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Meta Knight Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Meta Knight Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 80 Tier Ranking: 13th Popularity: 51st
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hellol11 posted July 16, 2016

Extending on townsaver, if you need recovery power, here's what you need to know:

Neutral B: Doesn't snap to ledge, but can get a LOT of horizontal distance, and only a little bit of height.

Side B: Doesn't snap to ledge, except for when you clash with the stage (this is only useful on stages like Final Destination, Battlefield, and any similar stages). Can get height, but it's most useful when you need to recover diagonally.

Up B: Snaps to the ledge, but doesn't get much height. The hitbox can catch opponents.

Down B: Doesn't get much distance at all, but if you can get behind your opponent, you might be able to get a surprise kill. You cannot go through the stage.

ToxicPlayer676 posted June 4, 2016

If you're going to play as Meta Knight, you generally want to space well with moves like D-Tilt, F-Air, and Dash Attack until you can get in there and deal serious damage with combos moves like U-Tilt, D-Throw, U-Air, and maybe even some of your specials if you can time it right.

And as Townsaver mentioned above earlier, all of MK's specials can be used to recover, so don't forget to mix it up!

Craftsygaming posted December 27, 2015

uair uair up+b
Tornado into drill into uair
down+b good ko option
dair for decent spike
edge guard with dtilt or sismash

GF93 posted August 24, 2015

With the recent improvements to Meta Knight's hitboxes and damage/knockback and things, he's definitely become a much more viable option as of late- I just don't understand why he's so low on this tier list, particularly when in my opinion, he's arguably a better character (IE. Not completely broken, but still powerful) than he was in Brawl.

In terms of hints, Meta Knight's aerials are fantastic for gimping, edgeguarding, and juggling opponents- especially against characters with a poor or slow recovery, such as Little Mac, Charizard, Doctor Mario and Olimar- and with his improved range, they're much easier to land and combo with.

TheAquaMonster posted May 10, 2015

A good option for punishing is Down Smash. It comes out quick and covers both sides of Meta Knight. It generally does not kill, but it usually can get them off stage, which is what you want. Side Smash is hard to land, but if you land it, it is potent. It can kill Bowser at the side of the stage at around 90% uncharged. Charging it is just plain horrifying. Problem is it has short range, but if you read your opponent well, it will hurt. And is Up smash is good at punishing airborne opponents, not much else other than that though.

Meta Knight's tilts are pretty good. His up tilt is another anti-air attack and can be used in some low % combos. His side tilt is good for racking up damage and giving you some space, use it when you can. His down tilt is good for giving you space as well, and it has the possibility to trip which is always good.

His aerials are quite good. His Up Air is great for juggling as it comes out quick and pops them up into the air. His Neutral Air is good for keeping opponents off stage and also for racking up damage. His Down Air is good for keeping opponents off stage and its also not bad for flinging opponents off stage. Just be warned that it does not have great range. His Forward Air is good to fling out to rack up damage. It is good in combos. His Back Air is much of the same. There is a trick though that you can do if you land the Back Air just right slightly above the stage. If you land it there it will spike opponents down into the ground and they probably wont be able to react and you can take advantage of that and do a few Down Tilts and combo into something else out of that (be warned though, its tough to do).

Now as far as match-ups go, Meta Knight does well against some of the top tier threats. Some of Meta Knights good match-ups include: Rosalina, Ness, and Fox. He also not bad against Captain Falcon and Sheik. Some of his bad match-ups include: Sonic and R.O.B. I bet there are some other good and bad match-ups but that's all that comes to mind right now.

TheAquaMonster posted May 10, 2015

I'm going to start off by saying Meta Knight probably has one of the most brutal learning curves out of any character in this game, but if you can learn him and play him well, he can be a very rewarding character. Playing Meta Knight requires a lot of focus and a good ability to read your opponent.

To start off, Meta Knight's play style has changed from Brawl. He is now a more reactionary character who punishes opponents rather than rushing in. You have to be patient and wait for you opponent to slip up. When they do you have a few options.

One of the best options is go for a grab. Meta Knight's dash grab has good range (it takes some getting used to) and he can follow up with a Down Throw. At low percents he can do an Up Smash out of it followed with an Up Air and an Up B. At mid percents he can go for a Forward Air or a Back Air if you position yourself well. Feel free to get creative because you can do a lot with a Down Throw. You can also mix up with the other throws, but stick to the Down Throw most of the time.

Another option is a Dash Attack. Meta Knight's Dash Attack is great, its quick and pops them up into the air. It combos easily into an Up B, which is one of Meta Knight's greatest Kill Moves. Dash attack is also good for getting them into the air for a Forward Air or a Neutral Air. In fact just doing a Neutral Air on grounded foes is not a bad idea, and its even better for those off stage.

