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Mewtwo Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Mewtwo Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 74 Tier Ranking: 9th Popularity: 29th
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ActualSense posted February 25, 2017

Mewtwo may have a lot of extremely safe kill tools, some don't kill until later percents.
Fair NO DI

Bthrow NO DI
Fair DI


For the love of mother Mary, please don't rush in guns blazing you little reaper main, you. Mewtwo needs to be played with defense in mind, moving around the stage, provoking a reaction in the opponent, punishing things with dtilt or nair, and occasionally going in for the kill.
When Mewtwo wants to kill, the player has to know the match up, and play patiently, depending on the match up.

Mewtwo only loses to:
Diddy kong: -1.4
Cloud: -0.2
He goes even with most top tiers, and wins against Sheik, Mario, ZSS, Fox, Rosalina, and he goes even with Sonic and Bayonetta. He lacks +2's compared to characters like Sonic, due to his light weight, though, due to that being his only real weakness. I wouldn't be surprised if he is top 5.

Outrange him, keep him out, do NOT let him get a hold of his banana peel. If you can get him offstage, nair beats everything he has to offer to get back. So use it well. Also, make use of dtilt, in every instance you can.

The only real advantage Cloud has, is limit CS. Nair, ruins his recovery even if he has limit, Mewtwo is surprisingly hard to juggle due to his airspeed, and his airdodge. Dtilt is extremely valuable in this MU as Cloud has little to combat it's low sweeping disjoint hitbox. From there Mewtwo can fair combo Cloud for somewhere around 30% damage, also limit forcing approaches is nullified by Shadow ball doing the same. If he gets limit, watch for limit cross slash, do all you can do get out of his way, if he misses it, jump over him and punish.

That's all I got for Mewtwo.

ActualSense posted February 25, 2017

As for his specials.

Shadow ball is a very versatile project in the sense that the minimum charge balls shut some characters like Donkey Kong down almost completely, as they have no real way to get past it without being at Mewtwo's mercy, the maximum charge one goes incredibly fast when it is released, it does about 66% to 75% of the opponents shield when it hits their shield. Making it very shield threatening. The difference between things like charge shot, and shadow ball however, is that Mewtwo is surprisingly mobile while charging it, and it can nulify some projectiles, such as thoron, surprisingly. Plus with Mewtwo's mobility (7th fastest run speed, 3rd best airspeed) he can always guarantee a shadow ball charged.

Confusion is a really good way to get the opponent into a rock papr scissors position, as well as conditioning them. Opponent air dodges after you confusion them? Dtilt or Usmash for results, Opponent jumps? Fair, nair or Uair. Opponent attacks? Shield and punish. It's much better in air though, as it practically guarantees a fair kill. It also beats shields, which is really good in smash 4. It also reflects projectiles, which is always useful in certain matchups, like Villager.

Disable, while situational, is very good. It beats out any non-air move, provided it is't disjointed. When disabled, you can charge up a smash for the kill, or combo.

Upb, is just simply a recovery, it goes really far, but there isn't much else to note, other than the fact that it can't be 2-framed.

His smashes are all good.
Fsmash is situational, but in a pinch it works, it works like Mario's fsmash, just having more range, and also a little more startup.

Dsmash, is only really good as a punish move, nothing else.

Usmash is Mewtwo's best smash and one of his best kill moves. It catches so many retaliation moves from above, it covers a lot of space above and to the sides of him, it is really fast, and it kills at about 105%. It sweeps opponents to the sites of him really well.

His grabs are really good too.
Fthrow, nothing too stellar, good for damage. I like it.
Dthrow, unfortunately this one is rather useless. Maybe conditioning?
Bthrow, one of Mewtwo's better kill moves, it kills, with DI, at about 150%.
Uthrow, one of the best kill throws in the game, it kills at around 135% o 145% depending on weight, on dedede it kills at about 176%. Best part is, it is unDI-able.

Now for combos.
These are his BnB

Dtilt-Dash attack
Utilt-Bair-Uair-Bair (FASTFALLERS)
Fastfall nair-utilt
Dash attack-utilt

Dtilt-instant double jump uair-nair
Dtilt- instant double jump uair-fair
Bair-double jump bair
FF Fair-dtilt-fair

Dtilt-fair (not enough to kill)
Dtilt-bair (doesn't kill)
jab1- 50/50 fair or Usmash
Nair-fair on fast fallers, it can kill.

