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Samus Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Samus Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 108 Tier Ranking: 40th Popularity: 36th
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delbuster posted December 7, 2014

Samus is a space control character, with decent juggle setups and good recovery and weight.

Note; there is a move missing in the list above, which is Samus' tether recovery or air grapple. This is known as "Zair" in Brawl because it was done with Z in the air, so make of that what you will. It can also be done with airdodge+A which is cool. It has a lot of reach, and does more damage if it hits at the tip. Good for harassing.

General gameplan (check specific move pages for a more in depth explanation):
Ground footsie game: Ftilt, Dtilt, Dash attack, Grab

Air to ground game: Uair if you can get it, Bombs to reposition, Nair/Bair/Dair if necessary

Post Dtilt/Dthrow: Fair or Uair harassment. Higher percents, look to chase upwards and find either an attack or airdodge or something to Up B for KO.

Post Dash attack: Grounded Up B for combo, Fair/Uair at higher percents for harassment.

Projectile game: Dash Missiles (Smash and Homing), Zair, Charge Shot. Mix in with ground footsie game for full neutral game.

Recovery: Bombs, Tether (Zair), a lot of airdodging, Up B.

When you tether the stage, you can press A to reel in and do a get up attack, or Up to just reel in. If you press some other things you will let go of the tether, like Down or Jump sometimes, so be careful.

bluedragon posted May 27, 2017

F u ck this character

spyro777 posted April 1, 2017

Where would you place Samus?

Jarool posted August 16, 2016

Shield breaks:
With a fully charged beam at the ready, multiple setups are possible that allow for easy-to-execute shield breaks. Baiting out and reading a shield is a nice practice for Samus. I cant stress this enough, because a perfect shield will definitely screw with these setups, and if you get careless, can make you waste your ever-important charge beam. Keeping this in mind a super missile followed immediately by a charged beam will shatter a shield. Also, short hop to morph ball bomb right above the opponent should bait a shield. Follow up on landing with charge beam for another simple shield break. The later method is arguably more reliable because of samus's mobility in morph animation and a more difficult reaction window to perfect shield the bomb. The super missile charge beam combo is best when retreating, then b-reversing the super missile, however, they are still much more easily perfect shielded than bombs. If a shield is low, theirs a good chance of breaking it with charge beam alone.

Jump mechanics:
samus does indeed have some mad floatiness. From this she gains increased combo-escape ability. Then, if launched upwards, her floatiness in combination with bombs makes samus's landings some of the hardest to read in the game. A descending morph ball bomb can even be landed on after laying a second bomb. This will cause samus to perform a bomb jump, propelling her slightly vertically, delaying her descent, and allowing,in my opinion, the best aerial momentum control in the game. This gives her time to strategize while raining down projectiles.

Off stage:
When ledge guarding be sure to read the direction your opponents is going to recover from. One option for samus is jumping near the ledge, and unloading a homing missile. This will likely bait out an air dodge. If not the opponent will get hit by the projectile and samus will still have the advantage. Then comes the fun part. Since she has great control mi-air, as well as her grapple beam tether, recovery is possible from nearly anywhere. This is an important gameplay aspect for one sweet sweet reason......DOWN AIR. Look...its not the fastest or most powerful, but if her projectiles are used well, u dont have to be fast. Trust me this move off stage will SCARE THE HELL out of the player under samus. Be sure to hit with the sweet spot to spike, but at high percent the sour spot launches at a weird forward angle, making your rivals recovery that much more difficult, or even taking a stock. Otherwise, offstage Fair does nice damage and puts the player on the receiving end right in front of samus. Sadly it takes a really high percentage to get a fair kill, unless you can land it close to the blast zone. Dont get scared to go for it though, because with bombs she can recover, even from off screen, to the the stage no problem. She also has a notable wall jump, making or off-stage game ridiculous on shier-walled arenas.

bluedragon posted May 20, 2017

2 words f uck samus

Jensenson1 posted November 24, 2014

Hey, I'm a samus main and i want to add to the overview, is it too soon for me to do this or do i need special privileges?


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