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Incineroar Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork

Incineroar Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moves


Weight: 116 Tier Ranking: 73rd Popularity: 22nd
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Joneze posted December 13, 2018

Aight, if anyone ever looks down here i'll leave a combo or two.

Down throw combos into shorthop F-Air at low/mid percents, as well as N-Air
Down tilt combos into either U-tilt (at low percents) F-Air (at low to mid percents) Up Smash (if you get a good read) or N-air.
These are all the things i've found.
D-Tilt is also really good at two framing, and N-Air is a pretty good tool at ledge.

cloudisnottoptier posted May 3, 2020

Incineroar has the slowest mobility in the game its walk speed and run speed are the slowest, and slow air speed, Incineroar is a strong character, back throw at the ledge can kill earlier than Ness's back throw

Xurkey posted December 8, 2018

I've been loving him so far. He has so much personality!

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