ActualSense posted February 25, 2017

Mewtwo, essentially, defines the archetype of offensive glass cannon, he boasts blistering speed, very long reach, an incredible projectile, and some of the best kill power in the game. The drawback to this, is the fact that he is so super light, if you flick him he will fly twenty feet and break his arm in the process.

His main way of starting matches off is charging shadow ball, not only does this force the opponent to approach but it also gives you a scare tool, if you can pressure their shield enough or condition them to air dodge, you can kill them at as little as 75% with the correct reads. Another good way to approach is with dash attack, this move is super good, it is long ranged, it does good shield damage, and it comes out reasonably fast, plus it deals with Luma really well.

His grounded game consists of dtilt, it is a fast long ranged combo starter that works really great out of shield. Utilt, which can combo, catch things like Link's dair, and it can also hit opponents who try and tomahawk you. And dash attack, which was explained.

Jab is a short ranged, but sweet little combo starter, the secondary part is useless though.

In the air, Mewtwo is extremely volatile and dangerous. His fair, works as both an extremely good kill option, but also a combo move, and a combo breaker. No DI it kills at 110%, with DI it kills in the realms of 130%. It comes out of frame six, and its hitbox is really disjointed despite the animation. It is the best undisputed fair in the game.

Nair is extremely disjointed, it is Mewtwo's best aerial, it can gimp characters like cloud extremely early, and extremely well, as, if fast fell and also if offstage, it carries the opponent down with you, abd the last hit launches them away. Nair also catches rolls, and it combos into utilt, or fair or bair.

Uair is a quick sweep above mewtwo, it is a good mid percent combo move out of dtilt, as it can combo into nair, or fair, or dair depending on the opponent's character.

Bair is a good, albeit a little slow, gimping tool, it is EXTREMELY long ranged, and its downward and upwards range makes it a very good tool for opponents who love to try and challenge you in aerial combat, it also can be done out of utilt for a chunky 18% combo.

Dair is a good option for characters who love to recover horizontally, or don't have a hitbox above them when they recover, the sour spot also kills extremely early for a sour spot, at about 145% it starts to kill really well, it also hits grounded opponents rather well, just don't use it in the neutral or you will be hit hard.

TheMH06 posted July 2, 2015

A high risk-high reward kind of fighter, Mewtwo excels in punishing attacks with moves such as his Shadow Ball, Smash attacks and aerial kill moves. Though he is not an easy character to pick up, he can be deadly once you learn what makes Mewtwo effective in combat.
His neutral-B, Shadow Ball, is often seen as Mewtwo's most important asset, and for good reason. Not only does it make for a decent harassment tool uncharged, but a fully charged one greatly harms shields and delivers high knockback, making it a great KO move.
Mewtwo's smash attacks have decently high-start up and a large amount of cool down (his up-smash being a notable case for the latter), but are excellent tools of destruction should they be used correctly.
Finally, Mewtwo has a great arsenal in his aerial game, which, combined with a good air-speed, allows for a large amount of aerial strings. His most notable aerial tools are F-Air and D-Air. Forward Air is a deadly KO move that comes out quick and stays for a moderate time. Down Air is vastly buffed from Melee, now doing more knockback and decreased start-up time.
If you still need more KO options from Mewtwo, he has deadly throws in the form of Up-Throw and Back-Throw at high percentages.

Like any fighter, though, Mewtwo is not without his flaws. His decreased weight from Melee now makes him the second lightest fighter, and combined with his already low-falling speed and large size, makes him very easy to combo and take out at surprisingly low percentages.
As in Melee, Mewtwo's struggles greatly against fast characters and range, due to his odd and below-average neutral game.
The only other flaw Mewtwo has compared to his Melee iteration is the lack of wavedashing and Double-Jump Cancelling, which slightly hinders his mobility options.

Overall, while Mewtwo can lack the tools to take on high-tier fighters at times, a smart player can take advantage of his deadly combo and KO options, amazing recovery and destructive throws and see why Mewtwo is definitely a viable contender in the new age of Smash Bros. Hope you enjoy Mewtwo!

