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Rosalina Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Rosalina Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 77 Tier Ranking: 6th Popularity: 25th
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delbuster posted December 3, 2014

Very solid analyses of moves in their specific pages by CrossCounta.

I suppose I'll post an overview.
For every Rosalina normal, Luma has a unique normal. Some of the more notable ones are:
Dair - Luma dair has really far knockback. Edge guarding with this move can work wonders and get low percent KOs.
Uair - Similar to Luma dair, Uair hits hard as well - but upwards. Expect to see this for harassing people above, especially after Uthrow or Dthrow.
Nair - Luma takes the most time doing this move, since it kicks forward then back. It can be used for a trick like this:
Jab - simple. Fastest Luma normal, and can go into the 3 hit combo or the multi hit spin. Both are useful.

Rosalina normals of note:
Dash attack - Really active, really high priority, and launches opponents upwards.
Nair- Super active, decent whenever you have space and want to stop them from approaching
Dtilt/Ftilt - Get off me moves. Also activates a quick Luma normal
Usmash - Very high priority anti air, and one of Rosalina's best non-Luma KO moves.

This character will basically be a solid poking character, with Luma having the added effect of possibly hitting opponents when they hit you. Rosa/Luma uair is especially good for air harassment after Dash attack or throws. Because Luma can absorb hits of projectiles, and Rosalina's Down B absorbs them, and Rosalina's Neutral B can blow right through almost anything, she can sometimes have an unstoppable, slow moving approach.
Very strong character.

Awesome747474 posted November 24, 2014

I recently found out that playing as Rosalina, if I send a person flying and they try to come back, I can go to the edge and hold the "B" button, and then let it go as soon as they are in front of you before they touch the ground, that letting go of the "B" button lets you shoot luma at them, sending them flying with no chance to come back!


Rubelski posted December 4, 2016


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