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Weight: 81 Tier Ranking: 67th Popularity: 2nd
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Eswndernder posted January 6, 2021

A little tip; If you hold the attack button on say, neutral air, you will extend the move's hitbox a little longer, slightly increasing it's range. This is because Bayonetta will shoot tiny projectiles for a short amount of time. It's perfect for that tiny extra bit of damage, and in the case of Bayonetta's N-Air, a potenial edgeguard method. I would not recommend using this feature unless the move connects, as it can leave Bayonetta wide open to potenial attacks, and due to the extremely low damage it will give, I would not recommend heading on an opponent with this feature. It really should only be used, again, if the original move connects. Ex; If you connect an up-tilt, you can use the extension feature for a bit of extra damage, the start a combo (if you are fast enough).

Eswndernder posted January 4, 2021

I'm probably not one to give tips, but I'm here to tell you (based off my personal experience, and quite a bit of research) the most major nerfs Bayonetta got that really affect her gameplay.

1.) Witch Time Weakened
This is one of Bayonetta's most devastating nerfs, as her Witch Time set up a lot of her early kill combos in Smash4. It also made her ridiculously OP with items on, so the amount of time you spent slowed is reduced.

2.) Side Special Weakened
I could say all of her specials were weakened and also be right, but I want to focus on her side special in particular. Bayo's Side Special set up some of the most stupid combos to ever exist in the Super Smash Brothers world. These combos required little training, and killed ridiculously early. Add that to the fact it made her neutral nearly unpunishable made Bayonetta a very overpowered force. A lot more precision is required if you want to use this move correctly.

3.) Up Air Weakened
As BayoPuffer has already mentioned, one of Smash4 Bayonetta's best kill moves is her up-air, which is what enabled her "fly to the moon" combos in Smash4 to be so deadly. The weakening of her up-air really put her down a tier by itself. Without it's K.O power, all of the sudden, you can't rely on the cheap Smash4 combos to carry you to victory.

4.) Up Special Nerfed
There were several factors why Bayonetta was so OP, not just her combo potential and kill power. She also had great defensive moves (think Witch Time) and one of the best recoveries in the game. In Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, her Up Special has reduced power and vertical distance (no longer allowing you to recover from the corner of the stage, and yes, that was possible in Smash4).

5.) Final Smash Weakened
When all is said and done, her Final Smash is weakened. This Final Smash was basically top tier, since her combo potential and overall stage control made it nearly impossible to escape as most characters, and like the regular Bayonetta, this allowed you to easily K.O your opponent from a single hit at pretty low percentages. Now, the only way to K.O with Bayonetta's Final Smash is getting the opponent over 100% at any point. (Which usually isn't acheived until your opponent is at least 70%). Also it's a whole lot easier to cheese (Rob Up-B anyone?)

This is based off a lot of well-placed (for me) research. If you disagree or have anything else to say, let me know.

Bayopuffer posted July 14, 2019

Some other combos/Trix:

Down Tilt -> Fair (Works well from 20-70%, easy combo for tidy damage)

Down Throw -> Heel Slide -> Up Tilt (Only really usable from 15-25%, can lead into the next combo!)

Up Tilt -> Witch Twist (Angled backward) -> Witch Twist (Angled backward) (Like the UT->WT->WT combo, but Witch Twists are angled backward following the Up Tilt)

Up Throw -> Witch Twist (Angled forwards) -> Witch Twist (Angled forwards) (Works best at low percents)

Downwards After Burner Kick -> Neutral Air (Starts to work around 30%, used to approach opponents from above and start combos DO NOT JUMP AFTER LANDING THE ABK)

Heel Slide (Bullet Arts Extension) -> Back Air (More of a kill set-up, works best around 70-90%)

Bayopuffer posted January 20, 2019

Here are a few combos you need to know for Bayonetta.

**Heel Slide (bullet art extension) -> Witch Twist -> ABK -> ABK -> Bair/Nair**
This combo is a great damage dealer at low percents. It can easily work on most of the cast from 0-20%. For heavyweights, you might want to wait until they're around 15-25% before using this combo. This can easily deal 40% to an opponent.

**Heel Slide (BAE) -> Witch Twist-> ABK -> Witch Twist (angle it in the opposite direction; if you start the combo going left, angle it right and vice versa) -> ABK -> Fair (all three hits)**
This combo works best around 50-60%. It can get the opponent well in the 90-105% range. If you are able, start this combo on a platform or start with an ABK (while the opponent is in the air) and you can potentially knock the opponent off the screen.

As you can see, landing the first combo, getting a few hits in and then doing the second combo can quickly put the opponent at lethal percents. Remember that Bayonetta is all about combos, and practicing them allows you to use them more naturally as well as being able to improvise combos on the spot (which Bayonetta can easily do).

Learn these combos, and you'll be able to bolster your Bayonetta skills greatly. Good luck!

Bayopuffer posted January 18, 2019

Ok, so Bayonetta got hit quite hard in Ultimate. Unsurprising. I'm not the most experienced with Bayonetta nor am I ready to give a comprehensive guide, so I'll stick with some basic facts you need to know if you're wanting to play Bayonetta in Smash Ultimate.

1.) Witch Time sucks.
I cover this in my tip for Witch Time, but long story short it's power
depends on the opponent's %, as well as freshness. It's basically
impossible to get early kills or combos with Witch Time anymore, save
it for smash attacks.
2.) Great damage-dealing, not so great killing
While Bayonetta has gotten most of her moveset nerfed, most of her
combos still work (albeit less reliably). She can still do 40% in a
combo, and she can easily string together hits and rack up damage. The
problem is her kill power. You've basically got three options: smash
attack, back air, or edge-guarding. WTime->Fsmash is your easiest kill
option, back air is (thankfully) still amazing and can start killing
around 80%, and Bayonetta can still edge-guard pretty well. Speaking
of which...
3.) Off the stage, not (really) the ceiling
Since Bayonetta's combos are less reliable and Up Air got mega nerfed
(it can't kill anymore), it's very hard to Fly your opponent to the
Moon like in Sm4sh. Especially if you're playing on a stage with no
platforms. Bayonetta can still shine carrying opponents into the Moon
River, though. f-air got nerfed but is still usable, and Bayonetta's
versatile recovery makes her a champion edge-guarder. Bullet Climax
and Down Smash are also viable options, if you wish to play a bit

Keep in mind Bayonetta is not a bad character, not by a long shot.
Several top-tier players have pulled off lethal ceiling combos, and
her moveset still allows her to be an adaptable and powerful
combatant. She's gotten nerfed, but she isn't done yet.

bayomain69691 posted February 11, 2019

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