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Weight: 102 Tier Ranking: 16th Popularity: 24th
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meistermayo posted November 20, 2014

Many people claim that Megaman is a bad character. The truth is that Megaman is a rare breed of Smash character who excels in zoning and can slow down the momentum of a match through keep-away. He may have horrible lag time on most of his moves, low damage, and slow startup for some, but he has amazing projectiles that he can use to pressure the opponent from far away. Megaman is a bad character when you try to play him in a rushdown style, but learning his Dhalsim/Deathstroke style of play is worth it, and it pays off. Each projectile has its own strength and flaw and must be mixed accordingly. Of course, this makes match ups against reflector characters a tad bit more difficult.
But he does have amazing recovery! When knocked off of the stage, you can avoid being meteored or spiked by choosing whichever route you want to get back to the stage. Hop over the opponent, or let yourself fall below the screen. Double-jump, wall jump, and Up B can get you back from the depths of any FD style stage. Mix these up to make your recovery less predictable. His own meteor, his dair, can trap most players trying to get back onto the ledge. Make sure you don't use it on capes or reflectors however, as it is counted as a projectile.
If you want to play Megaman, you must learn patience and observing your opponent in order to win, rather than jumping in all of the time and dash attacking.

DaViet posted November 25, 2014

Although Megaman does not excel at one playstyle, he is fairly balanced through all of his playstyles, allowing him to change his options of fighting that will put Megaman at an advantage. For example, his close-range abilities and combo potential is bad compared to characters such as Marth or Little Mac, but Megaman can still do well with his close-range moves against strong-projectile but slower melee users such as Samus or Link, as Megaman can actually negate nearly any projectiles including semi-charged shots simply by approaching with pellets, forcing strong projectile users to fight a close-combat battle that Megaman will excel in. While his long-range power and kill potential isn’t nearly as strong as Samus or Link, Megaman can still zone and force strong-melee but non-projectile users such as Marth or Little Mac to approach and risk the chance of being punished for dodging Megaman’s nearly lagless projectiles and quick moveset.

Megaman’s KO moves require the opponent to be at high percentages, is unsafe when blocked, and has high ending lag when missed, which means that his KO moves can only be used as punishing tools from good reads and openings. However, Megaman’s gimps and edge-guarding power is one of the top, if not, the best in Super Smash Bros. Megaman’s aerial game is strong as his up-special does not force him to free-fall and allows him to follow up with fast and powerful air moves. If properly used, the Leaf Shield can also lead to early kills combined with the new mechanic, the Footstool. If the opponent aims to land on the platform instead of grabbing the ledge in fear of the Leaf Shield/Footstool gimp, you can simply stay on the platform and grab again while Leaf Shield is still running, throwing opponents off the stage and continuing to edge-guard.

In my experience on For Glory, characters that are quick in movement and attacks, have projectiles that out-prioritize Megaman’s pellets or are transcendent (Fox’s Blaster), have godly stage-recovery, and reflectors are going to be hard match-ups for Megaman, such as Shiek, Fox, Falco, and Lucario.

Megaman is best at camping near edges to set-up powerful edge-guards while fighting at mid range, around the end of his pellets, as he can follow up with many of his projectiles with grabs if your opponent’s makes a habit to block, predict and land smash attacks if your opponent tends to spam dodge-roll, or simply throw more projectiles if your opponent is too aggressive. Megaman can also switch to close-range combat or long-range combat depending on his match-ups. Megaman is also good in the air as his moves are quick and not laggy while in the air. Megaman is a difficult character to master, but by knowing every character’s weaknesses and analyzing the opponent’s habits and patterns just like in the Megaman video games, Megaman can be a high-tier character.

Wintry posted November 24, 2014

Mega Man is a character unlike most that have come before. He is the first zoning character made by design in Smash, and he excels at that. He has a bevy of projectiles, all having multiple uses in different situations. Your kill moves will mainly be Up Smash, Side Smash, Back Air, Up Air, Down Air, and in some situations, Up Tilt.

Up Smash has a slight vacuum effect, as it kind of draws in opponents into the Spark Ball. Side Smash, or the Charged Mega Buster, is slow to charge and has pretty extreme ending lag, but it hits with incredible knockback. You will rarely have a good chance to fully charge, so luckily firing off an uncharged shot still has great knockback. Beware however - it is a projectile, and can be reflected, which will almost always hit because of its ending lag.

