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Shulk Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Shulk Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 102 Tier Ranking: 34th Popularity: 18th
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Gogashi posted November 21, 2014

Shulk's Vision has two versions the regular one where he jumps back and then goes forward. This version is very slow and has huge recovery if missed but it hits a huge area in front of him. Though because of the nature of the counter where he jumps back then forward it does miss a few moves such as Pacmans pellet Dash, sonics roll attacks, sometimes pits and dark pits Over B and Megaman's tornado spin. This is where the second Version of the counter comes in handy. If you do Vision and hold Forward the animation and attack area of the counter change. He now dash forward and does a swing from front to back and hits opponents behind him. This means that moves that moved to fast and would dash through his normal counter will be in the right place to be hit by this one. It also comes out MUCH faster and the recovery is much faster as well but the range is smaller.

spyro777 posted March 22, 2017

Where would you place Shulk?

oscar1820 posted December 22, 2016

A good three hit combo for shulk is the monado purge 50-50 which you do a up throw with jump and then a up air i dont know which characters at what percentage kills but it kills VERY early usually at 80-100% but some characters are immune to it but i wont tell you which one are but corrins and clouds are 80 percent with purge and earlier with rage mode

Supahotfire posted August 22, 2015

Shulk is a all around char there's nothing he can't do. Jump gives him the height leaps like falco and air speed of jigglypuff with the fast fall of fox but he takes more damage while getting hit and gets launched harder Speed sonic dash speed and air combo's like roy shield bowser weight but cost of speed and jumps allowing opponents to gimp you easier so watch out. buster best damage rack ups for shulk argubly the best in game reduces knockback allowing followups but takes more damage. Smash double knockback towards opponents as well as your own down throw can KO opponents roughly at 130% His combos will be listed on my next post

Heir_to_the_Monado posted August 9, 2015

Short hop aerial attacks while using Monado Speed is great. I like to start with speed and get in some quick hits. When that runs out, I get away and use Buster to rack up damage. If you can't land any hits with Buster, cancel it and switch to shield instead and spam tilts and aerials. Shield will keep them from doing too much knock back and damage to you. Then use smash and KILL them. Use Jump for recovery purposes. For combos, I use speed and down (or up) throw. If I down threw I run to them and correctly time aerials and tilts, and utilize edge guarding if they flew off stage. If I up threw I use up tilts/aerials to try to knock them off in an upwards direction. Although its an odd strategy, your opponent won't be expecting it, so if you time it right, you may kill them. If your opponent is way too strong for you, switch between shield and smash, and though this may seem crazy, play offensively on shield and defensively on smash. I like to go on for glory and just play like no one would expect me to and throw them off. For an intermediate player, the slower falling speed of Vision will be hard to learn, but if an opponent just launched you, it can really throw them off.

Dnelson707 posted May 9, 2015

Now onto the arts, your most useful arts will of course be buster and smash. For me, I don't switch into buster usually untill midway into the match, certainly not right away if you don't know your opponents skill. If you see they can't hit you go ahead and get into buster. However I usually use buster if I have got the first kll and want to get in as much % as I can before I get finished off. My favorite combo in buster is up grab to as many u-tilts as you can land which against a weak player can be 4-6. Some will say to use shield in this situation but I use that for a different situation ill go over in a bit. I use smash when I get killed first and my opponent is at high % and I'm at low % not in danger of being K.O.ed. Now for shield which has a great use that many don't seem to mention in their guides or tips. It gives you lower damage output but it doesn't effect your knock back at all. This means it is best used when both you and your opponent are at high percentages. You will be much harder to K.O. And they will be just as easy. Speed is great for arials because it lowers your jump height and increases air speed, making short hop arials much better. The improved ground speed also helps with grabs. Jump gets used the least by me, I can never seem to switch into it in time for a recovery while mid air so I use it if I'm going off the edge to chase my opponent and need the extra recovery height. The last thing Ill talk about is play style, shulk can be used offensively or defensively. I tend to use both depending on my opponent. It's hard to play defensively against projectile spammers like megaman or villager so it's best to rush in and take their projectile out of the equation. I would play defensively against faster melee characters like c.falcon. The key is to use your long range to keep them back, they will get frustrated and start taking risks, take advantage of that. No matter what style you use be patient, shulk has potential to kill at early percents especially if you have rage going, I've had countless matches where the opponent takes a quick 60-70% lead on me but once I get settled in and learn their style this lead quickly vanishes. The last tip ill give is that it doesn't matter which direction you are facing in the air, you can up-b in either direction. Also if you initiate back slash and then quickly input the other direction shulk will change which direction he does the move in.

Dnelson707 posted May 9, 2015

I have been using Shulk as my main for about 900 1v1 for glory matches and I have compiled the most useful tips I'd give to an aspiring shulk main. The first thing I would say is that Shulk takes a while to master but once you do he can be deadly. Before you master the M-arts you first need to learn the spacing of his attacks. Mainly his back air which has become one of my most used moves with shulk despite its long start up and lag. I use it for defense when I'm in the air trailing away from my opponent and they are running toward where I will land hoping to land a dash attack. If you use the bair while moving away from them it's long range makes it difficult to punish if they don't get hit by its surprising range. This can also be done with his foward air. Bair can also be used offensively of course but you do need to be careful of landing lag. Landing lag can be eliminated with Monado art landing lag cancel(M.A.L.L.C) which is a difficult to learn tech that you can look up on YouTube if interested. Someone up above said that Shulk has a tipper like marth, that is true but it is not at the tip it is at the base of the sword closest to you. The tip is actually the weakest spot of the sword. Shulk has a solid Air game, his nair is known for having very little landing lag, use that. His down air can spike opponents if timed correctly and his up air has great K.O. Potential. His tilts are great and should be used a lot at low percentages along with air moves and jabs. Your best ledge guarding move is going to be the d-smash. Great range and duration. Also if an enemy is clinging to the ledge, if you get close enough and aim your side smash down, you can hit them and usually K.O. Them since it will most likely be fully charged. His counter is great but it can leave you open and if you try to use it in the air it slows your falling speed, which can cause you to miss your opponents attack and then fall helplessly into their next attack.

