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Sonic Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 95 Tier Ranking: 5th Popularity: 6th
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Nope_osaurus_Rex posted November 21, 2014

For sonic, a combo that's always useful is the side-b + jump + aerial attack. This is effective for a starting combo to give yourself a 20% - 30% advantage. I recommend up-air because it provides an opportunity for juggling.

tacklessauto posted October 22, 2015

ok most people now expect this combo its the most easy and used one up throw to a up air and spring to another up air so your opponent will air dodge every time so to go around that if you up throw around like 80-90% and double jump and spring up there and they will air dodge expecting you to up air but you go above them around that percent so you do a buffer down air you and it will sower spot it most of the time and with them being up around like 90-100% after the up throw and being up there to the top of the screen it will kill them and this also depends on your opponents weight class if there are mid and light it will work but for heavy characters it will probably not kill it all depends on what percent they are.

Raiden344 posted June 28, 2015

sonic should be in the top ten

Anthony7980 posted May 23, 2015

A combo with sonic is a short jump > nair (neutral air) > up tilt > run behind the opponent jump and back air it's a really good combo

NicholasKeel123 posted March 5, 2015

If you Down B in the Air and Flick the C-Stick to the Left or Right, Sonic will use his second jump, but fly very far while doing this. This technique also works in Brawl but I dont know about PM yet. This will help you A LOT with sideways recoveries. :)

Levelup3 posted January 19, 2015

If you time your jump cancel out of spin dash after hitting them correctly you will footstool jump them

SuperXShadow posted January 15, 2015

His speed is his game. You have to be able to time attacks properly. Sonic is amazing at rushing his opponents but he is givin complete he'll when facing an opponent that can create space/has a projectile such as Link, Sheik, Yoshi, or Diddy. Be cautious when doing spin dash attacks. Quite a few characters can punish him as he ascends and trying to land safely after that is hard so be careful. Running+shield+grab is a good trick to use and can be good for punishing attacks due to the mind games set by the run and shield. Personally don't agree with his tier rank tho.

delbuster posted December 7, 2014

Sonic is good at whiff punishing due to his dash speed. He can choose to dash attack or dash grab in most situations.

You will want to poke with Ftilt, and sometimes threaten spin dashes. The spindashes themselves lead to good combo damage, but because they are so telegraphed, can be hard to land without doing other things to bait the opponent to not shield.

The two spin dashes (Side B and Down B) actually have different properties. Side B Charge can be Shield canceled. They can both be jump canceled during the charge but this is not recommended as it barely does anything.

His air attacks are alright. There is no real "get off me" aerial that is safe to throw out (Weak Nair is punishable on hit at lower percents) but they are good at harassing. Up Air and Forward Air in particular start up fast and hit airborne opponents relatively easily.

Fsmash is not a bad KO move. It has good range, and the startup time isn't the best but it is fast enough to beat things on reaction, or punish certain things out of shield. Usmash works as well at higher percents, and Bair offstage is hard to hit but usually will guarantee the KO if it does land.

aloofness87 posted November 24, 2014

As a person who has mained Sonic since Brawl, let me tell you. This character is a reliable one, and he is also fun to play. The key to learning how to control Sonic's speed, and his different combos.
BEGINNING MATCH-------------------
The combo to begin the match is simple. What you do is charge up his side B, by holding down the directional circle pad in the direction of your opponent. Then what you do is to release the attack, and jump as you hit your opponent. This will cause lots of knockback and damage to start the fight. After your hits land, jump backwards and down A, or meteor smash back on the stage.
DURING MATCH------------------------------------
The easiest way to do damage in a battle is to use your dash attacks (where Sonic runs and spins) and then short hop into back air. This is the easiest way to do damage. After that combo, land and repeat process. Another way to spice this up is to do a neutral air to hit for small amounts of damage.
KILL MOVES-------------------------------------
The best way to kill move with Sonic is to either charge up Side-A or Up-A. These are the two best kill moves for playing this way. Side A because it causes extreme knockback in later game, and Up A because it hits multiple times. I have done this with Sonic many times, and I promise that it works.

This is the best way to play Sonic(to my knowledge and in my opinion).

meistermayo posted November 23, 2014

Sonic is a character that has the ability to relentlessly rush down his opponent. He can run across any FD stage in just under a second (I actually timed this). Sonic's aerials are very unsafe so it is best to play on the ground, and control it with his speed. Because Sonic's play style needs to be fast, it requires you to prepare reads in advance to play him well.
Sonic's main asset is grabbing, as it tends to be a slightly more safe option than simply using specials or dash attacks. This makes it absolutely necessary to guess when your opponent is going to block. If they dodge, cancel your run into a spin dash and punish. If they throw something, neutral B or spin dash over it. If they roll backwards, keep running and reverse ftilt them backwards.

schjongtime posted November 22, 2014



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