Down Air is extremely good if you can get used to the timing. While having a fair share of start up lag, it is a RANGED spike. You can spike people from very far away, and be safe from anyone's attack. Many times this is how you'll score kills. Lastly, along with his regular keep away, never be afraid to throw out Buster Shots (natural A). These interrupt and generally irritate the opponent because it causes flinching. This is single handedly one of (if not the) Mega Man's best moves.

Overall, Mega Man has struggled where his ranged game is shutdown by characters with better mobility or reflecting capabilities. But with the right touch, Mega Man can prove deadly to any opponent. Maintain your distance, but don't be afraid to approach either. With some practice, he can prove a real threat to anyone.

Junito posted June 27, 2017

His Footstool Blade combos can lead to massive damage. Almost necessary to be good as him.

Junito posted June 19, 2017

Hands Down, Top 3 best smash character ever.

JackFireblade posted June 20, 2016

A quick, easy combo for Mega Man (not true in some cases).
Actually works at a large range of percentages.

Start with a fullhop metal blade aimed down and to the side that your opponent is in.

Fastfall then shorthop, while regrabbing the blade with a Fair. The fair needs to be hit near the center of the blade for a true combo at many percents.

Dash throw the blade forward, and follow up with topspin (dash attack).

At low percent there is a near guaranteed F-smash follow up, once again depending on percent and weight. Also note that if you read or react to a missed tech, you can lock with F-tilt X3 and any quick punish move.

NeoBlast posted September 28, 2015

Mega Man is a great tactical fighter, his zoning, punishment, and his general his specialized move set can grant him an important strategic edge over the opponent(s).

+Possibly the best zoner.
+Amazing recovery.
+Normals and Specials can create unique set-ups.
+Great cross-up options.
+Powerful in punishment for almost any mistake.

-Can have trouble against characters that can safely close space.
-Despite his amazing recovery, Mega Man is actually not very agile.
-Most of his attacks are unsafe.
-His bad matchups can negate many of his options.
-His best punishing tools can be used against him.

Metal Blade: This is the secondary projectile, you'll probably use it as much as the jab. Just like in Mega Man 2, this projectile can be launched in 8 directions, even throwing it backwards to surprise your opponent. If it hits the ground, a player can pick it up and throw it as well. This can hit multiple times, and while not as effectively as Crash Bomber, can set up for cross-ups. Only one Metal Blade can exist at a time.

Crash Bomber: Mega Man's best tool for punishment. When the opponent whiffs an unsafe attack, you're free to hit them with one of these. The time bomb, explodes after a fixed amount of time and can be passed around like a Sticky Bomb, so don't let the opponent near! What you do next depends on how the opponent reacts: if they try to pass it to you, use your jab to keep them at bay, when it explodes, you can cross-up; if they put up a shield and attempt to block the blast, you can either try to shatter the shield and set the stun, or if you're really ballsy, go for a grab and up throw, this is risky since the bomb can be passed to you; and if you think a roll is coming, you can charge your Forward Smash. Like Metal Blade only one bomb can exist at a time.

Rush Coil: Rush can't distinguish between friend and foe. But you can use him to send an enemy up off screen.

Leaf Shield: With the slow charge time, you'll usually start this move when you're safe. You can use this with your down throw combos.

B and B Combos:
Crash Bomber Set, Jab X6, CB Explosion, dtilt, fsmash.

Fthrow or bthrow, dash, fsmash.

Dthrow, USmash X3, Uair. (highest damage)

Start Leaf Shield, dthrow, fair, dtilt.

Start Leaf Shield, Dthrow, fair, usmash, bair.

Set Crash Bomber, jab X6, fair.

Sampson_619 posted February 22, 2015

These tips have been saying mega man is a bad rush down. I have been playing mega man since Christmas and have found that it's best to deal damage with your projectiles and then rush in with his slide and topspin. This is good at little damage and then when they are around the %80-90 use the mega upper (shoryuken.) this is a good tactic that has won me many matches. Another thing that is good harassment is to grab and throw the opponent off the edge and try to hit with his spike, which is very good as its a projectile (dair.) make good use of his other air normals if you are up close like the flame sword, it is quick and has large area of effect

divise_two posted February 13, 2015

Mega man as a huge problem versus game and watch, his side smash and his basic attack charge up easily the down special of & watch

be careful against him, and if he's attack is charged up, don't be near him, or you're 1 shot

