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Toon Link Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Toon Link Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 93 Tier Ranking: 20th Popularity: 23rd
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mcmike913 posted November 24, 2014

Toon Link is a character who at first seems like just a weaker Link but there are many things that set them apart such as the agility of Toon Link and his tiny stature. His ground game is similar to Link's as many of his tilts don't really combo well. His up-tilt is buffed from his Brawl version and his also a good anti-air as it is fast and hits well above his head. He has many gadgets and tools to help with zoning, so characters with stiff mobility of who have to get in without many good means have a tough time against him. However characters with reflects or fast maneuverability are tougher for him. His bair (back air) has comes out slower and has more recovery. This means his short hop bair combo from Brawl is gone leaving much to be desired of his combo game. His up smash also suffered a nerf and buff. While it comes out slower and has some more recovery it does good damage and is a good antiair. In Smash 4 many characters have "kill moves" that send opponents far, Toon Link's are his back throw, his forward air, and like everyone else his smash attacks. Toon Link's zoning game is also very good as he can throw boomerangs and shoot arrows of a single jump. A good way for Toon Link to zone and also set up combos is with the boomerang. Throwing a boomerang missing the opponent, on its travel back a single AAA combo lasts long enough so that when the opponents is done getting hit by it the boomerang will come back, hitting them and Toon Link can do an up-smash for a good combo and good damage. Jumping and throwing the boomerang at a downward angle so it bounces off the ground is good because it changes the direction of the boomerang in 3 ways: downward on the throw, upwards off the ricochet from the ground, and straight from the travel back.His nair (neutral air is also good as it hits both ways in the air. Toon Link also has a very useful uair (up air) as it stays active for a while in the aire meaning if they touch it any time while the sword is out it hit the opponent, hitting as a sort of meaty attack. His dair (down air) is nerfed as in Brawl it would spike and you would bounced off the person, or it would hit and you'd bounce and it'd hit again. This is removed as anytime it hits, he is sent straight down meaing trying to go for a spike to kill will end up killing you also.

All in all Toon Link has remained nearly the same and is still a fun character to play. I hope you found at least something useful from this snippet.

Thank you and have a good day.

Link24 posted November 20, 2014

toon link got kinda buffed and nerfed from brawl, so i say hes about the same tier-wise. hes not too different except for that his up tilt is faster (very good) and his down air doesnt bounce anymore (not good)

pretty much, what you should do with him is build damage with his up moves (tilt, smash and air), and projectiles, and then kill with back throw, (requires quite an amount of damage) up air or side smash (kills at like 85% with shocking range)

hes not that great, but he can kill well and build damage OK. if you like projectiles, choose link, but links kills are a little harder to land

spyro777 posted November 3, 2017

Down air is a bad move.

lucasxness posted July 23, 2016

rip in pieces of peace chris "hi-ooga" median

XShinxs posted May 26, 2016

Toon Link is one of the unique young fighter in Smash Bros. With his agile speed, short size, and lightweight, he is a formidable opponent to deal with.

Toon Link has an ability to attack, dash, dodge faster by his size. Very light and he is easy to control while falling back to the surface.

Toon Link has a lag for ariel side attack, but overall can get a KO, sending an opponent flying.

His back throw can KO an opponent to at least %110 depends on the angle he throw. For lighter fighters such as Kirby and Jigglypuff, more likely to be launch at %80.

Toon Link has a unique combo moves. He was able to hold down an opponent by building up damage without stale your moves. His standard up attack can surely trapped opponents, building up damage and finishing up using a smash up attack.

Using Bombs as an advantage. Throwing an opponent can disturb them. When it happens, Toon Link's fast hurdle and use an ariel attack can sure leave a mark.

Like Link, he can use shield to deflect any oncoming projectiles.

Unlike Link, his hookshot has a high chance to cling on to the stage edge before the fighter were able to spike or lunge you further from the stage. Making him to survive from an incoming player.

Unlike Link, Toon Link can wall jump, giving him another chance of double jump and back to the stage. With this advantage, he has the BEST recovery with wall jump and hookshot.

By his size of a child, he can have a chance to make the opponent miss their blows. His size can be easily miss by the opponent accuracy.

Toon Link bow and arrow, it does the same damage as Link, but his bow and arrow can be seen it coming. Unlike Link, Toon Link gained his stance quicker than Link, ready for any action coming at him. For Example, if fully charge the arrow and you release it, and someone was able to reflect, with this action, the arrow speed was noticeable and Toon Link got his stance back and able to shield or evade his arrow that sent back from the opponent. Link, on the other hand, his arrow was in the speed of light, he wasn't able to gain his stance on time to deflect it.

His Boomerang can leave a mark and protect the user. While in the air, as one opponent charge to not letting Toon Link plant his feet on the stage, he use a boomerang and control the angle. Using the boomerang, he can tilt the boomerang and prevent an oncoming fighter grabbed/dash attack him. It is easy to protect yourself.

