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Weight: 104 Tier Ranking: 23rd Popularity: 22nd
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DWillson posted January 20, 2015

Try using this combo:

Up-B>Dash Attack>Fair>Uair (Nair, Bair, Dair are possible options)

This works great at 40%+.

What happens is that the egg will pop them into the air for a short distance, making air dodge useless. Then you dash attack into them, further throwing them up into the air. Then land a meteor (if possible) with the Fair. If you anti-spike them (meteor them into the ground, they will then bounce straight up), hit 'em hard with Uair, Nair, Bair or Dair.

If at 120%, expect a Star-KO (unless you Meteor KO first)

delbuster posted December 7, 2014

Yoshi got a bit faster in this version, as well as a huge buff - being able to jump out of shield. This means a lot, as he can Nair or Bair out of shield if need be as he trades blows with opponents. Also, Yoshi's double jump moves much faster now.
Unfortunately, a universal nerf was that pivot grabs now have a lot more recovery time, so he lost one of his best retreating pokes that led into a decent situation.

His space control begins and ends with his Up B, the Egg Toss. This is super important to learn as Yoshi, as it has many trajectories and different distances to throw the egg. The projectile is pretty fast and on hit, the opponent gets popped up in the air so Yoshi can continue to harass or even approach.

KOing with Yoshi can be tricky, but he has options. Fsmash, Usmash, Bair, Uair, and Down B are all effective at KOing. Setting up these moves is the hard part, where you will have to use neutral game tools to get a situation where something can be punished by one of these moves.

Yoshi has a command grab! Egg Lay will beat shields, so doing it in a jump when the opponent expects to shield an aerial attack is good. It also pops the opponent into the air; they can act immediately when they get released from the egg but it's still an anti air situation that is good for Yoshi.

General neutral game outside of Up B will be moving around with aerials (especially Nair and Bair), dash attack, getting in close for Jabs, and sometimes going for Grabs.

Overall this is a solid character. Be careful when recovering; the Double Jump does have armor but if you don't have it, you have very little vertical distance options. Up B pops Yoshi up a little bit, but this diminishes every repetition until Yoshi lands or grabs the edge.

Traqueur68 posted January 13, 2018

Like laserman2 said, double jab into dash grab is ridiculously easy to pull off. There is also the grab release into double jab combo. So you have an infinite combo. To get the kill, just do only one jab then up smash.

Dash grab ---> Grab release ---> Double jab ---> Dash grab...

Thomakaze posted September 23, 2015

Ignore everything from YoshiDinoBroYo
Do not use random moves, this is never a good idea.
The egg will not fall off the stage if you use egg lay by the ledge unless your fighting a CPU opponent or someone who has never played smash before. Moving the control stick toward the stage if you are stuck in an egg will cause the egg to land on the stage.
Up-smash is a great kill move but should be reserved for punishes or when your opponent is in kill percentage.

An easy way to land this is to bait an air dodge by using eggs whenever your opponent is descending on the stage with high percent.

f you don't know what that means, follow these steps. Once your opponent is at a high percent. Throw eggs at them whenever they are descending onto the stage below you. This will usually condition them to learn how to air dodge the eggs. Most opponents will focus on dodging the eggs on the way down hoping they can land on the stage. Once they air dodge an egg and are descending pretty close to the stage, start charging an up-smash. Try to time it so they are within range of the hit as they are leaving their air dodge animation. Once you see the air dodge animation ending, hit them with that up-smash for an easy KO.

laserman2 posted March 30, 2015

The simple 1-2 jab combo into a dash grab almost always works with the rare occasion of them jumping away or attacking before the grab lands.There are several options after this, however the best (at least I found) is a down throw into an Uair. It is also possible to punish even more by quickly double jumping and doing another Uair. Also, another thing that works on low percentages is a short hop, air dodge, then quick fall, but as you are about to land, hit them with a Nair or Uair. I prefer to use Uair mainly because it combos unto a double up tilt then several Uairs. It is even possible to land a Nair, throw an egg to gain extra air time and pop them up more and follow up with an anti meteor that can possibly follow up into another Uair or Nair. There are a few more theniques, but this thing is getting long, so I'm just gonna stop now.

flamer180 posted July 7, 2016

Play Good. Thats the best advice someone could give.

You can get tangled up in all of these useless statistics of moves, and how much each one does lol

Dont rack up your mind with all this useless information. Just play good. Thats it.

YoshiDinoBroYo posted June 16, 2015

So, being a "accomplished" (XP) 11 yr old Yoshi main, I have a few strategies.
1. Yoshi is a quick fighter, so this strategy is pretty good. (and hilarious)
You attack the opponent as fast as you can (types of attacks don't matter, it's all about racking up the damage). When your opponent is 80% or higher, wait at the edge (no grab, just stand at the very edge), and when the opponent moves in to attack, use the Egg Lay attack so the egg falls of the stage. Because you did so much damage earlier, the egg can't break in time, so bye bye opponent. (Feel free to taunt the hell out of him/her XP)

2. A fairly simple strategy, Just Up Smash and Up Air! Thats all!

3. Yoshi has a good movepool, so you can just press random buttons, and still win XP

Send me a friend request!: AlEiN9563


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