PwingHD posted January 12, 2015

Megaman is a pick up and play character who just needs a little practice. His grabs can lead to some nice combos, and also get people out your face when you need to. Plus if you know you can get a grab, the deploy the leaf shield for more damage. Plus for some reason, People cant seem to block it correctly. So its goid for long ranged damage. Its more cosmetic though. I tend to use it every now and then when i need a little bit more damage for my next move. His back air is god like. I swear there next to no landing lag on that thing. And it is one of his best killing moves. For a strength test, i think it takes about 5 or so swipes of the slash claw to take out the yellow devel. And its one of the best moves to short hop with. I can sometimes use his down smash to knock rollers far rnough back where i can just short hop slash claw them once the move ends. His flame sword isnt really a good killer, but it does do decent damage and keep people off you in the air. Most of his moves really are great for keeping opponenrs off you, and or setting up combos.another thing id recommend learning is how to angle you metal blade in all 8 never know when yku might need it in a certain spot.

fairerrarity posted December 27, 2014

Approach with neutral B. you can throw it into the ground and pick it up. throwing it at your opponent can give you a chance to run up and grab if they shield or get hit by it. if the jump above you can jump in a forward air.
Jab combo is good too. it can stop weak projectiles and it flinches out your opponent. Its not uncommon for you to stand there and hit your opponent over and over again with jab combo before they jump or shield. jab combo combos into down tilt if they don't jump away. and if the shield simply run up and grab.
Mega mans up air is really good for racking up damage as well as push them into the sky. side B is good as well because they have to shield or flinch and take 8%. (but beware them running up to you, because if they touch you the bomb will attach to you). dash attack is good for punishing rolls. If you run up and dash attack on their shield you will end up behind them. Jumping and neutral airing has a little knock back and is more powerful going up then on the ground.

Mega man is a good edge guarder too. back air has good knock back and can KO if you follow them deep and knock them out. Mega mans down air has good range and spikes. Mega mans awesome recovery means you can follow deep and get back to the stage. Mega man can also wall jump which aids in his recovery on stages with walls extending to the bottom of the stage.

Mega man has a plethora of KO moves. all of his smash attacks KO at reasonable percentages. But beware of characters who can reflect projectiles. (fox/falco, mario/doctor mario, palutena, zelda, etc.) because mega mans forward smash is a projectile and he can KO himself with is own attack. (reflecting up air back isn't a big deal but down air is because of its knock back). Back throw has the most potential to KO if you throw them off the back of a stage. If they hold on the wall and don't move, charge a forward smash their way because it can make them choke and make a mistake, or just plain KO them because forward smash has a lot of range and hitbox. If you knock an opponent deep you can follow and back air for the KO, or Down air and spike then. Easy KO moves are back air and up smash and up tilt. up tilt is really powerful. and if you can get them to hit your shield you can usually up tilt and KO.

Try to avoid spamming dash attack. throwing a razor and forward airing or grabbing is not easy to avoid. or if they roll back dash attack. jumping and neutral airing is good too and neutral air combos into jab because its the same attack. short hopping and back airing is good for putting pressure and knocking opponents off the stage for the KO.

stay at a neutral distance from your opponent. give yourself a chance to retreat or go in. mega mans projectiles pressure your opponent to approach, but mega man doesn't rely on projectiles. Mega man is a heavy character too so he doesn't die too easily to uncharged smash attacks under 100%.

SSGuy posted December 7, 2014

Mega Man is an extremely unorthodox character when it comes to being a Smash Bros character. He has a ranged F-Smash (Forward Smash), a gameplay designed off of his NES gameplay and a plethora of ranged attacks that come in the forms of a sticky bomb, a multi-hit saw blade and many others. At first impression, the learning curve was much steeper as opposed to the likes of Mario, Kirby and Link. However, the payoff of playing him was very high thanks to his outstanding kill potential and disruptive gameplay.

Buster Game: (Jab, F-Tilt and Nair)

With the release of the Wii U version, Mega Man received a rather large unintentional buff. (mostly thanks to better controls) With access to a more reliable joystick and jump button, being able to perform short hop N-Air (Neutral A) is now more convenient and this is a big deal to his gameplay! The way Mega Man’s buster works is that there are three kinds of buster attacks; Standard Jab (A), F-Tilt (Forward Tilt) and N-Air. All three of these variations can be switched into with 0 frames of lag when used! That is a big deal when you want to switch on and off between the two games. Imagine short hop lasers with Falco in Melee or Brawl except not as dumb. Mega Man’s properties on his buster also change depending on where he hits you. His ranged pellets have mini stun on all characters (except for Bowser) but the gun(or your hand) has stronger knockback and will do more damage. Short hopping into Nair in your opponents face will do a surprising amount of knock back and can even gimp! What makes Mega Man’s Nair extremely versatile to is that you can move forward or backwards while firing mid-air to continue pestering while being very mindful of your zoning. It will leave your opponents pulling their hair out.