Another way to protect yourself is using hookshot while in the air as you fall. It did little damage, but it has a long range to harm and protect Toon Link back to safety. Also has a chance doing it on the air and has a major chance to grapple to the edge stage.

If you prefer speed, not as much damage but able to dodge, great recovery, projectiles used to defend, and combos, then Toon Link is the best option for you.

He's my main since 2014.

LuigiIsnt27thLOL posted April 28, 2015

all i can say is whomever decided that out of all his normals back air should be at 7.3 when its only use is to sometimes get an inconsistent follow up to his already inconsistent up tilt strings and sometimes used for covering yourself while you run away which should be done on the ground and not in the air because this isn't brawl it's smash 4 where back air lags for about 7 side smashes before you can act in the air again, or more likely before you land and feel the impact of half a down air (which you guys at least got right in it being his worst aerial move) should not be given any punishment whatsoever because they're already losing their games since they think using back air regularly will get them wins like in brawl, which is the same as picking metaknight and downsmashing and using tornado the whole game, not forgetting going for up b whenever because afterwards you'll end up gliding off to safety. also up smash has a lower rating than both up air and use-to-lose air as well as his near useless uptilt and has the same rating as side smash which makes no sense because you're basically saying that 21% or 13 or so % is less worth it than uptilt's beautiful 0.3% because sometimes using two up tilts will get a true combo when you fight a fox who doesn't know how to jump/di, and also how is down smash his best smash attack i know you guys only play for glory where rolling has about 20 extra invincibility frames due to input lag but that doesn't make his down smash good, especially considering that pretty much any other moves he has will kill earlier excluding back air and up tilt because those don't kill or do any good. in conclusion, maybe you should all switch to link as all you need to do there is do exactly what you guys seem to be doing with toon link and you'll win because link seems to have been injected with a super soldier serum and also has no honor which i'm sure means to you kids that he's edgier and will make him a better match for his nemesis, dark pit or whomever seems to do well on for glory these days, also since this advice i'd like to say that if your average back-airs per game is more than 4 you are using back air too much, instead use nair it still lags but it covers more area and it doesn't suck when you land, but what does that even matter with obama spiking our water with mind-control drugs and spying on us with drones so he knows that we're in line meaning we're all basically all screwed and none of this matters, signed YOUR GRANDPA

protomanx_damanx posted April 2, 2015

Rack up damage! While he's not a zoner by nature you can still use his tools just not In stupid ways his bow should be use in combos most of the time and the boomerang if thrown right before you are combo'd you can interrupt the combo

mOnKeYbOy9250 posted January 6, 2015

Toon Link's great for zoning and spacing and has some strong kill moves.

For racking up damage what I do is use the boomerang and the bow and arrows. Usually in order of boomerang, arrow, boomerang, arrow. If the opponent approaches than Ftilt, Dtilt, and bombs are great spacing tools to continue zoning. You can also use Nair if they try to approach from above you.

His kill moves are Bthrow, all his smashes, Fair, Bair (at higher percents than Fair), Dair but it is dangerous so be careful, and Uair. An easy way to kill is to use your Dspecial (to get a bomb out) do a full hop and throw the bomb down at your opponent, if they don't shield it you should be able to follow up into Fair for an easy kill.

Mijinion posted December 6, 2014

Toon Link has overall, been massively buffed in Brawl, moreso more than any other character it seems thus far. The only negatives that Toon Link has gained is: His D-Air Sword Thrust isn't as spammy. (Let's be honest here, it really isn't so bad that it can't bounce anymore), falls slightly faster in the air thanks to being heavier, and has slight end lag to his aerial moves.


His buffs are absolutely enormous. Despite being heavier, meaning harder to knock out, the rest of Toon Link's moves have become quicker, and have been reduced in its end lag, meaning Toon Link can become much more vicious and aggressive--much more than in Brawl.

Toon's bow and arrow are both quicker in travel distance, and go further as well. Toon Link even runs much faster now, and his D-Air, while no longer a pogo stick, is near Link in term's of strength. It's still a reliable method of escaping air juggles and launches.

Throwing is much easier from Toon thanks to a much faster Hookshot, and combining with his distance of the hook, allows Link to maintain a very strong ground presence. His smashes are generally faster, and his up smash has been ridiculously buffed to knockout from 80%, a large difference from Brawl.

Because of this, Toon maintains a strong spacing ability, being able to reliably zone, and when that is defeated, still able to take on vicious opponents such as Little Mac, thanks to a wide combination of grab potential and sheer strength now.

If you hadn't used Toon Link before, use him now.

MrPandaSir posted December 2, 2014

Most of Toon links' attacks have amazing launch power, so using him should get you some easy victories.
To get some damage on opponents, try using some attacks to juggle the enemy, then finish them off with a forward aerial. If juggling isn't your thing, try using bombs and the bow and arrow. The arrows can bring damage up to a good amount when used in quick succession.

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