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Bowser Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork

Bowser Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moves


Weight: 135 Tier Ranking: 54th Popularity: 44th
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Elliekrakers posted January 8, 2020

Up throw then up special, won't regret it

miggle2191 posted December 30, 2018

With tough guy, you can negate a lot of characters jab combos. Characters with jab combos that go into a flurry of hits after the first one can be punished by grabbing on to them.

Though at high percents, tough guy may not work any more. It mostly depends on what character you are fighting. For example, Meta Knight's flurry attacks wont flinch Bowser until he's at 70%, while King Dedede's flurry won't flinch Bowser until he's at 400%!

DrFault posted December 27, 2018

Bowser flips alot of stereotypical Tank attributes on their heads, as not only is he the heaviest character in the game, he's also a pretty fast and hard-hitting character to boot. All of his tilts, smashes, and aerials even have super armour on startup, allowing him to beat out almost anything that touches him. He also has a universal armour officially known as Tough Guy, which lets him tank low knockback moves when he stands still or is walking, mostly projectiles like Villager's slingshot and Mega Man's pellets. Tough Guy has also been strengthened in Ultimate, much like his other types of armour.

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