PKMNMasterRed posted May 9, 2015

Mewtwo, that one Glass Canon (Light but powerful), that can just wreck everything in the right hands.
Super Air combo:Have Neutral B charged up, then make a good approach, use Side-B, unleash Neutral B, short hop, F-air, jump, F-air, Side-B as a 3rd jump, F-air, recover back to the legde, jump off, B-air, Recovery to the ledge, repeat B-air, Recovery until your opponent has lost a stock.
The classic for any Mewtwo player: Opponent at 100% or above? Down-B to stun, then Full Charged Side Smash to kill.
Spike Fest: when past the ledge, use D-air. It spikes, recover to the ledge. Sour spot? Chase them in the air and try again, until they die.
Tips: Always have a fully charged Neutral-B. N-air for the first half leads to good combos. Mindgames are vital for survival. Always try to bait out/ read an action and go for the punish. Remember, Mewtwo is the second-lightest fighter in the game, so don't roll with Mewtwo unless you HAVE to to avoid certain death.
Official tier placing: With everything that Mewtwo has, he should hang around between the 15(Lowest) and 1 (Highest), when the time comes FOR an official one.
Overall: Mewtwo is a very light and floaty fighter with the potential to kill easy, or be killed easily, but with the proper mindgames, reads, baits, dodges, throws, and Side-B reflection, he can't be beat.

Hotfeet444 posted April 18, 2015

Mewtwo, as a character in Smash Bros 4, is a huge step-up from the character we were introduced (In Smash) to in Melee. While he is still a lightweight fighter (Weighing in at the same weight class as Rosalina & Luma) here in Smash 4, Sakurai and his team have given Mewtwo some powerful tools to work around this big weakness. Namely, while Mewtwo is slow and floaty movement wise, his attacks are all fast with little to no cooldown, making it easy for Mewtwo to react to alot of different situations.

To play Mewtwo effectively, you need to be able to play smart and safe, for Mewtwo's weight is always something you need to take into consideration (Like Rosalina). It's best to usually try and keep some range between you and your opponent a majority of the time, playing a medium-range game with long-reaching tail strikes, Confusion, and Shadow Ball. Confusion is now a fully-fledged reflector, helping Mewtwo with the issue of campers, which was its biggest problem in Melee. However, if your opponent leaves an opening, do not be afraid to push in and punish them with your fast and powerful attacks, like your forward air or your tilt attacks.

However, due to his big weakness of being decently large with a light weight class, Mewtwo is a character with a steep learning curve. The lack of being a "pick up and play" character will defintely affect Mewtwo in the tier listings, but I don't see it being that big of a drop. In terms of tier listings, Mewtwo looks to be a high mid-tier character, for he has enough tools and strategies to not be dominated by the roster, but there are some characters that certainly do out-class him pretty hard.

SirCasual posted June 10, 2016

A combo I find useful as a punish for a bad charge. COnfusion the DownSpecial, follow with spacing and smash.

Space_Ghost15 posted April 24, 2016

After the Update on Smash (Update 1.1.5) Has made Mewtwo A MONSTER, and lets keep it that way, he deserves it.

• Down Tilt, Forward Air
• Grab, Down, Forward Air

That's all I know of :/

But he's gained weight (2%) now weighing 74% with added speed (equally Sheik's) Use this to your advantage, his moves are very powerful but have lag, not much lag but lag to not laugh about.

SM4sher posted January 4, 2016

While it's true that Mewtwo can die easily, he can land a kill pretty easily, too! Probably the main thing holding him back is, of course, his weight. But what he lacks in launch resistance, he makes up for in launch power.

Windindi posted April 24, 2015

Blessed with Sakurai love to his fans, Mewtwo is one tough customer. Sure, he's still light, but he overcomes that with outstanding recovery, power, and especially knockback! Confusion is probably Mewtwo's best special when in Melee, it was the worst. (lol)

Shadow Ball also drastically changed, but it's still really good! But what is really impressive is Mewtwo's overall knockback of ALL his attacks!! Although Mewtwo is awkward at times, if you can master him, he is really good! Mewtwo is all about taking chances and super combo breakers, because for real, he's really good at it! Also, if you hit with the first part of his tail, he'll do 10% instead of 8% (fun fact)

Tomsta17 posted April 19, 2015

the down spike is powerful, but yet again whos down spike ISNT powerful?

Supahotfire posted August 22, 2015

Mewtwo is a bad char Hes 1 slow. 2 light 2nd lightest. 3 his air speed is horrible if he even thinks to chase off stage a spike would most likely end him. 3 he has bad land play 4 his disable is one of the worst moves in the game just simple dodge backwards as he trys to activate it


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