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Weight: 90 Tier Ranking: 14th Popularity: 7th
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Senshu posted November 24, 2014

It seems like all anyone can focus on right now is Marth's nerfs, but there's still more to him in this iteration of smash to make him a powerful force to be reckoned with in the hands of someone who takes the time to learn.

One of the best buffs Marth has gotten is to his shield breaker, which, wouldn't you know it actually breaks shields now! If shield breaker is held for about 1 second and hits anything less than a perfect shield, then it's broken and you have enough time to do whatever you please, I recommend a tippered F-smash or another Shield breaker, either of which can finish a target rather early. Just keep an eye on your opponent if it seems like they're bringing up their shield to punish you with a grab, then try short hopping into a shield breaker, it's gratifying and rewarding when it lands. Just don't be too obvious about it. Also just like in the last game, Shield breaker can be used to aid your recovery.

You need to be somewhat careful when using Dancing blade, as based on their damage and your timing, some hits might not connect. But generally early on I find the upwards variation to be pretty reliable, and if you watch them closely, you might be able to catch them with a grab as they come back down if they try to attack you.

Though fair seems to have been nerfed, it's not by as much as some would say, you just need to be a little careful when you land. If you swing your first fair, and you're going to be landing soon, just wait until you're grounded and use a uptilt instead, then jump, fair and Uair. Uair has next to no landing lag, and should be used along with fairs, and if you get in the right groove, fair walls are still a thing, and one of the scariest things about a competent Marth.

Spikes are a little harder to pull off in this game, but is still doable with some practice, and knowing what you're looking for. Generally you want to be facing your targer, and want them to be below and jusst a little diagonal of you. It's had to get sometimes, but honestly it's worth it as long as your careful, and besides, your Dair has much less recovery frames this time around, so why not?

I still find Marth to be a fantastic character regardless of the range and throw nerf, just play, learn and adapt, there's alot going for him, if you care to look.

Wintry posted November 26, 2014

Marth is a character that will mainly use his normals more than his specials. The thing with him is that his sword has a sweet spot and a sour spot - sweet being the tip of the sword and sour being the base. While his range is shorter than it has been in other Smash games, his play style remains largely the same. He has no shortage of kill moves; Side Smash, Forward Air, Back Air, Down Air, Up Air and even Shield Breaker has their uses.

A sweet spotted Side Smash gives off an incredible amount of knockback. Marth's air game is pretty strong, as all his aerials are amazing and most can kill. Down Air can spike, just as it has always done. Sadly, no Ken Combos, and it's harder to land the spike, but is still possible.

His specials all have received some buffs; Shield Breaker actually does what the name implies, Dancing Slash has improved knockback (Up is the direction you'll mostly be using), and Counter remains largely the same. The Dolphin Slash is Marth's trademark recovery move, and is still amazing at vertical recovery. Using Dancing Slash to recover doesn't work as well in this game, but using Shield Breaker in the air move Marth a bit horizontally, so use that to your advantage.

In the end, Marth is a character where you must know how to space. Spacing is a huge part of his game, and Marth excels with a player who knows how to do that. Overall, he may not be as strong as he used to be, but Marth can still be a force to be reckoned with.

DanCool posted June 21, 2015

Ever since melee when I made the transition from Link to Marth he has been my best character, after getting the hang of properly using his Counter which is the best in the game u can really do some damage and then add in some of his combo potential as well as decent air attacks and Marth can be a fast hitting power house.

Someone who knows how to properly use Marth can very easily clean up, he's best for 1 on 1 though.

Mijinion posted December 1, 2014

While there have been some buffs to Marth, the nerfs given to him has ultimately stripped him of the high tier status he maintained since his Melee debut.

While Shield Breaker has received a particular buff, an opponent will more likely than not hold down their shield long enough to allow Shield Breaker to be successful. Sidestepping or rolling easily ruins Shield Breaker.

Marth's revered range has been nerfed to the point that even Link seems to have longer sword swings. Marth still has his sweet-spots for his smashes and some aerials, but attacks that don't land this sweetspot have been greatly reduced in knockback and damage. Try landing a non-sweet spot forward smash KO. You'll probably find the opponent hovering around 136% before actually landing the hit in.

Marth's attack have much more input lag and ending lag to them, which has greatly ruined his aerial game and juggling ability. Short hop combos no longer come out unless larger jumps are made due to input lag as well. Marth's neutral air is incredibly weak, with his spike having a delayed hitbox that will make any Marth main cry.

Marth's counter is still in tact, and his recovery has been slightly buffed, but thanks to the game's engine which allows for a greater input of direction influence, Marth's side special dance, is nearly useless. The first and second hit can allow the opponent to hop on out and punish you immediately if you initiate the last input.

Marth's tilts have also been drastically reduced in potential, thanks to the massive loss of range. Marth can easily be handled by the likes of a smart Little Mac, and absolutely destroyed by a Shiek who is capable enough to recognize typical Marth approaches and follow ups. Many have moved onto Lucia, and for good reason. The guy has simply lost his potency.

Link24 posted November 20, 2014

marth has been incredibly nerfed since brawl, and i completely disagree with his tier placement on this site as of now (11th place). (i say hes low-mid tier)

he still functions the same, but his sword got shorter AGAIN and his damage and speed got nerfed on some moves.

im honestly not sure what to say about him. his fair is now far less abusable (much less damage, no more double fair in a short hop) but it still functions overall the same. his down tilt got much more ending lag, but now it doesnt move you forward which makes it easier for spacing tippers for edge guarding. as far as i know, his side smash is the same. very good.

his throws got worse. Fthrow and Uthrow got a lot more knockback (Uthrow is now an unreliable KO move) but his down throw now leads to some good set ups with Uair and Utilt so i guess thats ok.

i dont know much about his side special, but it seems to be the same and can build damage...

Overall, i guess just build damage with side special, down throw follow-ups and the occasional aerial move and then kill with a side smash (hopefully tipped)

MarthandLucina posted September 4, 2017

On the official tier list Marth is 10th.

Pit62 posted June 22, 2017

I'm glad Marth is higher than Toon Link.


bluedragon posted May 27, 2017

Better than samus

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