blooper98 posted April 15, 2015

Shulk is by far my favorite character in the game. His Neutral B (Monado Arts) have saved my butt so many times. His Smash Monado can kill medium weight characters at around 70%, at least from my own experience. His jabs are really good for close range, though if you want to get an opponent away from you, his Ftilt does the job just fine. In honesty, Buster Monado provides the most risk, because you take huge percentage points if you can't land hits, as it lowers your defense. Shulks Down+B Counter (Vision) is among the best in the game the less it is used. Gogashi (the guy above me) explains this in greater detail. His Back Slash provides a Meteor effect, which means you gotta be careful when you use it. I can't tell you how many times I mistakenly backslash when I mean to air slash, though this is partially due to my own poor coordination. Shulk's smash's have almost no lag, the only one that has moderate lag is his up smash, but thats no biggie if you can time it right. I know a lot of people make a bunch of jokes on their tips about making your opponent know that you're "Really feeling it!" but how about you just make them feel the tip of Shulks Monado Sword? :D

Monado posted January 30, 2015

Shulk is a unique characrter because of monado arts.
jump monado: +JUMP -WEIGHT
speed monado: +DASH SPEED -JUMP/DAMAGE
sheild monado: +DEFENSE/WEIGHT -DAMAGE

His jump monado is good for recovery...if set up in time.It can also be used for aerial follow-ups when the enemy is at high percentage.

His speed monado is good for keeping ground pressure and keeping up with fast characters like sonic and greninja. His speed monado allows him to outspeed fox, making him the 4th fastest In the game.

Sheild is good against hard hitters like bowser and ganon. its also good at high percentage because you wont be knocked off as easily.

Buster is DAMAGE! Reduced knockback allows for easy follow-ups, such as comboing an up smash with a side smash at low percentages.

Kill mode AKA smash mod can do rediculous things such as kill fox with a side tilt at 130% and a dash attack at 140%. With such a boost the attack drop doesnt even matter. but you get lauched further so be cateful.

Shulk, like marth, does more knockback at the tip of the blade. Shulks side smash has the best range of all side smashes and his up smash hits VERY hard.

Shulks side B back slash does major damage if you hit the target from behind. In smash modi it can kill at around 110%

His up B air slash can be a recovery or a kill move. If B is pressed twice you can hit the enemy twice. In smash mode, it can kill at 90% if hit at the tip.

Shulks counter is amazing! It has a long window, good range and reasonable knockback. It can hit multiple enemies as well! Thats always fun.

Overall shulk is a good character and fares well against most characters. Good luck mastering him and I hope youre really feeling it!

OzzieJ202 posted January 21, 2015

Start with buster and when u damage the other player enough switch to smash then do a side smash and then iOS them

memk posted November 23, 2014

Next you have Buster. Buster is the second best mode you should be in. This is because after Speed(if you were doing damage in it) this will allow you to put them at about 60% or more with just a few hits. Then you'll go to Smash at this point you must be confident enough to go for the kill. Use all moves not just smash attacks since these can also kill at a somewhat higher percentage.

Now a combo to start off at the beginning of a match(1v1).
Speed -> Grab -> D-Throw -> F-air/N-air -> F-air/Nair. This will net you about 30-45% if you hit the sweet spots and sour spots when you need to for the next attack to connect. After which you'll intimidate your opponent which will allow you to get loose hits on them in Buster. Then you can go for the kill at around 60-85% (depends on who you're playing)

memk posted November 23, 2014

So here we are with Shulk. Now since Monado arts have been explained I guess I'll explain when and how you should use your MArts. First we'll start with jump. Now you may think that jump is useful, but it's only useful if you use it as a finisher off the top. The problem with this is they way air dodging works. Since they can dodge as much as you want, you're wasting time in jump. Speed is useful when fighting someone like Little Mac or Sheik(popular picks that are fast characters). This is because they can run all over you and deal a lot of damage. Now shield would mainly be useful when you're at a high percentage, because you have a lot more weight. It's mainly only a good thing to use if you have recently killed them and are at 85% or higher. Otherwise you'll just be wasting time being slow and dealing no damage which Smash 4 is all about. It's all about who can dish out the most damage the fastest.

Gogashi posted November 21, 2014

Monado Arts: To be a good Shulk player is to master his N-B his Monado Arts. There are 5 types as it says so in his move list. Now what you need to learn in my opinion is which ones to use and when. A few examples would be that I know I did and I think most would only use the Buster and Smash M-Arts when they first play Shulk though I learned quite fast that sometimes they aren't a good option. If you find your self fighting someone hard to catch such as Sonic, Marth, or Pacman it might be better to start out with the Speed buff just to keep up with them early game. Same with like fighting Bowser, or Ganondorf they hit really hard so I personally start with the Shield for reduced damage and knockback makes it easier to go in and get some early strong hits with out being to worried about hitstun or their massive knockbacks but this is all up to you and how the other player works it's all about knowing when to use what M-art.

lucasxness posted July 28, 2016

if you main shulk youre either a special snowflake who has to handicap himself by using a shiitty character or just really dumb aka being an eventhubs user

msaskzs posted November 21, 2014

Use the counter attack (b-down)


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