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Mii Brawler Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Mii Brawler Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 100 Tiers Ranking Popularity: 56th
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MetalStorm1337 posted December 27, 2016

2122 Small Brawler wins everytime

lucasxness posted July 16, 2016

I Like This Character Because I Can Make Him Look Like My High School Bully And Then Beat Him Up. PS FU*K U KYLE

BalaTheHero9 posted July 13, 2015

Down throw Helicopter kick at 50% near the edge of the stage. It's complete bull but works.

Galeonez posted December 5, 2014

Mii Brawler's combo potential and kill power is somewhat tied to the build of the Mii that it is based upon. To save you a lot of reading, the preferred Mii is very short (shorter size features lower ending lag while taller Miis have slightly more kill power) and either mid weight or very thin. While the very thin Brawlers have more combo potential and more jump height (short hops are unaffected), they are much more difficult to control due to their sliding.

The reason these statistics matter is because they will affect which moves and followups are available to you:

Down throw: The party starter. Off of this with any Mii build, you can land an up air, forward air, back air, or up-B (depending on which custom you have selected). Up throw also has combo potential but down throw is generally preferred.

Up air: Very low landing lag so can be fastfalled on top of characters to continue combos. Can also chain into itself at lower %s. The shortest Mii brawler may do 2 uairs in a single short hop or a back air into up air. This can potentially link into up-B depending on DI(direction influence) and the custom you've selected.

Up-B: This is basically the reason you pick Mii Brawler. His Helicopter Kick and Piston Punch are his best options by far. Piston Punch is a tad gimmicky in that it has its place in certain matchups due to the fact that if only the first hit lands (due to DI, spacing, etc.) then it has set knockback which flat out KOs many lighter characters. On Final Destination, Jigglypuff dies at 0 from down throw, Rosalina at around 40% (% is irrelevant due to set knockback but the down throw gets them high enough at these %s to ensure the kill). Besides that though, Piston Punch has a poor hitbox and isn't a very good recovery option.

Meanwhile, Helicopter Kick is ridiculous. It combos directly after down throw or forward air (depends on DI) and can kill characters very early. With neutral DI, Fox dies from down throw > fair > Up-B at 50% near the edge (all being a true combo doing 30%+ damage with skinny/short Mii but is dependent on DI). Down-throw > Up-B is very consistent and is almost a guaranteed kill post 90%.

delbuster posted November 30, 2014

This character plays a lot like Smash64 Captain Falcon. He doesn't have the same comboability but similar normals in the air and similar ideas.

Up air, nair, and Fair are all good for harassing opponents in the air. And when they are on the ground, use Throws to get them in the air.

One of his custom Up Bs - the multiple kick one - is extremely strong. You'll want to try to trap them into it for KOs relatively early.

There is also a custom Down B that is incredibly good - the one that is similar to Zero Suit Samus' Down B, a jump with a lot of air control and an optional dive kick followup. This increases Mii Brawler's mobility to great levels.

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