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Roy Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Roy Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 95 Tier Ranking: 39th Popularity: 19th
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TheMH06 posted June 17, 2015

Roy has received a great amount of buffs from the transition from Melee to Smash 4. While he may have lost some range as well as chain grabs, he makes up for it with ridiculous amounts of knockback, damage and the new rage mechanic. A lot of his new moves are quick to come out, allowing him to lead into combos. He reminds me a lot of Melee/Brawl Marth and will surely make a great impact in the metagame.

floorwalker posted June 16, 2015

Roy is probably the best swordsfighter in the game. His tipped moves up close do ridiculous knockback and damage.

Notes: His nair is an amazing aerial move, can connect into another nair, fair, or dancing blade. Nair is his main tool for spacing in neutral or for opening people up. Utilize his nairs, tilts, and grabs.

His down throw and forward throw have great followups due to less knockback compared to Marth/Lucina. At zero percent, down throw to side tilt works. At 10 percent, down throw combos into up tilt or up B. At higher percents, around 20% he can combo down throw into nair -> u-air or fair. Forward throw can combo into dash attack. If the opponent tries to attack or air dodge after the down throw, hold shield and wait for a punish opportunity, he can punish air dodges HARD with f-smash or rage up B.

Other Notes: Up B out of shield is very good to use, one of the best out of shield options compared to any other swordsfighter, especially in rage. Jab can be setup into a down tilt or other options like f-smash or nair. Dancing Blade upwards variation also sets up for his aerials. His neutral B move is pretty good for edge guarding since its cooldown is very little. Neutral B's recovery is good enough to use it in the air for edge guarding as well as hard-reading the opponent.

fortuna posted January 9, 2018

Roy has been overhauled greatly Super Smash Bros 4 and thus differs greatly from his fellow Fire Emblem lords. With his blade still being more powerful up close than at max range, he is a character that relies on close range pressure, using his impressive lateral speed and quick hops to bypass zoning and get up close to the opponent where he can become a problem. Overall, his playstyle is something of a fusion of KOF's Kim and Guilty Gear's Order-Sol.

At the center of Roy's moveset is his Jab, which is one of the best Jabs in the game; it pressures, starts combos, frame traps into itself, kill-confirms, and sets up lethal 50-50s all in one move. From a Jab, Roy can use his movement and surprisingly good frame data (by a swordie's standards), bait out an option to react to the Jab (assuming it was blocked), and punish ruthlessly with his high damage combos. His combos vary greatly from character to character, but D-throw, F-air and Double-Edge Dance are usually the key pieces of racking up damage. Roy thereafter uses 50-50 mixups that include Jabs, cross-up N-airs, or more grab setups, of which he has plenty from F-throw and D-throw.

Killing opponents is another story altogether. Roy has the means to deal the damage, but he struggles to translate that into an actual stock as his kill power is unreliable, the only really potent moves for KO'ing onstage being F-smash and Counter, which can be whiff punished extremely hard. Roy's woeful recovery also discourages going offstage for deep edgeguards save in some specific matchups, like Fox. His high Gravity also lead to numerous big combos on him, with Blazer and Counter being too slow to meaningfully break out of combos. These factors combined can actually make Roy a detrimental pick against the game's heavier fighters like Bowser and Ganondorf.

Overall, Roy has a very similar gameplan to Sheik that uses pressure and fast movement to call out a mistake and carry the momentum off of even the slightest punish. He has glaring flaws but none that can't be overcome with patience. Solidly anchored into the mid tiers, he makes a fantastic choice for a competitive co-main, one that should never be slept on.

Shadow56 posted October 13, 2017


0000peter posted August 13, 2017

@AelvenX who hurt you man

One of the most underrated character

Imo i think Roy is the definition of a perfectly balanced character (at least for a high risk high reward character), and i use the word perfect VERY scarcely. Roy is combo food due to his fall speed, however, he can combo just as hard on any character. He has a below average recovery but he survives longer vertically and has tremendous power. Overall, if people ever think about making a balance patch that makes everyone viable like what project m did, i think they should look at Roy's moveset to get an idea of what a very balanced character looks like.

strongage posted September 16, 2016

Its not a true combo and usually works medium weight up but at 0 - 10% down throw - jab - ftilt (sometimes a delay needed between ftilt and fsmash) fsmash

MegaCramp06 posted July 28, 2016

Personally, I think that using the tip of Roy's blade is sometimes more helpful than going in for a close-quarter attack.Sure, it's not as strong, but other players will be unsure of why are tipping with Roy and they'll be slightly confused by it because everyone knows that it's not the best move to tip with Roy.

(Unless you are sure that it will follow to a combo)

SamusMetroid posted November 11, 2015

A combo I <3 with this noble, is jab → f smash ! it is so cool to use. It ressembles Marth's same combo.

Roy's Flare Blade can be used two times because it is fast ! It creates a surprise because we expect it to be slow and it isn't. But when fully charged, it delivers an instant KO, which is so cool ! (Especially used for edgeguard.) Almost fully charged is also extremely powerful (you differenciate because Roy says hee yaa instead of thoriaaa, i'm not sure if he says exactly this but u see). Also notice that it hits IN FRONT of him, so unlike Ike's eruption, you can't normally hit behind (except on swords in Pokemon new stage for example). When uncharged, it deals less damages than Ike's version, but when fully charged, it deals more !

Roy's counter has less frames than both Marth & Ike, meaning it is harder to perform... it is however more powerful, and can even OHKO if it counters an extremely powerful attack with rage. Like Marth or Ike's counter, try to use it when you recover, but warning : u may fall quickly because of Roy's high falling speed... I think u should use it only situationnally.

Blazer is a quite good recovery move because you can recover as horizontally as vertically in addition of the possibilty to grab edges from behind, and moreover has good KO potential, especially when used from the ground. And it has invincibilty frames at the beginning !

This Blazer makes me want to say that I love Roy's reverse grip <3

For his final smash, don't forget to hit FIRST behind you, and THEN forward. If you only hit forward, you will do less total damages. But if you care to hit first behind you, you will do 45 % ! (but it isn't even Roy's most powerful move strangely...)

Redhood1997 posted October 14, 2015

Down throw -> Side tilt. (0-20%)
Down throw -> Up b (0-40) (41-50 but can be dodged rarely)
Down throw -> Nair -> Nair -> fair (10-30)

Forward throw -> dash attack (0-30)

Simple combos.

FlamingBlade248 posted September 6, 2015

@AelvenX Not really. There is nothing overpowered or annoying about Roy.

AelevenX posted August 31, 2015

Don't play as this Bastard. Playing as him will only make you an instant coward.


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