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Pac-Man Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 95 Tier Ranking: 46th Popularity: 47th
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Tips for Pac-Man

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SuperSenpaiClaw posted December 7, 2014


Symbol Meanings:
^ = Character information
* = Character tip
+ = Character Strength
- = Character Weakness


* (against DeDeDe) Gordo's are beat from ALL of his fruits and it is hilarious.

- (against Mario) Mario is mostly unfazed by Pac's projectiles, as he can rush in and f-smash/d-smash the Hydrant and cape the Bonus Fruit.

* (against Mega Man) The hydrant and trampoline will be key in this matchup. The hydrant blocks all of his projectiles, giving Pac time to charge his fruit, and when thrown, it cancels his projectiles out. Megaman will be forced into the air, and Pac can easily punish with an up air or side B as megaman is vulnerable from below due to his slow dair and the lack of a full-body coverage nair.

* (against Lucario) When Lucario is tossing aura spheres, throw a cherry at it as it stops the projectile even if he has it fully charged at 190%. Keep doing that to forced the approach.

* (against Pikachu) If the Pikachu keeps shooting thunder jolt, stop those projectiles by hitting them with an Ftilt, which forces the Pikachu to approach.

* (against Rosalina) The key to the matchup is close-range
fair/f-tilt pressure. fair should be used to hit confirm into appropriate followups, and f-tilt should be used for spacing/pressure. Do not put yourself in a position where Rosa can jab her way out of pressure. Bait her gravitational pull with fruit/hydrant and go on the offensive. Avoid grabbing Rosa if Luma is near.

* (against Yoshi) Always assume he'll nair/jab out of any potential strings/combos Pac throws at him. Poke him with fair/nair/f-tilt then space. Fruit and hydrant are key in this matchup as both are really efficient poking tools. Be VERY attentive of Yoshi's dash attack as he may end up behind you after he uses it. Do not attempt to shield grab his Nair, he'll jab before Pac even get's the grab hitbox out. If you're desperate to punish a shielded Nair from Yoshi, then use Jab; otherwise, just roll away from him so his Jab pressure doesn't get to you.

*(against Falco) Falco struggles against Pac simply due to Pac's aerial mobility. Orange also goes straight through the laser which basically means that Falco cannot spam his laser too much. Reflector can be nicely baited and punished with key and I just don't see anywhere that Falco beats Pac. Not that it is unwinnable though, Falco is still able to punish Pac well if he whiffs a laggy move. Plus his smashes are all much faster than Pac's in terms of start up

* (against Little Mac) As long as you don't get caught in a bad spot with the hydrant, this is pretty good for Pac. Bonus fruit are really good in this and side-b is great for gimping Mac. Like Bowser, Mac has amazing punishes, however, his gimpability is just so much higher.

SuperSenpaiClaw posted December 7, 2014


Symbol Meanings:
^ = Character information
* = Character tip
+ = Character Strength
- = Character Weakness


* Up-tilt has a funky "backwards" hitbox, but it means that Pac-Man has a pretty good option when opponents cross him up.

* Pac's jab combo is an excellent "get off me move" that should be used when you know your opponent is gonna rush in on you and try to grab you. Excellent follow up to dash attack also.

* Pac's dash attack has hardly any cool down after the animation finishes so you can pretty much follow it up with an attack of your choosing. There are several sweet spot areas that if connected, can be followed up with an aerial to end the combo.

- Pac's up-tilt has very little range and is difficult to pull off in battle without getting punished.

* His down-tilt is an excellent downward angle poking move. It's a quick tilt and should be used for spacing or whenever you feel you can sneak in a quick hit.

* Nair is great for edge guarding when being pushed by the hydrant. It can also be spammed if an opponent is close and pushes you off a ledge or platform , if they are still close, they can be hit by it if activated fast enough.

* Up-air has great range and is great for aerial spacing. It can be used for finishing up many combos and strings that launched the opponent in the air; especially after dash attack.

- Pac's dair has low range and is usually not safe to use.

