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ROB Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

ROB Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 106 Tier Ranking: 32nd Popularity: 46th
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Mijinion posted December 6, 2014

Rob is an exceptional and very unique character. With two projectiles and an incredibly heavy character.

Despite the heaviness of ROB, what makes him a strange threat is his aerial ability. ROB has a ridiculous amount of possibilities available to him, as every single throw that he possesses, can lead to a follow-up in some shape or form.

ROB can punish people with his side B and down smash, particularly those that like to roll around as if they were in mud. Thanks to the rotational hitboxes, rollers will be absolutely struck and dealt damage.

ROBs Gyros can be used when your neutral B is not fully charged, allowing for a mix and match of zoning games to commence. Energy absorption based characters such as G&W or Ness can fall for total mindgames if you were to use his two projectiles interchangably. Aggressive ROB players will pick this item up, toss it at you, expect you to shield. If you shield, you're going to be in a world of hurt because they can grab and combo you. The interchangeable tactics of ROB is what make him such a great character.

ROBs aerial game is where the true potential lies. U-Air, B-Air, and D-Air can take advantage of momentum to stall in the air and play massive mindgames with your opponent. Thanks to the priority of all of his aerial attacks, most opponents are better off air dodging and staying far, far, away from ROB in this situation.

Taking advantage of his throws and aerials, along with his projectiles give more options available than the average Smasher. Yes, he's unusual and pretty tricky to learn, with most people opting to stay away, but learning is very much worth the effort.

ROB is also very efficient at recovering thanks to his recovery. You can stall while using his recovery to avoid edgeguarders. Stalling can effectively play with some mindgames and trip up your opponent.

ROBs are typically one of the most difficult characters to deal with, because they can sit and zone with gyro, use it with setups to become insanely aggressive, juggle, edgeguard, mindgame. ROB excels with all of these, which is why if you're reading this, pick up your gamepad and learn how to use it.

Sheepking3030 posted May 14, 2017

I want to mention that a common misconception about ROB is that he's a heavy-weight. ROB has a tall hitbox, but isn't a heavy character. His weight is probably around average.

ROB is a god air character, and can do other things. He has 2 projectiles, which can both be used when the opponent is expecting the other, playing mind games. ROB can also edge guard. His down smash and side-B can both punish people who like to roll.

ROB has many options for getting KOs. His up smash is his strongest move, killing at around 80%. His down air is a very strong spike, but can launch upwards depending on how you hit it. Up air kills at about 130%, but less if you're closer to the top of the map. Side smash has good range, but does only decent launch power up close. Down smash is fast and good for countering rolls. His down smash kills at around 120%, but may not always launch in the direction you want it to. Back air is powerful, but is hard to hit because it's slow. Neutral air can kill at very high percents while in the air. Side B can kill at around 140% near the edge, break weakened shields, or can be used to reflect projectiles, but relying on it to reflect projectiles may not go well. Up throw kills at 150%, back throw is somewhat less on the very edge. Front air, gyro, and the laser can all KO the opponent while off the stage. Front air can be used to constantly push them back, similar to Marth's. Gyro snipes are fun, but easy to air dodge if expected. If they're very close to off screen, a fully charged laser can push them back for a KO.

ROB has access to some good combos as well. All of his throws can have follow-ups. Up throw and up smash work at very low percents, as well as up throw up air, or you could do an up smash, than up air. Up throw can also lead into a front air. Down throw up air works until higher percents come in, where they launch high enough to get time to air dodge at maybe 80%. At low percents, you could back throw and fire a charged gyro. Dash attack and neutral air both can lead into a front air at low percents. A nice trick is to do something to get them into the right spot to front air, then jumping over them and down airing to hit them again.

Some other important things to mention. Back air actually pushes ROB to the opposite direction, so recovering from the side is made easier, and it helps when fuel is low. ROB's up B is slow, and limited on fuel. If edge guarded long enough, he will drop, so be careful. Recovery also goes kinda slow, and you can't air dodge while using it, so this leaves him vulnerable. I have had times where at very low percents, the opponent would down air me enough times to where I would run out of fuel and fail to recover. This is embarrassing, but the up air is good to hit them above you. ROB's big hitbox and vulnerable recovery altogether make a weakness. The bet way to counter this is to attack airborne threats with your airs or projectiles.

