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Mr. Game and Watch Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Mr. Game and Watch Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 75 Tier Ranking: 42nd Popularity: 42nd
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Mijinion posted November 28, 2014

Great hit and runner. Solid speed and very high launching potential. Shorthop approach works fairly well, considering his F-Air has exceptional range and priority over many attacks.

Specials are incredibly solid, especially his up special. The parachute ability makes Edgeguarding and predicting G&W to be very difficult. His D-Air is ridiculously good with knocking away opponents, no matter in the air or the ground thanks to impressive priority.

G&W tilts are also very quick to initiate, which is great for disrupting your opponent and giving you adequate spacing. The only true eye you need to keep, is your sidestepping and rolling as G&W, as it appears to be slightly slower than others and may leave you susceptible to a punishing maneuver. Thanks to his naturally lightness, it is fairly easy for a mistake to lead to a knockout. Take advantage of his aerial prowess and natural speed to outperform your opponent.

NickOfDestiny posted December 30, 2018

In ultimate (I don't know for certain if this also works for ssb4) I was playing around and found a combo for Mr. Game & Watch that works from 15 - around 40.

It is D-throw --> Nair (Make sure your opponent isn't behind you after this) --> Pancake --> Dash Attack --> Chain Fair/bucket/Smash attacks (you will have to run up to the opponent for this one.)

G00mbaGamer posted April 25, 2017

I personally use G&W for an annoyance to my friends (who all play energy projectile characters, except for one) and they can't get past the pan. I used it on 3 people teaming on me and they got so frustrated they left me alone and fought each other until one was left...who jumped off the edge.

Enough about my G&W playstyle, onto combos:

D-Throw -> Bucket/Hammer
Use the bucket when it is full (obviously) and I recommend Chain Judge for G&W because it is easy damage off of D-Throw

D-Throw -> FF Nair -> U-Tilt -> Nair/Bucket/Hammer
This is a true combo until the last hit, I recommend a nair as the bucket can be air dodge as this is a mix-up but if you read the air dodge go for the BUCKET OF DOOM.

That is all I know but GL playing G&W!

G00mba out.

SnakeManvsArbok posted July 15, 2015

Game and Watch has some of the most unique moves in the game. Really, he should be higher up on the tier list, for many, many reasons. For starters, the Oil Panic is insane, shutting down the projectile game of many fighters, including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Ryu, Mewtwo, Ness, Lucas, etc. You can chain into it with his Down Throw and rack up major damage, and easy gimps.

I would recommend getting custom moves for G&W. Fortunately, his best moveset is available for competitive play, that being Short-Order Chef, Chain Judge, Trampoline Launch, and stock Oil Panic, AKA, 3331.

Short-Order Chef lets you harass enemies that are off-stage, getting easy percentage, and setting up for nice aerials.

Chain Judge replaces the side effects of the normal Judge for reliable, powerful combos. 1 no longer hurts Game & Watch, and 9 has the exact same knockback power. In essence, it's a great damage dealer, even if you only get 5 or above.

Trampoline Launch sends you higher than the other 2 variants, and has a ridiculously strong hitbox on startup, but you don't do damage for the rest of the move, and you lose your parachute. It's essentially a better version of his recovery in Melee, allowing for another great finishing tool in the 2-D Terror's arsenal.

Game & Watch's best advantage are, without a doubt, his smash attacks. All of them are strong moves with disjointed hitboxes, that serve varying purposes. His F-Smash is the strongest, and is great for K.Oing His D-Smash, as expected, covers rolls. However, there is another unexpected property, as it has a large hitbox sending them gliding across the stage, messing up spacing of many characters, and forcing an approach

However, his Up Smash is where he truly shines. Not only is it a powerful attack, but if you time it right, the head is invincible to damage, meaning that it's great for offense and defense.

His Down Tilt also has a unique property, in that it has a windbox above it, messing with recoveries, and allowing for safer approaches.

All around, Game & Watch is a very varied character, able to take many challenges, at the cost of some frailty.

TheMH06 posted June 18, 2015

Mr. Game & Watch is a very quirky character that falls under the general archetype of a 'light-but-fast' fighter. However, unlike most characters of this type, Game & Watch has a few traits that make him stick out. His slow falling speed and great recovery move in the form of Fire, excellent combo starters, good specials and surprisingly powerful Smash attacks make Game & Watch an adaptable character in many situations.

However, he is not without his flaws. One of the key components to Game & Watch's survival, his Bucket Braking, was removed from the transition from Brawl to Smash 4, almost crippling his ability to last longer in battle. Additionally, many of his long-lasting hitboxes have been reduced and tend to deal less damage.

Overall, it seems like Mr. Game & Watch has been nerfed rather hard, but if you take advantage of his excellent strengths in combat, you will find a reliable fighter that will never let you down. Have fun, and watch out for those 9's!

