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Peach Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 89 Tier Ranking: 26th Popularity: 35th
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unseenpotential01 posted December 8, 2014

Peach is a floaty type character. Her great air mobility combined with her float ability and relatively low landing lag on most air normals, makes her strong when she's off the ground. Unfortunately, a lot of her grounded moves have short reach and her mobility isn't as good either, Making approaching some characters like Bowser difficult.

Her initial dash is fairly quick but cancels into shield a bit late, so often times, it's best to float as a means to move around and then shield when needed. Her tight ended dash also makes it fairly difficult to pivot smash. But it's surprisingly easy to down smash or pivot dash attack both options are actually much better than using her unsafe forward tilt.

Many of her moves( especially grounded) are spacing dependent. It's important to know the ranges because lots of peaches moves are unsafe on block or whiff. In many cases, grabs are your safest option for her, since they put her in a favorable position.

Notable moves are:

Down tilt
Neutral air
Peach bomber
Back air
Down air
Up air
Up smash
Dash attack

delbuster posted December 3, 2014

There are some good writeups on her moves by ShindoSlash such as her Down B (Vegetable), Side B (Peach Bomber), Grab followups (Dthrow), and Fair (main KO move).

It's also mentioned in a few of the aerial attack pages but Peach's main tool is her float. This is done by holding the jump button and pressing Down.

To do an instant float Nair, you need to Jump+hold Jump+press Down, release Down, press A for Neutral Air, then release Jump to stop the float and land. This is fairly tricky, but it is a good thing to know. Similar inputs can be used for Bair.

You won't exactly want to do those for Fair, Dair, and Uair because they take longer, but using Float by itself to move around is also quite good. Simply Jump, hold Jump, press Down to activate float, float a bit, and let go to do a sort of "short hop" that you can control much more precisely.

Other important moves to use with Peach are dash attack (a decent 2 hit forward moving move) and jabs (optional followup means you can trick them into a grab).

Some combos:
Short hop dair to Uair or Nair
Dthrow Ftilt
Dthrow Bair
Dtilt -> float Nair at low percents
Dtilt -> Fair or Uair at mid percents

Fair is probably the most likely KO move to land as it is quite strong and it's an air move, but as the move page says, don't use it too many times in a row before wanting to KO with it because it will become weaker (universal mechanic).
Another KO option if desperate is Up B at very very high percents. It is a bit unsafe, but it is a good anti air.

ZeldaPeachchampVS posted March 12, 2017

For some reason I grab like a boss with even jigglypuff, princess peach is the boss of the sky she floats for about 6 seconds witch is a lot in this game use that to your advantage if your versing peach be careful her grabs are boss when she has hold of you beacuse she can combo same for jigglypuff

Goatbus posted July 7, 2016

You can cancel and reuse your up b by pressing down. Good for catching opponents airborne or for turning the tide on a disrespect by reactivating the up b.

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