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Weight: 97 Tier Ranking: 21st Popularity: 31st
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Slurpderp posted July 14, 2015

One very important thing with Villager is that he can destroy characters with really good recovery games. If the character has good diagonal recovery, such as Rosalina, this probably won't work. Characters with good horizontal recoveries, such as DK, can be taken down, and also characters with vertical recoveries, like Link.
When a character is very far off the stage horizantally, launch a Lloid Rocket. This will prevent the character from recovering low horizantally. If the character recovers high, (Jigglypuffs probably will) you just have to get a punish high, which is a little harder to do. If the character then decides to recover vertically next to the stage, drop a bowling ball. The character will most likely die, but if they don't, just repeat the process.
A good way to setup this kill is to back throw. Back throw will almost always lead into a kill. (Back throw is also one of Villager's best kill throws.
Just remember, Lloid Rocket, then Bowling Ball. I have used this tactic successfully many times.

MrPandaSir posted December 2, 2014

As the villager it is best to keep enemies at a distance. This can be done by short hopping and using his side aerial attack. You can also use his side B to distract the opponent and hit him with your side aerial. The villagers' tree is a very powerful attack but, it requires some planning to execute it. Instead of chopping the tree down right away, try attacking people with the axe.

leafninjadog posted April 26, 2016

Villager is a late game beast. His low knockback, decent damage moves set up for either, a very frustrating matchup in 1v1, or an amazing partner in doubles. If you are doing doubles, play with high knockback characters such as gannon/falcon, lil mac, ryu, or corrin to name a few. In singles, however, a good villager's games will almost always last a really long time. Villager doesn't have many fast killmoves, but he does rack damage quickly. You can be trying to grab him, but end up at 170% before you know it. On the other hand, villager may be small, but it IS NOT easy to kill him, and don't even dream of gimping one due to his recovery. Villager's rocket can instantly stop any knockback, so you HAVE to kill a good villager with so much knockback that they are still in hitstun when they hit the blatszone.

HookshotHotshot posted March 7, 2016

The Lloid Rocket is an amazing pressuring tool and a great projectile with a ton of follow-ups, depending on what the opponent does. If the opponent gets hit with the Rocket, a short-hop F-Air works at mid percents, but I like to use short-hop D-Airs sometimes as well, because it knocks the opponent back to the ground for a D-Tilt or F-Tilt follow-up. Using F-Air out of Lloid Rocket is probably your best option, but D-Air or N-Air are possibilities as well.

DWillson posted January 20, 2015

It is important to know about Villager's Neutral Special.

Not only it pockets projectiles, it can also pocket items.

These items can be stored for future uses later!

Items like Food, Maxim Tomato, Back Shield, Rocket Belt ect. are activated and used as soon as you pull the out.
Other items like bombs and guns/melee weapons are also stored, but weapons like Super Scope and Ore Club WILL NOT RECHARGE. However, any of the bomb's timer will reset.
There's an item called boomerang is heavily affected by Pocket.

The boomerang is a throwable weapon that travels a short range until it comes back to the user or is knocked out of the air. It does small knockback and 4-2 damage (initial throw-comeback). This can scale up to
14-7 damage, but if pocketed, it will reset back to normal.

It is also important to know that items and projectile WILL DISAPPEAR after 30 if not used under time. The item's timer will reset, however.

Galeonez posted December 5, 2014

Side-B, the Lloid Rocket, is what makes Villager so oppressive. The Lloid is a very unique form of pressure and utility in this game because of a few key features. First off, the Lloid stops your momentum so if someone is trying to intercept your landing, a brief delay with the rocket can put you in a great position to bait an opponent's response and deal with it accordingly. When the move is first used, there is a 1-second pause during which the Lloid doesn't have a hurtbox (it can't be destroyed or interacted with unless it's hitting someone/something). This is great because you can use it to catch aggressive opponents. Simply setting a rocket makes it so the opponent is forced to trade and reset the situation if they want to hit you. This can also free you from certain grab animations.

The neutral-B, Pocket is great as well because you can take a wide variety of items and projectiles and limit many character options and approaches. The best part is that the startup is completely invincible. This gives you an amazing pressure relief tool because while landing, you can tap the B-button and then quickly tap backwards to reverse your momentum with an invincible shift that luckily also happens to absorb projectiles. One interesting note is that the ending lag of this move is almost nonexistent if you Pocket something successfully but Villager will shrug his shoulders for a full second if you miss. The range is also very large (grabbing items on platforms from underneath) and completely changes certain matchup dynamics.

For example, against Diddy Kong, if Villager Pockets a banana, Diddy can no longer use the banana until Villager no longer has it. This is also true for ROB's gyro. For these hand-held items, however, instead of Villager throwing it back with increased knockback when you reuse Pocket, Villager will simply pull out the item as if he had grabbed in manually. Try Pocketing interesting moves like Megaman's down-air or Pikachu's thunder!

Villager's down-B is also one of his greatest moves. Not only does it give him access to an amazing kill move in his axe but the initial growth of the tree has a powerful hitbox which can kill even very heavy characters at ~95%. One interesting fact about chopping the tree is that if you jump and use the axe in such a way that you strike the exact middle of the tree, you can bring it down in a single swing. This is sure to surprise the opponent and get you a very early kill near the edge of the stage.

iYeaMikeDave posted December 2, 2014

Its best to play the the Villager as, what I like to call, "game of levels". Similar to megaman, you basically use all of your projectiles to your advantage. Essentially there are 3 levels when using the Villager. The first level is the ground level of the stage. The next level is mid-air. The 3rd level is anything that requires more than 2 short jumps. With the Villarger, it is best to stay in the first and second levels. Use the Lloid rocket on the ground level so that your opponent either shields, or does a short hop. The Lloid rocket isnt meant to actually hit your opponent, but if it does, that's a bonus. If your opponent shields, you can either run with the rocket and do a running side tilt (pot slide), assuming that your opponent will let go of his shield or they have a small shield in general and they would get hit regardless. Or you can jump above the rocket and just as the rocket hits your opponent, do a dair. If your opponent jumps, it gets fun. You jump with your opponent and use your sling shot to knock them back. It's better to use the bair than the fair, although the bair only does 2% more damage, the knockback is more critical.

Chompy posted November 25, 2014

I don't use the spike with the Villager. I just go to the corner and let go of the bowling ball ( right/left smash ). The ball goes all the way to the bottom and hits anyone trying to save themselves.

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