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Ganondorf Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork

Ganondorf Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moves


Weight: Tier Ranking: 77th Popularity: 4th
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Dakai posted August 7, 2020

Ganondorf is like in previous Smash Games

bubzerz27 posted January 2, 2019

Ganon's up air seems to have more reach, and is even more of a Flash Kick. His Wizard's Foot reverted back to its Melee/Brawl version, where the hitbox starts closer to its starting point when grounded, and d-throw to Wizard's Foot is also still true at zero.

Of course, with the global landing lag reduction, Ganon's short hop N-air is frightening, and Ike/Cloud-esque smashes give him much easier kills, but ranged fighters still wall him out easily. Mid-tier, at worst, and this is coming from a Ganon main since PM.

miggle2191 posted December 30, 2018

Side special can combo into down tilt, but it can also be teched by the opponent (Pressing the dodge button as soon as you touch the stage).

As Ganondorf, if the opponent continues to tech, notice what direction they are teching and use this too your advantage. You can take advantage of this by turning around and following up with a forward tilt, following their tech with a down special, or going into a smash attack (Though smash attacks are much slower and can be avoided).

Dense posted December 12, 2018

Flame choke (side special) now reliably connects to down tilt and dash attack, making it a viable starter.

WumboTheSecond posted December 9, 2018

The neutral special or the "Warlock Punch" is particularly useful because once in enemy is at about 70%, if you are decently close to an edge you have a really good chance of an instant KO

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