MionKrow posted April 11, 2015

I think G&W is highly overlooked due to his light weight and low falling speed. But there' s plenty he has going for him.
His down throw can combo up to around 130%, and his forward and up smashes can kill at around 85% anyway. His other throws are only useful for distancing, though.
His down and forward tilt are great for distancing yourself from your opponent and tripping up any dash-happy fighters. His up tilt, however, is hard to land, but can be used with the down throw easily and can send opponents high into the air at higher percents.
His dash attack is very interrupting, does plenty of damage, and has insane range. Great for getting someone trying to get up from the ledge.
His down smash can kill insanely early when sweetspotted and if not, it will most likely send your opponent off-stage diagonally. Perfect for annoying roll-smashers such as Mario.
His forward air can kill when your opponent is offstage and will make them trip if not. The back air is the best approach option and although it does less damage than before, it's easy to follow up with another one and maybe a third, causing 18%-27% damage. Back air can also stage spike with ease.
Neutral air is one of his greatest moves: amazing range, 17% damage if all hits connect, sends opponents back up into the air for an easy follow-up, and is easy to incorporate into combos.
Down air isn't that great for getting back to the stage, unless your opponent has already jumped into the air to try and up-spike you or is charging an attack. It's great for edgeguarding and if the attack connects the moment the key comes out, it'll meteor smash.
His up air can kill if the second hit connects, and if not, it'll send your opponent upwards, screwing up their approach. If they use a move that propels them upwards or even just a midair jump, they'll most likely be sent straight into the blast line.
Neutral b isn't as good at edgeguarding as his aerials, seeing as those can kill, but it's great for keeping your distance, and if they're hit by the pan, they'll be sent back into the range of the stir fry. Furthermore, if you hit them with the pan while they're off the edge, they'll usually be sent back so far that the'll have no hope of recovering.
Up b has amazing recovery, has a parachute which lets you fall slower, and you can act out of it, meaning that it's really safe to use. It can stage spike and even kill when they're in the air and near the edge of the screen.
Down b no longer has bucket braking, but it will propel you forward instead, meaning it still helps your recovery. This, along with the down tilt's windbox and the neutral b, means that G&W will have almost no problems with projectiles.
His side b, although really fun, is hard to land and is unreliable due to its random nature, but it can be combo'd into up to about 80%, and starting off a match with a down throw + up tilt + Judge always has that one in 9 chance of giving you a single stock advantage.

therockfan1 posted February 23, 2015

When I play SSB4, G&W is one of my go-to characters. When selecting him, see who you are going up against. G&W is an upclose character and requires active thinking and patience. In the right hands, he can lead you to victory in almost every circumstance.
Know your opponents moves as well as your own. If they use energy based attacks(Ness,Robin,Mega Man, Samus)G&W's Oil bucket is a very valuable special and if you are going against a character that can't fill it, you just lost a key factor for success. Oil bucket absorbs only ENERGY projectiles. It won't save you from arrows, throwing stars or water. It only absorbs fire, bombs, every Ness and Robin projectile power, electricity and explosions. This includes mega man's side hold smash cannon. The oil bucket will multiply the damage total it absorbs by 2 so know how much you absorbed to know when to use it.
Be passive. PATIENCE AND TIMING is the key to using G&W. The hammer should NOT be your go-to attack! The best way to use it is when the opponent is under 40%, grab the enemy, analog down, and then hammer right away. It will hit and if you are lucky to get a 9, cheesy kill for you. :)
If you are good at recovering and they fall off, jump down a sausage pan them and then jump. It will stagger them. You could also be on the edge and rapidly sausage pan. You could also spike. Two ways that I use is a SIDE AIR A attack,and recover. The other one is ONLY on stock and the enemy has to have 1 stock left. With timing, you can DOWN AIR A attack them. If it hits, you will kill them before you die and leave with pride and a victory while the other player's jaw drops and probably leaves in anger.
Onstage kills would be a HOLD DOWN A or HOLD UP A. You can also just keep using a SIDE A.
For defense, always shield and dodge at the right times since you will be upclose. If you are going against a player with a DOWN AIR A that goes down till it hits a surface, if timed correctly, you can jump and UP AIR A and stop them from coming down and mess with their timing.
You can always sausage pan and steam pipe for damage buildup. Also change up you tactic a bit like DOWN AIR A more often than when you are in the air next time, parachute and mess their timing up. Stuff like that will leave them always thinking while you can just keep them in your combo trap. You can make up your own combos because of how many moves he has. That's all and G&W ON! :D
Have any questions about G&W or would like me to do one of these on another character, feel free to message me. :)


delbuster posted November 30, 2014

I think GW is a very solid pick this game. He is very straight forward as usual but has good priority on his pokes (Ftilt, Fair, Bair), has good air harassment (Uair, Nair, Up B), and good damage from his throw.

Avoid using Dtilt too much - it is slower, weaker, and smaller than previous iteration.

Dair also takes much longer than before when it lands, but it is still hard to outright beat out. Don't get baited into using it too easily due to the punish, but it can easily beat out anti air attempts.

KOing might be a bit difficult in the air, but on the ground, the smashes do a good job.

Kabagel posted November 21, 2014

G&W's down throw is good for some basic combos, you can connect it to u.tilt at lower %. Then around mid % you can use n.air, at high % u.special can give a bit more additional damage.

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