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Robin Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Robin Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 95 Tier Ranking: 35th Popularity: 17th
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CrossCounta posted November 20, 2014

Levin sword has 8 stocks of use regardless of the type of attack or if it hits or not. When the Levin sword is used up he tosses it and it can be used as an item (hard toss does 15% and kills at 115%). This sword used up throw animation can be delayed by using any non-jab attack. You then enter a timer state where your sword regenerates. Levin takes ~8 seconds to regenerate.

Wooly posted April 6, 2015

Here's a list of his durabilities, and regen times:
Each one has the same damage thrown.

Overall, Thunder has 20 durability points, but here are the individual spells
Thunder - 20 uses max (1 point)
Elthunder - 7 uses max (3 points)
Arcthunder - 4 uses max (5 points)
Thoron - 3 uses max (8 points)

Regen Time - 10 seconds

Arcfire has six uses overall, including the jab combo
Regen Time - 10 seconds

Elwind has 18 points:
Jab Combo - 1 point per second of use
Special Move - 2 Points per full use

Regen Time - 6 seconds

Nosferatu has 4 uses, and more range than Robins normal grab
Regen Time - 40 seconds

The durabilities will be restored if Robin is KO'd or uses his Final Smash.

Aethorian112 posted March 3, 2015

Robin's projectiles are your main weapon. Be weary when each one is used up. The ArcFire is really good at tagging recoverers if you toss it off the edge. It can also be used as a small projectile shield and is great for prepping people for grabs. Elwind is an amazing crowd control move and can meteor as well. ArcThunder is better damage and launching against a singular opponent, but can be stopped by projectiles. Thoron is an amazing crowd controller. Down-b (Not gonna try to spell that) is somewhat hard to land, but if you can, is really good.

Smashes and airs are great with the Levin Sword. The down smash, while charging, looks like a side smash to the untrained eye. It also sends a bit of lightning out behind you to tag those backstabbers.

The best way to play Robin consistently is to keep your opponents at range if you can and use smashes to get kills or knock them back. Robin is really slow though, so don't expect to outrun your enemies. All your tomes regenerate, if you run out, don't panic, just attack with smashes or dashes while you wait for them to regen.

Throws are also pretty good, use them if you can. Back throw is a good launcher.

Interdes27 posted March 2, 2015

Take note that the sword used in your airs depends on what you used last. If you used a tilt last and/or the Levin sword is broken, you will use the bronze sword. If you used a smash last AND the Levin sword isn't broken, then you will use the Levin sword.

KeroroLM posted January 15, 2015

Robin probably has the best foward smash with his levin sword.

Arcice posted December 14, 2014

You can use Arcfire as a wall to block projectiles and knock people off of ride-able things like Wario's Bike.

delbuster posted December 3, 2014

Robin has interesting mechanics on his spells and Levin Sword; check out CrossCounta's tips on the Specials section and his Helpful tip to see how his books and Levin Sword become items and have to wait to refresh. This item game, and keeping track of how many uses are left, is incredibly useful for Robin as the items give Robin additional projectiles that are quick to use. These quick throwing items complement his slower Arcfire game, and even when holding onto an item he can charge Thunder and go for a grab with Nosferatu.

Outside of managing your spell/sword usage, the general game plan is to charge Thunder and setup blockstun or confirm combos off of Arcfire and Arcthunder. Arcthunder is the second last level of Thunder, which is signified by a red spark while Robin is charging, and will do the X with multiple hits if an opponent gets hit or shields it.
Off of these multiple hit spells, you can do various followups:
Arcthunder to grab on grounded opponents
Arcthunder to dash Uair (Levin sword does a lot of damage, and KOs much earlier than bronze sword)
Arcfire to full jump rising Fair, if that was in Levin on a lower percent opponent you can combo into another rising Fair or Uair.
Arcfire to dash Usmash or Uair on grounded opponents for KOs.
Arcfire to jump forward Arcfire! to Fair! Kind of hard to do, but extra damage!
Arcfire on block into shorthop forward Nosferatu - blockstun into grab. This can be avoided by their roll, so be careful.
Arcfire into Thoron (max charge thunder) - Good for punishing rolls if they try to roll Arcfire, or if Arcfire hits, you can do a lot of damage and potentially KO. Remember to hold B when doing Thoron for more hits!

The general spacing game with aerial attacks should be avoided with Robin just because you want to save your Levin Sword, but Neutral Air never uses Levin Sword so that is your main aerial "get off me" move.
On the ground, Jab and Dtilt are your main close up tools, with grab.

This character moves slowly, but be patient, charge your projectiles, keep track of your usages, and you'll have a lot of different projectiles to use and a lot of options once set up! Robin also has really strong KO potential in Levin Sword Uair, Dsmash, Fsmash, and Usmash, so getting a good read can be potential easier stocks.

darkdrium909 posted November 28, 2014

Robin is powerful against unskilled opponents, but he has slow attacks and recovery times that render him ineffective in difficult matches (for glory especially).

lucasxness posted July 16, 2016

SO Fr*ckin OP Unless You're Opponent Is Lucas/Ness (Yes I Did Put Lucas First Because He IS BETTER You Have To Realose Already) Or Has A Reflector Special Because Arkfire (More Like Wannabe PK FIre Am I rIght?) And The Thudner Moves (Especially The THird One) Shut Down Literally ANYY Approaches. I Am Surprised He Isent Used More By The Tournament Players (Maybe Should Be NEw Main For Zer0)?


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