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Mii Gunner Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Mii Gunner Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 100 Tiers Ranking Popularity: 57th
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NeoBlast posted June 10, 2015

Mii Gunner is a custom avatar character. Mii Gunner isn't allowed for most online play, restricting it to just casual play with friends. A definite move set can't be recommended, since not only do players have varying play styles, but Mii Gunner, just like its Brawler and Sword fighter counterparts, also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, affecting the stats.

How to impress your friends:
Mii Gunner's normal set revolves around unique far-reaching moves. The aerial set have great combo potential when paired with the throws. Use the Smash attacks only when you're sure you'll hit, as the lag time can set you for punishment. The forward aerial has great combo power, but it can be reflected or absorbed.

Neutral 1 Charge Blast: This functions similarly to Samus's Charge Shot. This has slightly less power, but can still be used for punishment, or ranged recovery interceptions.

Neutral 2: Laser Blaze: This functions like Fox's Blaster, but the projectiles are slower and deal more damage. Use this to rack up damage from a distance, knowing when to back off.

Neutral 3 Grenade Launch: This chargeable move can be used to shoot a grenade at different ranges. Try using this to intercept low recoveries.

Side 1: Flame Pillar: Flame Pillar is an effective zoning tactic, as well as a way to block runners. Try not to use this in the air.

Side 2: Stealth Burst: This functions similar to Zelda's Din's Fire. This has less range and can't be adjusted, however, this has greater power and the opponent has a hard time noticing this, but don't lose track of this yourself!

Side 3: Gunner Missile: This functions like Samus's Missiles. The weaker variation has lower power, but greater homing capabilities. The stronger variation has greater overall power.

Up 1: Lunar Launch: Similar to Palutena's Rocket Jump, but can reach greater heights. This is Mii Gunner's best move for recovery.

Up 2: Cannon Uppercut: Like Luigi's Super Jump Punch, this move is devastating at the start. Not so good for recovery.

Up 3: Arm Rocket: Doesn't inflict damage, but is adjustable.

Down 1: Echo Reflector: This is similar to Fox's Reflector, but increases the power of reflected projectiles, this move burps after a reflection though.

Down 2: Grenade Drop: Drops a grenade. This can be used to edge guard as well as an attack from above.

Down 3: Absorbing Vortex: This is just like Ness's PSI Magnet.

Sicarius posted April 8, 2015

The Gunner has a very unique playstyle, since most of her attacks are not good at killing. Her strength lies mostly in her aerial combat and combos, which are very easy to get off and are great at building damage. The best way to kill is much like jigglypuff, which is gimping recovery, only attacking from the ledge instead of following them off. Juggling an opponent with the forward aerial and finishing with a forward smash near 100% damage will be the best kill technique the Gunner has.

In terms of custom moves, most are situational, but some fit this style the best. Grenade launcher is the best option between the charge blast and laser blaze, since the arc allows you to "chase" a foe off the stage by predicting where they will be and positioning the grenade to launch just right. It can take some skill to get off, but is very rewarding and is the best way to hit a foe below the stage, a weakness with all the other innate attacks. It also can't be absorbed by Rosalina, but only after the grenade starts to explode. This helps if you hit the luma at close range. The blast is inferior to the one used by Samus, but can help in a fear game if held back, always charged, and used to punish unsafe attack rather than used for ranged combat.

The flame pillar is one of the best for positioning, as it can allow you to charge your blast/grenade. The grenade can hit anyone jumping over the wall, and the protection can give you time to charge the blast, if you prefer that one over the grenade. Try to have one up if your opponent tries to close the gap between the two of you, especially if they are a close combat class.

The lunar launch works the best in most situations, but cannon uppercut can be used as an easier to get off meteor than the down air, and for hitting anyone above trying to meteor you as well.

The reflector breaks after reflecting one thing, already making it inferior to the one used by fox. Being able to use a reflect is still pretty good on a ranged character; however, the bomb drop works as a replacement grenade launcher, although inferior. You have less control over the angle, and the explosion is one that is easily dodged with an air dodge, while the grenade lasts for a few seconds. With good timing, you can hit someone right below the edge, something the launcher has trouble doing.

Stick to down throw to start combos, and forward air as your main aerial combo chain/finisher. Get your enemy to the edge as quickly and often as you can, because that's where you have the most control. Your focus should be on making sure on making them run out of jumps and get them to the point where their recover is too short to reach the ledge. Higher damage from combos makes this much easier.

delbuster posted November 30, 2014

Mii Gunner's KO power is low, but the range on her moves is great.

Uair, Fair, and Fsmash all are normals with projectiles on them, making her zoning game problematic to get through.

Custom Neutral B grenade is one of the best moves in the game. On shield, it activates with multiple hits - this locks them in place for a long time. On hit, you can score a quick Fair or other followup if you are in the right position.

Nair and Ftilt are normal get off me moves, and the other projectiles and specials all enhance the zoning game.

Personally, I recommend the reflector Down B over the others, so that you can get full control of the projectile game. Other projectile heavy characters like Link, Samus, and Duck Hunt Dog actually lack reflectors so it becomes a great advantage in those matchups.

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