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Weight: 107 Tier Ranking: 43rd Popularity: 54th
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Break_yoself posted July 28, 2015

By definition wario is the gymp character you will need to constantly keep moving and keep your openent guessing what you will do next. Warios kit in this game is sub par at best though using them in cognition and constantly changing it up will be your best asset. Baiting people into your moves is your best option and use your fair to approach or neutral B when coming down on a shielded foe. Warios dair isn't what it used to be tho it still combos, hitting a for on the ground with the sour spot can directly go into your up smash if timed correctly certain characters are able to get out of the way such as zero suit so be careful and use it as a surprise finishing move. Or uptilt from sour dair. Edge guarding is quit solid for warios game his fthrow is his best throw and can even kill at high percents but getting the oppent off the edge works too. Once they are off the edge if u have enough time u are gonna want to get ur bike on the edge. To do this runoff the stage and immedietly use your bike back towards the map this will take practice to master. Once u do this correctly the bike should be on the ground next to the ledge quickly pick it up and throw it upwards it will bounce three times so for your enemy it will be a nasty edge guard and will have to mostly roll past it where you should be waiting if they do grab and throw them back towards the bouncing bike if u make contact it should lead into a solid fair or nair. As for middle of the stage fighting master your B move as it is your best friend pivoting this move is crucial for punishing rolls or unpredictability as a wario player. Short hop with nair is a solid harras it works somewhat like Dededes though not as large or long of a hit box but it has fast start up and cover your whole body this can usually combo from some sour fair if your quick enough. Use your waft to catch rolls or to edge guard when they are least expecting it. Eating things recharges this ability quicker so any stray bike parts should get munched if u can afford the time plus it heals slightly.

BurgyTheBurglar posted February 19, 2015

Biggest tip when using Wario? Utilize his Side-B in a very diverse fashion. Do not just run over opponents, mix it up by either jumping off right before contact with your opponent, use his "drifts" (quickly tilt the bike in the other direction), and more importantly use the Up-tilt to stop those pesky jumpers.
Also, his neutral B can be very effective against rushdown characters, like Captain Falcon and Sonic. Use it also as opponents try to recover from a ledge grab, leaving them to either jump or dodge roll.
In short, Wario's tactic is baiting opponents, and tricking them into your moves. Many times I've played with him, I've had more success having opponents come to me rather than go to them.

lucasxness posted July 21, 2016

i think hes the best chracter in the game honestly, i never lose against cpus with him

ThePopeOfNope posted March 4, 2016

I suggest going for waft under the stage because even if they are not in kill percent the wall spike will kill them usually. Also down air then cancel that last hit then up smash will kill around 120% and it works from 40 to beyond :) and its a pretty secure combo but its alittle harder on light players

also using the bike mid air gives you another jump

and what i luv to do is eating projectiles you can eat almost all the projectiles EVEN clouds limit break neutral b

utilize that fair its the best move EVER soo quick has a lingerering hit box gimps very easily use this FOR EVERYTHING

tacticalcraptical posted November 5, 2015

I am not sure why Wario, AKA "The War", is tiered so low on EH. In Japanese Tier Lists he sits around the top 3rd of the cast and for good reason. If you want to see some mighty Wario game watch the Japanese player Abadango.

He has loads of approach options between Fair, Bair, Bike, Bite and Dash attack. His air speed is nuts and you can catch people off guard with it frequently. Use these tools to play mind games and keep them guessing all day.

If you get good at landing Waft you can cut their second stock very short, leaving you having to only fight 3/4 of a battle while the opponent will have to fight the full thing.

The results screen animation where The War falls over laughing is the most OP results screen animation in the game. Landing Waft as the final blow and then getting the laugh win is the most satisfying thing in the entire game.

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