo hammer can give your opponent 30 percent when they aren't expecting it.
Advantage offstage. If low prepare to fair. It can block out your opponent from punishing. If they want the spike, up air. No move outranges it. If mid, plop a Gordo on the corner, but be wary if you can. If high try to hit a Gordo on the corner. A corner Gordo can make disadvantage into a stock lead for you. If your opponent is too deep, up b and charge f-smash at ledge, once they hit the Gordo, no matter the percent or character they won't survive. Also if offstage never forget suck and cuck is 100% tourney viable. Just make sure the opponent isn't playing with good recovery.
If playing against projectiles try to limit your spitout. It becomes readable if you use it too much. Not to mention a rushdown grappler Dedede will serve you very well in matchups like link or the belmonts.
Overall dedede is a good character with a good combo game. He's easily high mid tier and if he gets the shield break again he's low high. Don't count him out. I have been elite smash with dedede since my 4th game with him and have reached the top 10000 gsp with him. He's viable for sure. Just don't play against wolf, Pac man, samus, or Zelda. But do pick him up for pichu, pikachu, peach, daisy, palutena, olimar or snake because for some reason he has the top tiers covered.

ChillyG posted May 1, 2019

After playing about 3000 games with this character, I find the fact he is rated bottom tier on this site as utter garbage. Dedede is a character that is very sensitive to certain matchups and stages but in the right hands kicks ass. Overall he wants an open stage. Kalos, FD, PS2 are all good. This is because of his dominating neutral on these stages.
Dedede neutral:
At low percents a down throw into forward throw as well as fastfall nair-uptilt-upair/nair is the main goal with the first doing 22 percent and the next doing 32. Also at low percents Nair combos into itself like crazy so if your opponent is off guard you can utterly destroy them with a nair chain of about 6 nairs. Gordo works well at low percents and you should follow all gordos for follow ups. If the Gordo hits, you can combo into Nair off of the hitstun. This may lead to a fair chain that will take your opponent off the stage and into the blastzone. If your opponent has more percent than you, this neutral is generally preferred.
At mid percents Gordo should be your best friend. Pair it with suck to launch it. After enough practice you should be able to aim your Gordo at any point on the stage. Also your Nair continues to combo into moves like fair and upair and maybe bair at this point. Your down throw fair should work up to 70 for most characters and into about 100 for heavies.
Dedede has a bunch of extra campy options he can do as well. His ledge camp is the best in the game with jump Gordo throw, ledge drop fair, ledge drop up air, jump suck, and you can do neutral getup to refresh invincibility. And yes, this is 100% tourney viable.
At high percents your Nair will start having kill confirms. Fastfall Nair to upair, bair, and fair all kill based on DI. If they ever bring back the shield break, then use it to put the fear of God in your opponents for spamming an unpunishable move (you can dtilt out of it) that kills at 40. Once you hit 150 your gordo, up air, and back throw will kill. Spam Gordo now. It works.
Advantage onstage: dedede becomes a rushdown character with smash 4 bayo levels of combos. I've gotten combos that do 70 percent once I've gotten advantage state, though normally I'lll only get 30-50% or so. Your main goal at this point is to get the opponent to offstage.

miggle2191 posted December 30, 2018

By using neutral air and fast falling on to an opponent, you can combo into an up tilt at low to mid percents. At very low percents, you can get two up tilts in.

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