* Fair has little to no cool down and can be spammed easily. Great for spacing. Combos well with neutral air, up air, and down air.

- Fair is not great as an approach because it does little damage and has very little knock back.

* Bair can be great for ledge guarding and can be used as a kill move if the opponent is at high percent.

* Up-b can be used to escape combos and traps such as Ness' PK fire

* When recovering wth Up-b, try to trampoline in a spot that is hard for your opponents to reach as they can easily take away your trampoline after the second bounce, forcing you to free fall to your doom.

* For down-b, place the hydrant by the edge when the opponent is grabbing the ledge. Not only does this give you a small shield from getting up attacks, it forces your opponent to think twice about how and where he should try to get up from the ledge.

* If the hydrant is out and you can't get to it in time to knock it towards your opponent, throwing fruit at it can achieve the same goal and oftentimes will surprise your opponents in the process.

* Always be mindful of how much HP your hydrant has. It can't take more than 12% before being launched.

SuperSenpaiClaw posted December 7, 2014


Symbol Meanings:
^ = Character information
* = Character tip
+ = Character Strength
- = Character Weakness


^ Pac Man is a very hard character to understand, if you don't know his techniques, you probably won't last long on a match.

+ Pac's main strength is his amazing zoning and spacing tools, as they are very quick and cover some great distance.

+ Don't get too close to him though as he has powerful and long range smash attacks.

- His powerful and long range smash attacks however have long start up and ending lag.

- Pac's main weakness is long ranging characters like Villager, Toon link, Link, Pit, DPit, etc on flat stages who can spam so easily against Pac.

+ Pac Man also has one of the best recovery in the game, as he can recover with both up-b for vertical, and side-b for horizontal.

* Always side-b recover first. This is a free recovery both vertical and horizontal and doesn't put you in a helpless state when completed.

* Up-B is an excellent escape from a pursuant opponent. Know they are going to dash at you? Think they are gonna run in for the grab? Up B!

pixelkira posted May 16, 2015

Pac-Man Fair is misunderstood. It can combo into different attacks but the move should not be used to kill. His fruits are amazing for kills,damage,combos,and mind games. The hydrant can be a risky move but I recommend to use it as bait. One tip is if your HOLDING the bell,or melon throw it upwards and immediately do a trampoline. The trampoline will go through the opponents shield and sends the upward towards the fruit.

Kevham posted February 10, 2015

One of my only tips for Pac-Man is to learn your fruits.
Learn when they appear in the cycle and what they do.
Cherry:4% Does 2 Increasingly short bounces before resting for a second.
Strawberry:6% Does 3 increasingly short bounces before resting for a second.
Mango/Orange:8% Travels in a straight line at a quick speed, causing a 'Semi-Spike' when it hits
Apple:9% Does Four quick bounces across the stage. Massive Diagonal drop when used aerially.
Melon:12% Travels slowly across the screen in a rather wide arc, dealing high knockback
Galaxian:9% Travels forwards for a short moment before doing a shuttle loop and then flying at around a 45% angle.
Bell:8% Travels in an Upwards arc before plummeting to the ground. Stuns if it connects.
Key:15% Travels Quickly in a straight line dealing massive knockback. One of Pac's best kill moves.

Vs. Projectiles The First 3 fruits; The Cherry, The Strawberry and The Orange all charge quite quickly and are great projectile cancelling moves.

When Edge-Guarding: The Orange,Apple,Bell(To a lesser extent) And Key are all great Edge-Guarding tools.
-The Orange's Quick charge time and fast projectile speed make it great for punishing or forcing air dodges. If it connects, the spike it puts on the enemy is one of the hardest to recover from.
-The Apple's Huge diagonal drop is great for catching enemies off-guard and it's knockback is quite good, worse then only The melon and key.
-The Bell isn't as good as edge-guarding as the others, but it's sudden drop can reliably hit an opponent out of The apple's range. However; using a hydrant to spike them is a better option in most cases.
-The Key has ludicrous speed paired with huge knockback and solid damage.Similarly to The Orange, the key is a very useful tool in edge guarding. The main difference between the Orange and the Key is that The key is faster and landing the key is nearly a guaranteed KO in most off-stage situations.