Along with Up B, Meta Knight's greatest Kill option is keeping foes from recovering when they fall off. Using Neutral Air, Down Air, or really any aerial works well at keeping opponents from recovering. Since Meta Knights recovery is so good, that isn't hard for him. Speaking of which all Meta Knight's special moves are good recovery options. Neutral B for horizontal, Up B for vertical, Down B and Side B for both.

Now you don't want to spam his specials, as they are easily punishable. Try to land Neutral B when you can because it racks up damage quickly. When you hit it rapidly press B so it does maximum damage. Also towards the top of the map Neutral B can kill. Side B is good recovery, but it really should only be used for that. Up B is a kill move, land it when you can but don't spam it cause its very punishable. Down B is much the same, very punishable but a great kill move it you hit it. Hold down B to do an attack at the end (which is the kill move) and don't hold it when you want to recover. Just use it very sparingly, as it is super laggy.

Ran out of characters, Ill continue in another post

Mijinion posted December 9, 2014

Meta Knight is no longer is a prime that once saw him banned from competitive play. He doesn't have an absurd recovery anymore, his weight is no longer heavy to the point of contending with ROB for difficulty and KOing, his speed has been reduced, and power taken.

Does this mean you should drop him? Of course not. Meta Knight can still be a very technical character that can setup with his down throw, something that Kirby is no longer capable of doing. Meta Knight's tilts are still as difficult as you could imagine, and his aerial game still benefits from a large amount of priority that his attacks contain.

Are his specials as good? No, but that doesn't mean they're bad. The top tier of Brawl has definitely been flipped upside down, but Meta Knight didn't drop as hard as Falco or Olimar had. Meta Knight should still be an option to keep in mind, especially since juggling is incredibly easy thanks to his u-air and multi jump capability.

Freakzoid9000MS posted December 4, 2014

I don't get why meta knight is ranked so low. He is an amazing punisher with his specials and set ups to air combos with Dthrow. He is also in my opinion one of the best edge-guarders in the game and with a very good aerial game because when of stage his Bair will kill as low as around 85% I think and his Nair also has that same property killing around 100%-115% depending on which character he is fighting. I am a meta knight main so I would know these things and I want to prove to people that he is a good character. His insanely good recovery along with the mixups that he can pull off when he is on the edge is also a plus. And for the people that read this comment and play meta knight, here are some fun tools you can play around with. At around 30% on medium and heavy characters( around 15%-20% on light characters) you can use Dthrow into 3-5 Uairs on medium characters followed up with an Up B for around 34%-44% or even taking them off the screen. Same with heavies but it's easier to land and kill. One final thing that might be useful, you can use your Down B( but don't hold B otherwise you'll attack)a lot for getting on the stage safely and using it for mind games and it will kill around 115%ish depending on character weight. I hope this helps the meta knight mains out there and give me some feedback if you want more tips on him. :]

delbuster posted November 30, 2014

Metaknight does low damage and has weak KO power, but he still has multiple jumps and a sword.

Ftilt, Dtilt, and Fair are good poking tools. Dash attack, Utilt, Usmash, and Grab can all lead into air situations where you can harass the opponent with Metaknight's air normals, especially Uair.

Mach tornado can be used to beat dodging, and Down B can be used in a much riskier and harder to time way but it can KO at high percents.

To get your opponent off stage with enough time to pursue is somewhat difficult. You'll need to use things like Fsmash, Dsmash, and Dair near the sides.

Once offstage, Dair is probably the preferred method to keep them off and try to prevent their recovery.

Finally, Metaknight can harass opponents near the top and KO with a well placed Up B. This can be set up with his Uair, which is why it's such an important tool. Be careful for dodges so that you don't fall down helplessly into a punish.

b2jammer posted November 27, 2014

If you're using Drill Rush and you're approaching the ledge with nobody caught in the drill, aim upwards to avoid falling off.

If you need a quick getaway in Drill Rush mode and you have a good amount of floor in front of you, aim down to bounce backwards off the floor. It will leave you helpless, but it may be enough time to avoid a smash attack, especially if you land on a higher platform as a result.

Townsaver posted November 21, 2014

A general tip of advice for Meta Knight players is to use all of your specials to keep a variation on your recovery. MK can use all of his B moves as a recovery option to some extent, and mixing up these options can make your recovery very unpredictable.

Metaknight77 posted September 23, 2015

Meta knight f b can kill at certain percentage he is very good

D0ct0rWho posted January 27, 2015

3/10 ign too much meta knight


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