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Ryu Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Ryu Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 103 Tier Ranking: 15th Popularity: 14th
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KarmasCamera posted June 18, 2015

Ryu is perhaps THE MOST complex character in the entire game, as his combos and mind games are essential when it comes to racking up damage by utilizing both the Weak and Strong inputs of nearly all of his moves. Using his SF inputs for most of his special moves can allow one to nab some surprising results with the increased power and knockback.

A number of his attacks have very little landing-lag, cooldown, windup and knockback, allowing for further attacks when rushing down enemies and quickly building up damage.

With the power to take one hit during his Focus Attack no matter how powerful, canceling while charging up the attack even in the air, plus the ability to do a 180 with it, his Hadouken and Hurricane Kick punishing most spot-dodges and rolls, AND his Strong Side-A potentially breaking shields, he can play some pretty effective mind-games from somewhat closer ranges.

His zoning and edge-guarding abilities are also fairly solid, most notably his Hadouken where the speed can be adjusted for "area-of-denial", spamming his Weak Down-A to try and stop ledge grabs and his Down-Air, which can be executed rather safely from the stage, as it's the only meteor attack to not send your opponent straight down, but instead, they can be sent diagonally downward.

However, Ryu does not come without faults; he usually struggles to hit opponents who slip behind him. While this can be somewhat alleviated by his Hurricane Kick and Focus Attack, try to have Ryu facing your opponent at all times.

Another thing is that while the lack of knockback can be a strength, it's also a glaring weakness. This makes KOs rather difficult to pull off without SF inputs even when the enemy is at around 80% damage or so. He also lacks a powerful kill-throw, which somewhat hampers his grab-game. Plus, some of his moves can be crouched under by smaller characters, such as Kirby and Jigglypuff. He is also surprisingly lightweight, as he can sometimes be KOd at around 80-90%, even if he's launched from the middle of the stage.

Finally, due to the complexity of Ryu, one can potentially mess up the moves he/she wants to perform; one example is trying to fake out the opponent after being knocked off the stage by fast-falling and then attempting to recover with a Shoryuken, only to have a Hadouken pop out instead while under the stage... *Shudders*

The Street Fighter himself may have a bit of a steep learning curve, but he greatly rewards players for using patient, calculated, and ferocious play and button inputs during combat.

floorwalker posted June 17, 2015

Note: On the side Ryu is facing towards the opponent is how to properly input his SF commands in Smash 4. If he's facing the opposite direction of the opponent and you try to input a fireball, you'll get a hurricane kick instead. This is the same for when he's trying to recover, he has to not have his back facing the ledge if you want to recover low. If Ryu's back is facing the ledge, he can just recover with the simplistic up B since it autocorrects.

To input his red fireball (half circle forward, attack) he backs up a bit before the move comes out. But if Ryu inputs a light attack (quickly tap A) during the command of the fireball, he wouldn't have the error of moving back or turning around.

Ryu's punishes are very strong and satisfying. He can hit confirm heavy shoryuken off of light attacks and even his strong up tilt. Make sure to perform the SF inputs of his special moves and holding the attack button for extra damage and knockback.

Focus attack is a pretty good tool to use when recovering high to absorb a hit and dash cancel out to land safely on the stage. I advise not to focus attack recovering low, since he will fall too low before he has a chance to come back. FA has some cool tricks with B reversing plus it can turn around as well. As everyone knows FAs when landed guarantees free combos, however, just like SF4, moves with multiple hits beat FAs.

snagglepup posted July 17, 2015

Just a short tip but Ryu's SF input shoyruken is a worse recovery, also the collarbone breaker is an instant sheild breaker. sorry for short

thatkinglyking posted November 30, 2017

This character is absolutely crazy.

Built just like his street fighter iteration, this character has probably the highest skill floor and ceiling in the game (though arguably olimar is on par with this.) He works using footsies (a 2D fighting game term for the neutral where both opponents are on the ground and seeking an opening), jabs, frametraps, and most notably, combos.

Inputs for beginners + Explanation:
hadouken: Start down, slide your stick along the edge of the boundary until it points forward (should be a quarter circle), then press A, B, Z (or taunt lol) Slow, but good for pressure. High recovery.
Shakunetsu Hadouken: Most optimal version of this, but don't use against bowser. He can walk right through it. Start back, and slide along the edge of the boundary downwards until it's tilting forward (should be a half circle.) then press input buttons. Safe on shield. If done slowly, may be able to follow up at certain ranges.
Shoryuken: If you can do a hadouken, tap forward and then do the hadouken input. Many people get stuck on this. Input version is superior to original in every way. 11 frames of landing lag.
Tatsumaki: Backwards hadouken. Good for weak projectiles. Trumps Samus missiles. Better option than Hadoken out of tilts at low %

Neutral: Ryu operates on strong and weak moves, dependent on what button you press. ALL of his moves have massive hitboxes, so don't be afraid to throw them out. Almost all of them are safe (excluding smash attacks.) Even uptilt strong has massive pushback leaving you safe from most things. Uptilt weak is his best (and some people say most annoying) footsies move, as it has huge range and can anti air, as well as cancel into a number of things. Down tilt weak is alright and best used after late nair or bair at low percents. (don't forget to turn around before this.) Down tilt strong into shakunetsu (start diagonally back and do an almost half circle forward) is a safe poke that leaves you plus on shield (correct me if I'm wrong.) Focus attack IS safe at all levels, as long as you backdash on shield.


