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Weight: 85 Tier Ranking: 52nd Popularity: 35th
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GlueTurkey posted December 2, 2014

Because of her limitations, you'll have to step up your technical understanding of the game and the level of creativity with which you play in order to win. Zelda can't win a straight firefight since her projectiles are too slow, and she'll get obliterated in a straight punch up. Your job as Zelda is to put pressure on. Gain control of the surroundings. Work the opponent until he or she makes a mistake. Other characters can make mistakes and still have good footing--certainly the quicker characters have room for error.

Her game is just like tennis: you have to maneuver, anticipate the next move, the next shot, where the ball is going, where should your feet be. It's your job to make sure the ball stays in court--don't just go for the smash, because if you miss you'll lose that set. Play a steady match: block, dodge, keep your distance and wait for your opponent to make a mistake. That's when you can go in and punish.

I almost always start my games with some pressure. Running A is a good gap closer. If the opponent rolls through to your back, you can then throw a Nayru's Love, since that hits both front and back and has a quick start up. If you're aggressive with Zelda, you become that much scarier--because your opponent is not expecting a competent brawler when fighting Zelda. If you get in some good hits, some tricky blocks and dodges, you'll teach your opponent that you're ready for a throw down. That's when you can take a step back, because your opponent will second guess just running at you with fists of fury. At this point you can cautiously zone with Din's Fire and Phantom Blade. But be careful, as you'll be vulnerable when using these.

I almost never use Zelda's smash attacks unless I'm cocky and misguidedly confident of my safety. Except for her Down Smash--which is fast and hits both front and back--the others are too slow with limited range.

Her FAir and BAir both have sweet spots which will send the opponent flying even at low damage. Zelda has a plethora of moves which can get low damage % kills. Zelda's DAir also has a sweet spot that can spike the opponent. Experiment with using these aerials to chase an opponent who's recovering off stage.

Farore's Wind is the most difficult move in Zelda's arsenal to master. You can change the trajectory, and while grounded the length, of this move. The hit she makes when reappearing will send the opponent flying, and can give you an early kill. But a missfire can send you off stage with no chance to recover.

Zelda is a complicated character. She's not great at any particular thing, but has some interesting options. She's challenging. And what do you really care about a win unless you really worked to get it? Those are the matches you remember and that satisfy you--the fights where you really know that you deserved to win. So don't worry about the tier list. Play Sheik's forgotten half.

NeoBlast posted June 10, 2015

Zelda is a very technical character, requiring a specific strategy, be ready to change this depending on your opponent.

Neo's Guide to Zelda:

Zelda has a light frame and a slow normal set, and lacks speed. At first glance, one can mistake Zelda as a low grade fighter, but to the technical fighter, she can be a promise to use. This is because her slow, short range normals can pack a punch and can knock back. The effective use of these normals can make Zelda scary! Her aerial attacks can KO at low percentages if used effectively, since they have sweet spots that can devastate. Use these attacks to punish, but don't go into a fist fight, Zelda can't keep up with how slow her attacks are. Try to combine these normals and specials in different ways to keep your opponent guessing your technical game as you use evasion as well.

Specials: Nayru's Love: This barrier has offensive applications as well as projectile reflection. This move attacks both in front and behind, making this effective at fighting surrounded as well as punishing rollers.

Din's Fire: Many players try to zone with this, but it's just too slow, this can also be absorbed as well. This has other utilities, the farther it travels, the stronger this becomes. If in a four-player match, try using this on crowds that aren't paying too much attention to you, or singling out that one guy that tries to wait out the match. This also has good use as a follow-up attack after a punishment with a normal. Take advantage of the ability to adjust the path, this can allow you to score an easy KO with a ranged recovery interception.

Farore's Wind: This teleportation move is reliable as a recovery move and can be used to slip past edge guards. In other applications, you can use this to protect yourself from being juggled or countering a reckless opponent.

Phantom Slash: This move can also be used as a follow-up, albeit less effective. The Phantom attacks depending how charged it is, a simple slash at no charge that reaches just past Zelda's forward smash, a slightly stronger attack at mid charge that reaches slightly further, and a strong dashing strike at full charge that can be used to punish Zoners because the Phantom can shake-off weak projectiles. It's also okay to use the Phantom as a shield.

ActualSense posted February 26, 2017

Idk why she is so low, her punish game is as good as Bayonettas, also she has amazing kill setups out of her extremely fast Utilt and dtilt. Why isn't she top 10?

Semajc posted January 16, 2016

I'm going to give a quick guide on my thoughts with Zelda. We'll start off with her tilts. Her down tilt is pretty fast and can string together at low percents. It can combo into her up tilt at low percents, which is also good for juggling at lower percentages. Her side tilt has a bit of start up, but is decently damaging with pretty good knockback. Her smash attacks are pretty powerful, but risky to use as they leave her open for a lot of attacks. Her Side Smash is powerful and can kill pretty early near the ledge, but as mentioned is laggy. Her Up smash can kill pretty reliably near 100%. Both her up and her side smashes linger, so they can catch people who try to air/spot dodge to avoid them. Her Down Smash does not hit multiple times, but has good horizontal knockback, especially at the back hit of the move. If you're fighting a character with poor vertical recovery, this can cause them to be unable to recover if hit properly. Her neutral air can combo out of her down throw at low percents and does decent damage while hitting multiple times. Take note that it does more damage in front than it does in the back. Her side and back airs function nearly identically, both having a weak hit and a powerful sweetspot if caught at the tip of her foot. These are incredibly powerful and can kill early, but are incredibly laggy and do not autocancel. Her up air is slightly slow, but with powerful knockback and base damage. Her Down Air has a powerful meteor if sweetspotted like her side and back air, but is also decent when not sweetspotted as the downward knockback can still knock enemies just out of reach of the ledge. Her throws are all right, with back throw killing and down throw used for combos. Nayru's Love can reflect projectiles and can be used to mess up combos by knocking enemies away. Din's Fire is not a very good projectile as it is slow and sends Zelda into helpless if used in the air. Phantom Slash is good for edgeguarding, as it can either hit the opponent or force an airdodge which you can punish with a down air. Farore's Wind is one of her best kill moves, KOing at between 65%-100% depending on weight. The first hit will combo them into the second hit, and is a great out of shield Option. Hope this helped!

ZebraOnYourNose posted August 22, 2017

Just like with any competitive game, the less there is of something being played, the more valuable it becomes to play it.

Skittycreamstar posted April 28, 2017

She is so much fun to play as. The mind games. <3

spyro777 posted April 1, 2017

ActualSense I don't believe you.

ZeldaPeachchampVS posted March 12, 2017

Zelda can be your worst nightmare if the person using Zelda knows their stuff same thing for Peach don't ever underestimate Zelda or Peach for the matter

bluedragon posted May 28, 2017

F*** this character

Daenerys posted December 2, 2014

This is bae


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