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Zero Suit Samus Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Zero Suit Samus Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 80 Tier Ranking: 7th Popularity: 11th
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Super_Zamus_Bros posted January 9, 2015

I use Zero Suit Samus as my main & probably the most important thing with using her is her dash attack. With Zero Suit Samus's fast speed, this attack can surprise opponents, & will launch them into the air. Just be careful that if the opponent dodges or shields the attack, you will be left vulnerable.

She has some very powerful moves, & for an agile character, this makes a lethal combination. Her forward smash attack has high launch power, as well as her up smash attack being able to launch foes from above. Her down smash attack is extremely useful, but using it with no charging power will only leave opponents paralysed for a split second. Using it after charging will have the best effects.

Her specials all have unique effects. Her paralyser can stun opponents to let Zero Suit Samus attack or grab & throw them. Her plasma whip is an effective way of attack & recovery. Her boost kick is mainly used for recovery, but can be used to attack with a maximum of 8 hits, & her flip jump pitfalls opponents, leaving them open for attack at high percentages.

Zero Suit Samus has a great ground & air game. Her dash attack, paralyser, plasma whip & flip jump on ground, & her boost kick, up & forward air attacks & down air attack in the air.

If you are wondering of what custom specials you may like to change for Zero Suit Samus, all have unique effects, but for me, blast shot & shooting star flip kick are the 2 standouts. Blast shot may not travel the distance, but when used on opponents trying to recover back onto the stage, it hurdles them & makes it harder for them to successfully recover. Shooting star flip kick is also another standout. It can be used from a far distance away, & when it hits opponents, it has an extremely high launching power to the side. It is a very effective way of KO'ing opponents who are near the edge of the stage.

Zero Suit Samus is by no doubt a high-tier character. With her fast speed, being the 3rd highest jumper, her flexible recovery options, & her strong attacks, she can easily lead you to victory.

cholo96 posted February 22, 2016

kurby is the best kurb

Aethorian112 posted March 3, 2015

I main Zero Suit Samus and while most people have already said all the really good things to know, I don't see anyone commenting on her down-b's meteor effect.

I personally love using the down B as a meteor because it usually takes the other player by surprise. It's really useful to tag edge grabbers as well as people trying to recover. If you miss, it's not too hard to recover, but it can leave you open, so use with caution.

delbuster posted December 7, 2014

A hybrid zoning/rushdown character. She's semi floaty, but what is really crazy is how high she jumps, so she can't easily approach with jumps.

Her Neutral B, Side B, air grapple, and Grab are all long range to trick the opponent. They all are good in conjunction with each other; Neutral B can combo into Dash attack or grab, Grab beats shield which would beat the other options.

Off grab, generally Dthrow into Fair or Uair is the preferred option, although you can try Up B for a KO situation. Up B tends to drop before the last hit as an antiair though.

Up close, Jabs and Utilt are the main moves to use. Due to her slow grab, Utilt out of shield is generally a better defensive option than shield grab. Similarly, jab can work (and jab is decent for beating spotdodges since you can just hold A).

ZSS also uses Dtilt and Ftilt right outside of point blank as solid pokes.
Finally, Dsmash is often thrown in because of the great reward ZSS obtains when it hits; combo into Fsmash, Grab, or other moves with good enough range.

Her anti air is quite strong. Uair is great and Up Smash is pretty hard to get through.

Dash attack is interesting. It has a lot of recovery, but it has a lot of range and movement, making it great for whiff punishes and sometimes as a poke if you do it very close to them and go way past their shield. It's not technically safe but it can be hard to punish.

On defense, her Down B is fantastic. Super good mobility option and hard to catch, especially with platforms, she is just super slippery. She doesn't have the best aerial attacks to land with though, so make the most out of this move.

Overall, this is a solid character for space control and defense. Her offense is not extremely speedy, but rather a controlled pace of trickiness.

Mijinion posted December 7, 2014

Zero Suit Samus is all about constant rushing with an incredibly aggressive approach. Samus is similar to Sonic in that their mechanics are meant to now allow their opponent to be able to make a move, or have time to strategize. Unlike Sonic, however, lies the fact that Samus uses very heavy hitting.

Samus has an air and round game that mix so well together that many do consider her to be among high tier status. Samus has an agile quality that also makes her ridiculously hard to land a blow on savvier players.

So, what can you do with Zero Suit Samus? Her neutral stun gun is good for setting up a combo since your opponent will be left open to a grab. Many of these grabs allow you to follow up thanks to Samus's raw speed. Many of her aerial attacks allow you to successfully juggle and repeatedly attack your opponent, particularly her u-air and f-air. Thanks to Samus's quickness, an air dodging opponent can still be hit if you mix your attacks up. Keep your opponent in the air though, as this is the easiest way to land a knockout blow.

Samus can utilize her extremely long range running attack to immediately follow with some juggles. Rollers will be punished thanks to its range, so keep that in mind if your opponent just likes to dodge around. Speaking of speed and range, her down special is incredibly versatile as it can be used to avoid edgeguarders, as well as keep your opponent on their tone.

drakeblight posted December 3, 2014

Zero Suit Samus relies heavily on her speed and her air game. You should start combos with her paralizer, be it her special or down smash. After the enemy is stunned, you have numerous options, but you should think beforehand what to do, as the stun wears of quickly. You can do a side smash with high damage, and kill, you can do an upsmash to rack up damage and follow up with an aerial. But, my personal favorite is doing a grab. Most people dont talk about ZSS's grabs, but for a tether, they work wonders. You can do many throws, forward then dash, back then bair, up then uair, or if you are ready for a kill, down then up/upspecial. The spacing and timing is very important, if you miss by a little,a hit could miss and you wont score the kill.
I am sure there are many ways to main Zero, these adre just some of my ways, you can experiment with her aerial and her down special, a very hatd hitting move that can be used ofensivly as well as defensivly. I hope this worked, send me a message with your improvements

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