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Pikachu Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Pikachu Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 79 Tier Ranking: 11th Popularity: 29th
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PikachuWannabe2005 posted June 5, 2018

I have not played yet been on smash boards,someone said that if you face sheik,don't get grabbed.Another thing is against heavy characters,once your hit the match is done for for the most part. Uair is also apparently a good kill move at high enough percents. Thunder after the dthrow or uthrow is too predictable so I would do a different combo first to try and trick them into doing something else.I know this because it is highly used if you read smash boards.This is a better website than smash boards if I say so my self though.

Quirk posted May 26, 2016

Pikachu is awesome and I have not even scratched the surface of what it can do. One of the combos that I find to be very enjoyable is (approach with neutral-b):
Dthrow -> FH -> Nair ->
After the Nair, fastfall and do a fair. This should send you flying towards the ground and should cancel the final frame(s) of the attack out.
Then, do a forward smash (Uncharged).
Hope this helps!

turtwigsfire13 posted January 21, 2016

Pikachu has been a great character that I have a lot of fun playing as! My usual strategy is to at the beginning of the match to use 4-5 thunder jolts. then, as the opponent gets close, I use the dash a followed by an up smash. Once the opponent has taken enough damage, I grab and throw up or down (both will fling them straight up and use thunder(down special). The black cloud it summons has a meteor effect, Perfect for ledge guarding and Sending the foe to the stage with a crash and a KO at about 90%!

Sailboats27 posted May 24, 2015

An interesting technique I use with Pikachu is full-hopping a NeutralB. When you do this, you are able to run with it, to follow up combos. For example, if they shield the Thunder Jolt, follow with a grab. If they take the hit, dash attack or use a tilt/smash attack. If they jump, go in for an F-air or N-air.

Some combos I use when playing are:
1. Full-hop NeutB, D-tilt, Grab, F-throw, dash attack
The trick with this is to get the trip box on the d-tilt. You can take out the first two steps to this to be able to perform this combo up to 80%.

2. Full-hop NeutB, Grab, D-throw, (Jump) U-air, (Jump) Any aerial
What to do is depending on the second jump, use a different aerial depending on where the opponent is. Works best around 50%-60%.

3. Full-hop NeutB, (Jump) F-air, (Maybe jump) F-air
The second jump depends on the height of the opponent

4. Uncharged UpSmash, U-tilt, U-tilt, (possibly a third) U-tilt, (Jump) U-air, (Maybe jump)U-air
Possibly my favorite low-damage combo, Pikachu's upwards-based attacks are impeccable. I made this combo to display that.

5. Full-hop NeutB, Grab, U-throw, DownB
This combo works great in damage areas 80%-100%. When the foe gets to around 140%, try using a D-throw instead.

Something to also always use is edge-guarding with F-air and B-air. If the enemy is far away enough, definitely use F-air to get a clean KO at a high percent. With B-air, when an opponent is close enough to the stage, use B-air: but make sure that they either go far out enough to where they can't recover/KO, or that they slam into the stage/fly underneath it.

Some of these techniques take a lot of practice (I just started the edge-guarding one), but once you master these + aerial rushing with Pikachu, he's very difficult to work around. I hope this helps!

delbuster posted December 3, 2014

Pikachu is a fairly straight forward character. Pika is fast, can hit hard with Usmash and Fsmash, and has good tools to harass from afar like Thunder (down B) and Thunder Jolt (Neutral B). His recovery is also great, with the flexible Quick Attack and the Skull Bash for horizontal distance if necessary.

Pikachu's strength is a combination of his speed and jump in Thunder Jolt in neutral. Jumping to do Neutral B lets you move while being covered by the projectile.
Once Pika is in, things like Short hop Fair/Nair/Dair, full jump aerials, and falling Uair are all quick options that can hit the opponent if they are not careful into a combo or advantageous situation. Similarly, Utilt is important for getting a launch situation.
Once the opponent is scared, dash grab or dash attack to punish their defensive options.

Pikachu has a couple of traps like Uthrow->Down B, and Utilt->Down B, to catch them not airdodging or getting out of the way in time. If they do airdodge, you can punish with a jump up there and aerial attack when the airdodge is vulnerable at the end.

Finally, KOing with dash Usmash is pretty feasible. Reading a roll, or punishing a whiff is totally possible with Pikachu's dash speed, and then trying the followup jump Thunder if they haven't been KO'd is also a fun, classic trick.
Fsmash is another options, and is one of Pika's longest ground normals, so it can be used in situations when you bait their grab with something like short hop nair, drift out of their shieldgrab range.

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