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Palutena Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Palutena Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 91 Tier Ranking: 45th Popularity: 43rd
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TheAllSeeingVelevetAnt posted December 28, 2016

I think Palutena is underrated and I have been playing her for some time now. In case anyone didn't know I have some fast facts about her.

#1: Palutena's Autoreticle (Neutral B) can jab lock. However it is often difficult to hit with big startup lag. Its also her only move that can jab lock.

#2: Palutena's dash attack and back air both have invincibility frames. Attacks that manage to hit only her shield do no damage to her.

#3: Similar to Mewtwo's up special, Palutena's up b can ledge cancel, allowing you to have otherwise impossible followups. Ledge canceling allows Palutena to become airborne at the ledge with no lag and no special fall, allowing for some stylish followups, like dair spikes.

astralinferno posted April 28, 2016

I always found her neutral special and up special to be most useful to me. Her counter is slow and exploitable and i avoid using reflect.

delbuster posted December 3, 2014

This character has writeups for every single one of her attacks on their specific pages. They are solid reference points, so definitely read those. I will just go over general game plan here or things that weren't mentioned in those move pages.

Palutena is interesting because all of her custom moves are unlocked from the beginning of the game already, but I will only go over her default ones.

Interesting things:
Up B - Warp, is an interesting move. Similar to Mewtwo in Melee, it disappears and reappears, does no damage, and is invincible for quite a bit. Interestingly enough, it can be ledge canceled - meaning that if you end up at an edge and slip off, you will have no landing recovery.

Gameplan: Palutena zones with Neutral B and counter zones with Side B, then plays, for the most part, a grab and jab game up close.

Her jab, when it hits someone in the air close to the ground, can go into her grab. Otherwise, it will have to be a sort of frame trap.

Her grab goes into Dthrow into combos. If they go further away, Fair to combo or Dash Usmash to catch a dodge or mash. If they are closer, Nair and Uair do the job, and Uair can KO relatively low. Dash RAR Bair is also an option, for more damage than Fair.

To approach, she mostly uses Fair and Jab. Her tilts are quite slow (although Utilt is a good anti air) and the rest of her aerials have quite a bit of landing lag.

CrossCounta posted November 20, 2014

I didn't notice a section for neutral air so I will put it here for now to finish off the list.

Palutena's neutral air is a staff spin at the center of her body that hits multiple times all around her with the last hit launching up and away from her.

This move is a strong combo piece after down throw for percent build up, and against fast fallers the knock back sets up well for follow ups.

Despite it's appearance, this move is difficult to approach with because it doesn't autocancel during its animation and thus is very punishable when landing. Just be careful when approaching and this tool will go the distance.

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