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Pit Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Pit Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 96 Tier Ranking: 27th Popularity: 53rd
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delbuster posted December 3, 2014

I like Pit in this game. He isn't the best at anything except maybe harassing people off stage, but he is quite fun.

He is pretty straightforward. Decent normals with decent reach and speed.

Usmash is a good anti air, but unfortunately barely hits people on the ground unless they are big characters. Good for platforms as well. Can KO at aroudn 130%+.
Fsmash another KO move. This move is actually quite strong, but landing it can be tough just because it's a bit slower than his other moves. If it doesn't KO, it'll probably send them offstage though, for offstage harassment shenanigans.

Pokes include Ftilt and Fair. Also rising Dair can be decent. Moving in and out with these moves works out.

Up close, the jab/grab game with Dtilt mixed in can work. Grab game is alright - doesn't lead to many KO opportunities, but decent damage dealing opportunities.
Fthrow Dash attack or dash Usmash at 0%.
Dthrow dash Usmash at very low %
Dthrow Fair or Uair at medium percent

One KO setup is Dthrow then dash Jump, weight for their options, Side B (armored KO move at around 150%)

Offstage, you want to hit them with anything to get them away really like Bair, or even a possible spike with the early hits/tipper of Dair. Down B also has a windbox, which can work sometimes.

Wintry posted November 26, 2014

Pit is a well rounded character that has options for almost everything, however, none of those options are super amazing. Playing him well means learning the right time to move in and back off, as much of his damage will come from up close. He also has great juggle potential, so when an opportunity arises, get in and stay in. Main kill moves will be Up Smash, Side Smash, Side Special, Back Air and Down Air. His tilts are fast but not as strong. The blades also have a sweet spot at the tip which cause more knockback.

Pit's only projectile is Palutena's Bow, which fires one blue arrow that can be aimed before and after firing. It can be shot up or sideways, and can also change it's trajectory after firing. He also has the Upperdash Arm, which sends him horizontal and uppercuts the first enemy he comes across. This move is pretty great as it has armor, which let's Pit close the gap between zoners. The Guardian Orbitars reflect projectiles as well, but don't have any utility beyond that. Lasty, his Power of Flight works quite differently now than it did in Brawl, giving Pit a burst of flight in any direction. This move covers tons of distance, but leaves Pit open as it is not an attack.

Overall, Pit struggles a bit in this game as many of his kill options only work at high percentages. Be prepared to play a long game with Pit, chipping away at your enemy strike after strike and making them over 100% before they even realize it. Pit can absolutely dominate the air game if you make the right choices, and he can edge guard from very far away, as his recovery is pretty good as well.

lucasxness posted July 28, 2016

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