Pharaoh63 posted September 23, 2017

This has been covered many times, but ROB is a solid character, especially in the air. We already know lots about him, like his down throw to up air true combo, but if you angle it right, it is possible to get a laser follow up at low percents.
Also, one thing to note is that ROB’s down tilt can be used for jab locking, and also, be careful with the Gyro. You don’t want sent lose the Gyro, so whenever in the air, just z-drop.
It’s especially useful when edgeguarding, as if it hits right, you can follow with a down air spike. Hope that my info, as well as the ones above me, we’re helpful to you. Now get out there and prove that ROBs aren’t a dying race!

Space_Ghost15 posted April 23, 2016

R.O.B. Is easily my favourite character in both Brawl and Wii U/3ds and the tips for R.O.B. Are
• Grab, Up or Down and then straight jump into Up air attack (really useful for jugglying some opponents) - however sometimes if you I Grab, Hit 1-3 times, throw down Up Air, then do a Back Air for a solid 30-38%
•Another tip is when someone is near you, if they try to punch you (lets use Cap Falcon as an example) Sidestep (When Robs arms are flipping out thats the right Side Step) then go for a Straight up Down Smash.
• Rob's laser moves can be moved up or down depending on which direction you put after you used it, use it to your advantage
• last but not least is his Gyro, Use his Gyro for a Spacing or for any reason really, but when your opponent tries to make it back on the field use his Gyro to Knock them back furthur and they most likely won't make it back up, needs practice and good reading


FooFighterGE posted March 23, 2016

Like everyone has said, ROB is a heavyweight with a great air game and recovery. He can zone out the opponent with Gyro and Robo Beam, and Gyro has ridiculous follow-ups. He also has great throws, with down throw comboing into up air for awhile on most characters. Up throw will even kill at 150%ish. His back air and up air kill, too. However, due to his heavyweight status and large hurtbox, he is combo food for characters like Sheik. His recovery is easily punishable because of no hitbox, allowing the opponent to keep ROB away long enough for his fuel to run out. Also, U-Smash has quite a bit of end lag, and F-Smash is pretty weak. But all in all, ROB is a very powerful character who can zone and kill in the air like a beast.

wwwyki99 posted September 6, 2015

One thing to keep in mind about R.O.B is that if your aren't careful while getting launched, people such as link have such an easy time juggling you.

delbuster posted December 2, 2014

ROB is one of my favorite characters in this game. He's heavy, and has a pretty good recovery (length wise), so he survives a long time. He also has some fast moves, which is much better than some of the other heavier characters in the game.

His ground game is not bad! Jab, ftilt, dtilt, dash attack, and grab are all standard attacks that have good speed and decent range. ROB also has a dsmash that is great for catching people who try to roll behind.

He has a reliable KO move on the ground in Usmash. Unlike most Usmashes, this one has a weak hit on the ground that combos into the strong anti air hit, making it much more reliable against grounded opponents.

His air game is also quite great. His Fair in particular is a quick poke, which is something not a lot of characters have. His Nair has a bit of startup, but has massive range and priority as well as decent landing recovery. Similarly, Bair has a lot of range and is strong.

Uair is what makes this character. A quick, long ranged anti air with multiple hits and can KO around 130% is super, super strong in this game. It also combos after Dthrow if they do not go too far horizontally, for a quick ~20% combo.

ROB's specials are also solid. His Up B moves slowly but it has a lot of distance; recovering high and from low are both important.

Side B is a bit lackluster; it's a multi hit move that will beat dodges and can beat people who have a shield that has been weakened, but the projectile reflection on this move is unreliable and if they block the last hit this move is punishable.

Neutral B is great. It is a full screen projectile, although you cannot spam it, the reach is super nice for keeping opponents in check.

Finally, down B. Another great move, the gyro can be charged for power and duration, and while it spins on the ground it acts like a weak hitbox trap. You can also pick it up as an item and use it as a quick projectile.
This move disappears on shields, but you can simply throw out another.
Be careful of Villager, who can pocket it and keep you from using it.

divise_two posted April 30, 2015

HEY! rob's side-B can be used to reflect projectiles!!
and it can also used in mid-air, but goodluck to recover if you fall of after using it...

that was the little tip to be REMEMBERED

sirhelmsly posted November 23, 2014

The way to play R.O.B successfully is to think in Binary, such as 100010101000101000010010010001010101001. Then you will WIN!


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