Trapping: The Galaxian And The Bell are amazing trapping options
-The Galaxian's shuttle loop can easily combo into many other moves. Also if you're quick, you can grab it just after the loop finishes and chain your opponent into another loop.
-The Bell is great for trapping a hanging opponent because if you time it right, they either get hit by the bell so you can knock them away from the stage, or they get up onto the stage where you're ready to punish whatever they do. Also, once they learn what the bell does, fear is a powerful ally. when they airdodge or roll away from it, you have a great opportunity to punish them to the fullest extent.

I'll put stuff about the Custom fruits later.

TacoPac7800 posted December 2, 2017

As a Pacman main, I have to multitud tasa and stay focused whenever i go on For Glory. Any tips?

TacoPac7800 posted December 2, 2017

Against Marth, keep your distance. Avoid counters or Marth's Neutral B. That's just a recommendation. If you want to beat all Marth mains on For Glory anyway... I had to stay out of Marth's grab range and throw fruits. Anything to keep Marth at bay makes for a good match up imo. Anyone who disagrees with this, IRYO.

Screamouts posted April 8, 2015

Pac-Man is just amazing ! It's not my main but one of my favorite character in the game.The hydrant and fruit bonus are really cool for combo.You can easily deal damage especially with Fair.
So that's all (sorry for errors I'm French):3

delbuster posted December 3, 2014

Pac-Man is a slowish, floaty character with a slow grab and hard to land KO moves.

But, he has solid poking tools and good+unique projectiles, as well as a pretty good air game and a pretty good recovery. This character should not be slept on because he can attack in unexpected ways.

Most of Pac's game plan revolves around his neutral B and down B. They allow him to do unique things.

Neutral B - Bonus Fruit: This move when charging makes Pacman float even more.
All projectiles can be caught as an item in certain circumstances when they hit something, so be careful and you can re-use them one time!
Key is the last one. It is thrown very fast and can KO.
Flan is the second last one. It has a really high arc when thrown, stuns on hit. Very hard to use, but if it does hit, you can maybe get a combo.
Rocketship is cool. It does a loop when you throw it, making it easier to catch. Also, if they are in its path, they can get grabbed pretty easily if they shield.

And melon - the fourth one (the green circle), a slow moving, pretty hard hitting one. Nice for preventing people from getting back to the ledge, or using its slow speed to approach.

Those are the main ones to use. The first three are alright if you need a fast moving projectile and do not have the Key.

Down B - Hydrant
It attacks below you, which is amazing. Very safe if you're high enough, and does decent knockback. It also can be used to put yourself on a little platform, to avoid projectiles and attack from a possibly better vantage point. Walking off to do an aerial can work.
Water comes out of the hydrant - either upwards from the top if you stay on it too long, or from the sides. It pushes players quite far.
Hitting the hydrant for enough damage can "KO" it and turn it into a projectile with better knockback, but be careful as the opponent can do this as well. If you want a better chance of launching it, use Down B to absorb a hit from the opponent then run off and Bair the Hydrant to send it towards the opponent. Or, stay on the Hydrant for a bit to make it shoot water upwards, then run off and Bair, then Smash to avoid the Hydrant from pushing you away from it with water.

He has some other wacky moves. Dash attack has very little recovery time, so it can lead into a launch combo into Fair. Grab is slow, but quite active. Up B is invincible with a decent hitbox and sets out the trampoline.

His other moves are standard. Ftilt and Dtilt are good, quick pokes. Fair is very fast, but very weak - you can do two in a short hop, or do one in a shorthop then a plethora of other options like Hydrant, double jump Hydrant, Nair, or Fruit.

Scoring the KO is difficult. You have to be tricky when they are recovering with a Fruit or Side B, or score a Smash. His Smashes are a bit slow to come out, so you have to bait something to hit them, so that is the real challenge in playing Pacman.

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