Damage: 2% per pellet; 3% Arm Cannon; 4% Nair Arm Cannon

Combos/Follow Ups:

I rather use the term follow ups because Smash Bros essentially doesn’t have true combos. Mega Man has pretty much guaranteed follow ups out of D-Throw and can lead into F-Air. If everything connects and goes into plan, a simple string for Mega Man can look like this.

Grab > D-Throw > Fair > Metal Blade > Dash Grab > D-Throw > Buffer U-Air

While this may not lead all the time, I have found this to work often and some serious lab time will really make you a natural at finding what will work and when it won’t work. Mega Man does not really have guaranteed kill set ups at this time and he must rely on strong reads to take full advantage of his moves. Luckily, he has the power and the range to do so.

Below I have provided a video of my experiences and my opinion of how Mega Man should be played. (Including a ditto) There are more videos provided with TourneyLocator for Smash 4, Melee and PM if you are interested in Smash Bros. I suggest you go and check them out!

Thanks again! (VS. Little Mac/Shulk) (VS. Mega Man)

delbuster posted November 30, 2014

Megaman is pretty technical. He has an item game with Metal Blade and some of the best air mobility in the game.

Learning the timings of doing Nairs in conjunction with the jump cancel to keep mobility is a key to playing his midrange harass game. The pellets can stop your opponent from doing what they want to do and start trying to focus on shielding. This can set up more spacing and grab mixups.

Dthrow Fair into bait, Dthrow bait airdodge Fair/Uair, are your main grab setups at low/mid percents. Otherwise, throw offstage and harass with projectiles, fair, bair and maybe dair.

Normal jump Fair, land with Nair or Metal Blade is a nice spacing tool and using Megaman's air control turns it into a very flexible threat.

KOing is difficult. bair is a good option above 150, Dsmash is a great option if you can land it around 80 or above, Fsmash and Usmash are good options above 140 but can be hard to land. Utilt also kills rather early, but is quite hard to land. It does have a tiny bit of invincibility though.

Edge guarding is also an option. This has been discussed by other comments.

Finally I would like to go into some of his Leaf Shield options. In leaf shield, Megaman can item drop/item throw, so setting up a Metal Blade, picking it up, and activating Leaf Shield gives you a throwable projectile as well as surrounding projectiles around Megaman, which really helps land a throw.

ohaiduhg posted November 30, 2014

Everyone who plays Mega Man will fail miserably at first. Once you get him, you realize he has many favorable match ups or at least even match ups. His Metal Blade and Pellets shut down many characters. Any character who can't get around his Fair can't go in the air against him. His Uair, while don't expect to hit with it, is a great read move and puts pressure on them not to go above Mega Man. After so much air pressure Mega Man almost gets a free move on most of the cast when they reach the ground. Mega Man can't rush in on characters (except maybe a few he destroys with Fair and Dtilt.) Mega Man is a character who forces an approach out of most of the cast and uses that to his advantage. He also has a lot of potential for mix-ups. Leave Bair alone until the opponent is in killing range and throw it out at them for a kill.

Some Don'ts.

Do not use Dair unless you know it will hit because they consistently charge your from below. Dair is very easily punished and very hard to land.
Do not use smashes for anything except a sure fire prediction or punishment. All of his smashes have horrendous cool down lag.
Do not rush any character you can keep getting Metal Blades and Pellets on. If you do go in, go in with Fair in the air and Dtilt on the ground.
Do not spam Fair unless they are in the air and they have nothing to out prioritize it.

Mega Man counters: Sonic and Jigglypuff. He also does well against any character with no projectile such as Little Mac.

The characters that counter Mega Man are: Captain Falcon, Kirby, Marth, Lucina, and R.O.B. So, pick a secondary that can handle these match ups. Mostly for Captain Falcon and Kirby. It is a misconception that reflectors stop Mega Man. It should be noted reflectors have a lot of cooldown lag and are very unsafe on Mega Man for the small damage they can get out of reflecting a Pellet or Metal Blade. If some one likes to toss up reflect, they are leaving a lot of room to get ruined if you decide not to shoot a projectile.

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