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Wii Fit Trainer Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Wii Fit Trainer Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 96 Tier Ranking: 51st Popularity: 49th
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TheRedOgre posted December 22, 2014

While she/he is not a heavy character, several of her/his moves have long startup frames and recovery. Landing after an Up Special leaves you prone for one of the longest animations I have seen after landing. It's an extremely risky move to use if you don't grab the ledge. Her/His smashes can leave her/him pretty vulnerable if blocked or predicted. Her/His killing moves are few and far between at decent percentages. Her/His range is pretty short and literal. While her moves have strange hitboxes that can catch opponents off guard, but unlike some moves like several Up Smashes around the roster, hers/his is one of the worst in the game, only usable in niche scenarios where the character is directly above you.

I would recommend using Deep Breathing when your enemy is around 100~110% and hitting with F-Smash, D-Smash, or a fully charged Salutation to kill. Your best tactic to use with Wii Fit is to punish and poke. Wii Fit is a strong defensive character due to her/his powerful smashes with long startups and wonky hitboxes. Header is a beautiful move off of the edge, especially if you angle it just right to launch directly forward to bully those standing near the edge. Sun Salutation is an awesome projectile to launch off the edge as well, because the delay in launch can catch people off guard. As for pokes, short hop into nair is an amazing move. Her/His jab is incredibly awesome as well, because it hits both sides for possible punishes or poking, and can be combined with Perfect Pivoting for useful, quick pokes.

While Wii Fit Trainer can be pretty hard to use due to her/his short range, long animations, and light weight, she/he makes up for it with her strong hits, surprising properties, and strong defense. Keep your enemies at bay and surprise them with your odd moves and you'll have the upper hand in no time. Remember to tuck in those glutes!

Cortte posted November 26, 2014

floorwalker pretty much hit the nail on the head, so I'll go ahead and give a few personal strategies I like to use. Her Side B can be used repeatedly when hanging close to the ledge. This will make the ball travel along the stage and keep WFT very safe. Her Up B also deals a sneaky single tick of damage which is wonderful for edge fighting. Most people panic when hit by it and allow themselves to fall and die before reacting.

With both of those in mind I like to make her an edge fighter. I use a heavy projectile game with header on the ledge and make people come to me. While raising up to grab again, using Uair is a great option, even better though is her Fair. The reach of her arm goes through the stage, and hits enemies that are trying to play it safe further from the ledge. Once they get frustrated enough they should play the edge game with you. This is where using her aerial mobility, and momentum stops with header/deep breathing really pay off. A spike generally won't be able to kill her till around 50% or higher, so you can be pretty reckless given her amazing vertical mobility. Even being stage spiked on most occasions will not be enough to keep you down. Furiously mash that up B and it should bring you back. Even better if you managed to save a jump. Time your Dairs or Bairs right and you'll score either a spike, or a stage spike. Even header itself, and her Fair can score a spike if timed right. A wide range of characters won't be able to stand up to this kind of off stage aggression.

Better still, you'll have enough recovery time to score deep breathing and make it back to the ledge. Carefully charge some sun salutations and change them up with those edged headers and the opponents will have a hard time reacting.

It can be frustrating at times though, because some characters just don't take the bait, and fights with WFT tend to drag on a while. But if you have the patience you may just be able to come out on top.

floorwalker posted November 24, 2014

Wii Fit Trainer is a unique character. What makes her/him truly different from the rest of the cast is that most of WFT's attacks hit on both sides like a down smash would. This makes players that like dodge rolling behind Wii Fit Trainer think twice before doing so.

WFT's projectile game with Sun Salutation and Soccer Ball acts a lot like Samus. Mainly at a distance, she/he would charge up Neutral B or play mind games when the opponent wants to rush WFT down. WFT can just toss out the Sun Salutation if they get close or roll cancel the move(kind of like Samus). Deep Breathing helps out the damage and knockback output of Sun Salutation and it heals her just a tad bit. Deep Breathing is a tool WFT has to use at safe distances considering she's left vulnerable during its animation. Make sure to master the timing of Deep Breathing, it's important to press attack as soon as the outline reaches the circle. WFT can't just use this move often, next time its pulled off, if missed or not, the circle gets bigger and Deep Breathing performs slower, though it can be canceled by rolling. Just wait until its cool rate ends and then her/his Deep Breathing should perform faster again. Soccer ball hits at far range, while Sun Salutation hits at close to mid range.

Villagerismybaby posted August 23, 2016

Something I like to do with Wii Fit Trainer is to Deep Breath when its a little slower and spot dodge out of it when they try to dash attack/grab me and punish them.

AaronWebb666 posted June 21, 2015

All of these guides are spot on but the thing you will have the most difficult time figuring out with WFT is her hotboxes in the air. It seems (aside from her up air) her aerial moves have small hitboxes or at the least touchy ones. It took me a while of using her to realize her dair has slightly less range than that of say Captain Falcon's (another character I main). So practice her spacing and learn EXACTLY where her hitboxes are at. It takes time but once you get it WFT becomes a nasty juggler.

MrPandaSir posted December 2, 2014

Wii fit trainer is an interesting addition to this edition of Smash. Her Smash attacks are a little slow but, they can kill at around 90%. One of her best moves is her side B, Header. It has many uses, such as, gaining more altitude for recovery, or for meteor smashing. I use the latter for edge guarding for many people won't expect it.
Sun salutation, Neutral B, is a projectile attack that heals you 1% per attack, and is powerful as Samus' charge shot. Deep breathing, Down B, is a move that allows Wii Fit trainers' attack strength, launch power, and speed to increase. Using deep breathing with sun salutation can keep foes at bay, and can allow you to charge at them.

floorwalker posted November 24, 2014

Apart from WFT's great projectile distance game, his/her range in her strikes are pretty lackluster. However, what makes up for her lack of range is the fact that her most of his/her moves hit on both sides. Those being jab, forward tilt, F-air, down tilt, N-air, Forward Smash, and Down Smash. These moves can protect her from both forward and back attacks pretty well. For example, WFT can apply a F-air behind the opponent's head to save her/himself from being shielded, considering WFT's hitbox in F-air hits as a diagonal arc with both his/her arm arcing upwards and his/her leg arcing downwards. WFT's third hit of her/his triple A combo can be delayed to sink the opponent in the ground for a free hit opportunity. WFT's b-air and u-air are very good. WFT's d-air meteor smash is also very good, it has enough recovery time to give WFT horizontal mobility to make it safe.

WFT does have her weaknesses though. WFT's smash attacks are underwhelming. They don't really have good damage or knockback output. Plus, up smash is difficult to hit, considering it only hits upwards with a thin hitbox. WFT's strongest Smash attack is forward smash, but yet again, it has weaknesses. F-Smash can be ducked, and it misses on the smaller characters (Pikachu, Toon Link, Villager). Try to land WFT's kill moves with a charged up neutral B or forward smash while the opponent is in the air or standing. Forward tilt also has good knockback.

Remember that F-air arcs at a north-east diagonal, u-air swings up and behind at a 45 degree angle, and WFT's n-air hits right in the center then upwards. Place WFT's aerials accordingly to their angles to make them safe and reliable. Use back airs a lot while fighting opponents on the ground.

WFT is an unorthodox fighter with strange hitboxes and a solid distance game. Even though WFT has a hard time against tiny characters, and a lack of range with her/his strikes, he/she can be a tricky character to fight against in both his/her offensive and defensive approaches.

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