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Sheik Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Sheik Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 81 Tier Ranking: 4th Popularity: 15th
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blooper98 posted April 15, 2015

While I much prefer lower tier characters from the LoZ series such as Link (for his more powerful tilts and dash attack), I personally think Sheik is a very well rounded character. Her Down+B Bouncing Fish move can kill at a medium percentage (I believe 85%+, I could be very wrong on that though) and her Grenade far outclasses Links Bombs, though the range is far less. Her Side Smash can land two hits, which is really effective at heavier opponents such as Bowser or Charizard. Her Up+B has good recovery and deals a surprising amount of damage, though its launching capabilities is abysmal. All in all, Sheik deserves her high tier status (Currently 2nd below Rosalina, who is TRULY an OP character.)

Super_Zamus_Bros posted January 9, 2015

It is no surprise why Sheik is currently ranked 1st on the Event Hubs tier list. She has extremely fast speed, great recovery, good projectiles & a fantastic up-smash.

Sheik's bouncing fish move works great when it hits an opponent, but missing the opponent will often leave her open to attacks. Be very aware when using this move.

Her needles work very well when playing a defensive game. While you take time to think of how to approach your opponent, you can throw these needles to deal bonus damage. They also don't have to be used right away after charging, they can be used later, when an opponent isn't expecting them to be used.

Sheik's grenade burst is good for close-up play, but will leave her defenseless. Her recovery (vanish) is a great recovery tool, as you can control the direction you recover to. It also deals damage for an added bonus.

Sheik's air & ground game are both great. She can easily hit opponents in the air with her up-air attack, & can then fall back to the ground very quickly to follow with an up-smash (or she can use her down-air attack to fall even faster, delivering an attack as well). On the ground, her smash attacks are all generally good, she has her needles, grenade burst, bouncing fish & even her vanish, her forward-dash attack attacks extremely quickly, & can again be followed with an up-smash.

Personally I agree with Sheik being #1 on the tier. She is faster, has a faster fall time, & has more projectiles than Diddy Kong. Anyone using Sheik will be sure to have Smash success.

Mijinion posted December 9, 2014

Shiek is considered a very high level character for good reason. His offense is absolutely insane, utilizing high jumps that can lead to combos that aren't normally possible for characters to pull off at high percentages.

This particular character utilizes a combination of speed and strength, like Zero Suit Samus. Unlike Samus, Shiek has a bit more speed, rather than power, and has an immense amount of setups and combos available to him thanks to his forward and down tilts, as well as manipulating some mechanics such as his Grenade, to pull of some very tricky maneuvers.

Shiek's moveset will take some getting used to, considering he has an open slot for down b, and his forward b has been changed radically. Shiek does have some great grab range as well, and while he may have a very high learning curve, this should not mean he should be avoided all together. As the metagame progresses, so will Shiek in his tier position.

delbuster posted December 7, 2014

Sheik has a good set of normals, great jumps (they end very early), fast fall speed (used in conjunction with fast falling after her jumps), a very good projectile in Needle, decent recovery, and good dash speed.

Her weakness is just that she does low damage and has issues landing a KOing blow. She can harass offstage for KOs, but that is not completely reliable and offstage Bouncing Fish (down B) is high risk, high reward.

Her neutral game is based around the Needle, Ftilt, Grab, and Fair. These are all very quick with high priority. Her dash attack also covers space well and can whiff punish pretty easily.
Once the opponent has been hit, they are usually launched into the air where Sheik can combo or harass with air normals.

Needle in particular is crazy good. It beats a lot of other projectiles and the charge can be canceled into Shield if you don't want to commit.

Bouncing Fish is important. It's strong, hops over things, and also can work in recovery. Be careful not to self-destruct by doing the flip too late, or get grenade offstage. Doing an air grenade (Side B) puts Sheik into helpless falling state.

Senshu posted November 25, 2014

Shiek's combo game is great! Get in range and Ftilt>Ftilt>Ftilt and switch it up for a grab into down throw and maybe up air. Bouncing Fish makes for a nice killer, while being somewhat safe to use. Shiek's recovery is also great with bouncing fish, and Vanish helping you recover from almost anywhere.

KratosTheLoser posted July 15, 2016

Sheik sucks his own d^ck.


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