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Olimar Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Olimar Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 79 Tier Ranking: 22nd Popularity: 55th
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Mijinion posted November 26, 2014


Starting with the Red Pikmin: Immune to fire, though a weak quality consider so few characters aside from Captain Falcon consistently have multiple fire based attacks. The red pikmin has the third best knockback, and easiest time accumulating damage. However, some changes from Brawl make red pikmin harder to kill with, and even harder to rack up damage. 23% U-Air is now around 12% in this game, for instance. While still the most important Pikmin thanks to its mix of range and power, it has generally been weakened all around.

Yellow: Second best knockback, third best in power, and second fiddle to the red Pikmin. While good for smashes, the distance with Olimar's smashes have generally been reduced, especially the up smash. The overall aerial game revolving around this Pikmin for stringing in juggles has also been reduced, since Olimar's attacks have been reduced in damage.

Blue Pikmin: Arguably the worst Pikmin in the bunch from transition from Brawl. While the Blue Pikmin's abilities reside with grabbing prowess, the Blue Pikmin has had its strength reduced in its knockout potential. Forward grabs that can knock out at 90% on ledge, now require much higher damage before getting the kill. The Pikmin itself has been weakened with the rest of the moves, causing this Pikmin to simply become unreliable.

Purple Pikmin: This Pikmin is all about power. Highest damaging Pikmin in the group, although the slowest. This Pikmin is still very good for gimping a recovery while edgeguarding. However, this Pikmin is still fairly slow, and has lost a noticeable amount of knockout potential, sometimes requiring up to a solid 100% up smash or forward smash to kill. For the power Pikmin this is a huge blow to its abilities, especially since landing the hit with this Pikmin is incredibly hard.

White Pikmin: The physically weakest of the group. While it retains its long range of grabbing opponents and latching on to high percents, it too has suffered in the strength department, worse so in this game. Using this Pikmin for anything else but trying to latch to the opponent is asking for punishment, considering that it can easily be killed and countered, more so than in Brawl.

Olimar has had a major improvement in one area: recovery. Olimar can now recover with ease as his up special is no longer a chain, but a set of flying Pikmin who lifts Olimar.

However, Super Armor (Down Special at the right time), has been cut in potential, as the frames have been drastically reduced. Mixing this in with his lack of follow up potential with grabs, and even worse knockout prowess, and Olimar is a virtual shell of his Brawl-self. The preset order of lineup for Pikmin's, and reduction in amount, is problematic when up against an advanced player. Why? Your Pikmin dictate your strategy. If they are aware of what Pikmin you will receive, your strategy is exposed, especially since you have only up to three options.

ZachSmashAttack posted January 10, 2018

Olimar is without a doubt one of the most unique characters in the game. With many different properties on almost all of your attacks depending on the pikmin, it is very difficult which pikmin to use to the optimal situation. Take a look at Mijinion's post to see what the pikmin do as he sums it up pretty well.

Olimar is a very spacing oriented character who excels at racking up huge amounts of damage in very little time. He can wall out opponents or make them play very carefully due to his tremendous power. With this in mind you need to make sure you are either,

A. Using your current lineup to it's full potential, or,
B. Creating your optimal lineup.

All of Olimar's attacks come out relatively quick and have lower ending lag than most attacks with the same kind of power. For example if you space a bair well on shield you can do an immediate f-smash which can really surprise an opponent if they try to punish with a grab. And it can also catch some rolls and spot dodge due to it's long lasting hitbox. And if none of those work the f-smash also adds more shield pressure and makes your landing pretty much unpunishable.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that his pikmin have the priority of a projectile. This means that Olimar's air attacks will lose trades to a lot of aerials so make sure to space well. Also his smash attacks can be reflected which can be devastating so be wary of that.

At higher percents your main kill options are either a blue pikmin up throw, or a red/purple pikmin f-smash. However be wary that your opponent might also be paying attention to your lineup and may be predicting your attacks, if so I find that a blue f-smash also is a viable option killing characters like cloud from mid stage at about 100% with rage. Since people expect you to play your pikmin optimally you have an advantage and can really surprise them.

Olimar's recovery has been tremendously improved and is one of the reasons I use him in ssb4. Recovering high with olimar if he doesn't have pikmin actually is a pretty good option. Just remember to always land with an aerial. Always. If you're not than you are just leaving yourself more vunerable to a punish. My preference is nair since it has very little landing lag and has a hitbox all over olimar's body. Winged pikmin can also be used as a mixup at the edge. You can do a ledge release aerial, then use winged pikmin, and throw out another aerial. It's surprisingly effective.

Olimar can also cover a multitude of ledge options. A well spaced red f-smash can cover roll, attack, and nuetral get up since the hitbox lasts for quite a while. I believe it can also potentially cover jump if timed right.

Lastly I would like to talk about ledge trumping. Olimar doesn't have a terrific run speed so his ledge trumps are pretty reliable. He can get a very early kill with a purple bair out of a trump. And if they go for a ledge regrab than you can punish them with a devastating down smash.

Junito posted June 19, 2017

Olimar is so awesome

Space_Ghost15 posted April 23, 2016

Olimar/Alph and their Pikmin are great characters, I love using them, however there's a fair amount of issues with Olimar:
• He's pretty laggy, most of his moves (besides air attacks) are unnecessarily laggy, seriously trim the frame Sakurai!
• He's kinda slow, at running, he isn't a mario kind of speed, he's 1/2 to 3/4 of his running speed
• Sometimes the Yellow Pikmin aren't always great at what they're meant to do (high Knock Back) They need to fix that up.

But once you've understood the weakness' he is soooooo fun to use! Olimar is a good match up for a Captain Falcon user (after a lot of training)

shortyish posted November 24, 2014

Red Pikmin - Can't be killed by fire attacks. It also does the most percent damage, 2% more with f air and 4% more with f smash for example.

Yellow Pikmin - This pikmin does the 2nd most knockback. Since purple doesn't go very far when you try and smash or grab with it, this is the pikmin of choice for your f smash and grab attempts. Also cannot be killed by electric attacks, such as Pikachu's thunder.

Blue Pikmin - Not sure about this color.

White Pikmin - This pikmin can be thrown the farthest and does the most damage with side B. It can do up to a whopping 40% if the opponent doesn't knock it off. Try throwing it onto the opponent, then punish them if they try to do something to try and knock it off.

Purple Pikmin - This is your most important pikmin color. It does the most knockback, so it makes you kill at earlier percentages. It doesn't travel very far when you try to f smash or grab with this color, so avoid it unless they are very close.

My preferred pikmin lineup is: purple, yellow, white.

Short hop forward air is Olimar's approaching move of choice due to it's speed and range. Purple pikmin is the best for this move, but since the pikmin order switches every time you swing with it, it's hard to control which one you're using. It is possible to get a 3 purple pikmin lineup, but it's unlikely that your opponent will let you.

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