Elecflare5 posted October 19, 2018

Some tips I'd thought I'd share since playing Ryu since day one

I have tilts set to my right stick so it's easier to do walk tilts and carry with Utilt and react to DI

Utilize your pivot tilts. Once you conditioned your opponent to gaurd your fire ball game it's easy catching their shield with run up reverse collarbone breaker.

Mix up your combo game. Seriously. Ryu has a bunch of ways to extend his combos and convert off just one hit.

Aggression. If you know that your opponent is cracking, keep up the pressure and play mindgames with focus and different edge gaurd tools. Ryu is an absolute monster once you have your opponent cornered.

A little fun thing I found. Shakunetsu to down air is indeed a thing. You have to preemptively follow it though.

thatkinglyking posted November 30, 2017

Shield breaking: Ryu's strong side tilt (called the Collarbone breaker.) hit as an overhead in the original games, and was used to get around an opponent camping and blocking in one place. In this game, it pays homage to that by breaking shields! Up tilt, and if they hold shield, feel free to hit them with that! It takes only one up tilt to soften them up enough for a free break! (Note that focus attack DOES NOT CRUMPLE IF YOU HIT A SHIELD BROKEN OPPONENT. USE ANOTHER PUNISH!)
A super ballsy trick to shield pressure someone recovering from ledge on normal or roll getup: Up tilt strong, focus attack 1 (this cancels! I said any special move!! This may be homage to FADC from SFIV, but I'm still unsure.) breaks shield but unsafe. If you think the opponent will retaliate, hold until he flashes white and take whatever they throw at you, then give them a focus attack 2 and dish out an even bigger punish!

BONUS: 0-to-death!
By hitting with Ryu's Focus Attack 2, dashing forward, turning around and jumping, you can angle backwards just a little and use his forward air. This takes lots of practice. The fair has a really weak hitbox near Ryu's butt. Once the opponent is launched, footstool them! Fastfall neutral air and jablock them, focus attack 2 again. Repeat the above combo two more times. On the third focus attack 2 into weak fair, the opponent CAN DI out of it, so you need to angle your fastfall nair left or right to match them. Focus attack 2 as they rise, dash forward, jump dair, shoryken! Kills even Bowser. This is a really easy 0-to-death, at least as 0-to-deaths go.

Other interesting stuff: Focus attack 1 into footstool is a true combo on everyone until 48-50%.
Ryu's hadoken can jablock.
If you hit someone with a collarbone breaker at 0-20, you can dash immediately afterward, shorthop fastfall nair. If they tech, cool. Keep up the pressure. IF not, you get a jablock, which can follow up with FA2, and that may lead to a 0-to-death!

For more, check out Hooded's youtube channel!

Hope this helps anyone looking to play this character!


thatkinglyking posted November 30, 2017

Combos: All of these can be started with weak nair if you feel ballsy
down tilt weak x2, down tilt strong, shakunetsu or tatsumaki
down tilt weak x2, shoryuken (good kill confirm off weak nair)

Various other things off nair
Nair, nair, nair, dair if you catch a jump.
up tilt, dash, nair chain ^
down air, nair chain (can be done off a focus attack. Pretty nice.)

EZ mode combos
Focus attack 2 or 3 into anything basically
Focus attack 2 or 3, focus attack 1, double jump fair or dair
focus attack 1, double jump fair or dair (same as last combo but without the crumple start)
dair, shoryuken
down tilt strong, hadoken
weak nair on an opponent right next to the ledge, run off and fastfall dair.
2x up tilt weak on an opponent near the ledge, short hop dair.

Air attacks: Ryu has solid air game. Forward air chains into itself or up air up until very high percents. It's safe on shield if you space it so the foot hits.
Back air is always safe, strong, and fast to recover once you hit the ground. Good "get off me" move if you jump and shorthop it. At low percents, you can turn around and do any weak tilt.
His nair is super fast, can break out of any bayo combo, and is safe if shielded at the start. the late hit is unsafe though, and can be grabbed out of after block. there is a trick you can do that hits an opponent with the last active frame of nair, meaning you can do another nair and it hits strong if the opponent shielded the first one. Haven't checked timing nor situation for this yet. Only seen it. Very difficult. Weak nair chains into any weak tilt if air-to-ground.
Dair has many confirms.
Up air is good in air-to air.


lucasxness posted July 19, 2016

Absolutely fuking toxic character to play against; either the devs made no effort to balance him for 1v1 play or they actively intended to destroy the meta as some sort of sick joke. His damage output on his aerials is completely incompatible with the frame data on them compared to other top/high tiers, and neutral B inputs (mostly the orange) stifle approaches; while this isn't inherently a problem, it's becoming more and more problematic when you have a character whose punishes are so absurdly reliable and powerful, if technically more difficult to perform than those of, say, Zero Suit Samus. Playing against the character after 60% (sometimes less) brings the match to revolve entirely around the possibility of any light hit leading into a guaranteed kill. It might be exciting for spectators but is massively overcentralizing in gameplay--think of Wario's Waft, but stuck on a better character. If he's not butchered in the final few balance patches (I doubt there are too many left, maybe one with the final DLC pack some time next year?) then I guarantee there will be debates on banning him before the end of 2016, and I may well be a proponent of doing so.


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