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Mijinion posted December 9, 2014

Mario is your standard character, at first glance. With average speed and average power, most people assume that he's still the same starting character that he's been since his debut in 64.

Not this time.

Mario retains a lot of the "average" qualities, ranging from his fireball, to his simple smashes and aerial attacks. His recovery is still the same, and his throws are still "good".

In this game, there is much, much more to Mario. His tilts have been strengthened, and his up-tilt has been tweaked to allow you to combo with it. Something such as down throw to up-tilt, up-tilt, up-tilt, u-air, to up special is completely possible, and recommended. Combos with Mario generally wouldn't need the same move over and over (stale-move negotiation, which works by making a repetitive attack weaker and weaker), rather, Mario has gained prominence with being able string his attacks together. Combo'ing a sex kick (n-air), to d-air and canceling out to another up special is a prime example of the advanced stringing he's now capable of performing.

Mario has also gained an emphasis on gimping. FLUDD was rather difficult to use last game, often times not having enough range to get rid of many characters. This time, FLUDD is much more powerful in its gimping, able to push opponents into the blast zone from the edge of the stage if Mario decides to jump with FLUDD.

His side-b also retains its primary deflection and gimping properties, allowing one to completely slaughter Samus's charged shot, and their recoveries with the flip of the cape.

Most of Mario's attacks have been increased in power and speed as well, making him in his strongest form for this game. If you aren't a Mario-user, you might want to pick him up now.

ToastyDMY posted November 30, 2014

Marios Throws are his Bread and Butter, specifically his Back and Down Throws, lets go ahead and cover those first

His Back throw sets up for Marios very impressive edge guard game typically no matter where you are on the stage due to its knockback. Again this move typically sets up for Marios Impressive edgeguards, which include BAIR, DAIR, Cape, FLUDD, or even a well timed FAIR.

Unlike the Back Throw, Down throw is Marios go to combo starter, at lower percents he can connect anything he wishes to after the throw but the move you'll be wanting to follow up with for the most part is his up tilt which combos into itself at lower percentages to about 40% typically, or an aerial if need be, Personally I'd recommend even following up with an Up B if you really wanna mess with em

Marios Aerials for the most part are pretty basic with the exception of his BAIR which was brought back from Good Old Smash 64, his Neutral Air is his go to Combo breaker, UAIR has good range and knockback, FAIR has long start up but is one of the best meteors in the game, and BAIR is one of the best edge guarding tools in the game

Rounding things out attack wise are the specials, Two of which were made for Gimping so lets start up with those

One of the biggest moveset changes in smash was when Marios Down Special (which is now his down air) was replaced with the atrocious FLUDD in Brawl, I'm not pulling any punches, it was garbage there, and thankfully it's been buffed to where its actually useful and has a purpose. The main problem with FLUDD was its pitiful range, which was buffed here, Mario can now safely gimp recoveries and moves from afar with FLUDD with little to worry about

His other Gimp Special is the Cape, which Reflects any Player, Projectile, Attack, nearly everything with a hitbox can be reflected by it, it's also quite fast starting up, coming out almost immediately after the input prompt. It's also got recovery Properties, Halting Marios fall and giving a short hop forward after each use.

Moving on to his Neutral Special, the Fireball has seen some interesting changes, including increased start up as well as doing less damage the longer it's out, it's really best not to think of it as a damage dealing move but as a trap. During the aforementioned start up while in the Air, Mario is free to move left or right as he so wishes. Think of the fireball more like a trap, its got decent hitstun so use it at midrange to maximize off the move itself with combos and the such

Lastly we have his Up B, its been buffed since Brawl and can now help Mario make some surprise off the top KOs with the last hit, the changed ledge game also help improve its uses as a recovery

In Short Mario is character with a lot of tools and quirks up his arsenal,he's ready for what most fighters throw it him, with his toughest match ups being against characters with disjointed hitboxes (Marth, Lucina) and Zoners (Duck Hunt and Rosalina)

delbuster posted November 30, 2014

Mario has a good upclose game, and decent mobility to get in there. He also has his Fireball, which is great to use in conjunction with his Jab, Nair, and Grab. Watch some matches of Jumpman's Mario to get a good idea of his Fireball setup game.

His throw game is also great. While utilt into other things is not fully guaranteed, you can get air trap situations if they airdodge.

Most of his game has already been covered by Wintry. I'll just leave some combos.

Well spaced fireball into grab or jab
Dthrow Utilt
Dthrow Uair (higher percents)
Dthrow Up B (mid percents and above)

Full Jump Dair, double jump uair (very good for anti air or platform harassment situations)

Wintry posted November 26, 2014

This version of Mario is the best one yet. He has great juggle potential, quick but somewhat powerful kill moves, and a pretty good edge guarding game. His aerials are also pretty great, and all of them have some use. Overall, he is a very balanced fighter with some weaknesses (recovery, range) but also excels at other things as well. Your main kill moves will be Up Smash, Down Smash, Back Throw, Back Air and Forward Air.

Mario's grab game is very important to his play style, especially at early percents. Down Throw combos into 3-4 Up Tilts, which tacks on an insane amount of damage. This can be followed up with an Up Air as well. His edge guarding game is also amazing, as he can work both off stage and on stage. Back Air has a surprising amount of knockback and great range. His forward air meteor smashes when sweet spotted, which is great for early KO's. FLUDD also helps push opponents away from the stage, and can even assist Mario with recovery. Lastly, the Cape when timed right can reverse an opponents recovery direction, which can lead to easy kills.

Overall, Mario has his shortcomings, but is great for players of all skills to use. Knowing your spacing, reading opponents moves and how to counter attack will benefit your game greatly.

spyro777 posted February 4, 2017

Mario is good

ShadowSmash105 posted November 6, 2017

I often prefer to chain fireball to backthrow to take advantage of hitstun, and if you don't want to do backthrow, you could jab lock to either charged forward smash or charged up smash. you could also launch them off stage and either spike them or gimp them with F.L.U.U.D or Mario's cape.

MarioMain96 posted February 26, 2017

There are three combos that I find useful as a Mario main.

First, there is the stereotypical Down throw, Up Tilt, Up Tilt, Up Tilt, (You get it) and then after in the air, a lot of aerial attacks, it really is that simple. However, this only works at low percents.

Then, there is the infamous Ally combo. Simply, Down Throw, Jump, Down Air, into literally, any aerial you want. This combo only works at mid-percents.

Finally, there is my personal favorite, down throw into Fair, which (if sweetspoted) dunks your foes straight into hell. Only works from 80-100%

MahreeohMahn posted November 14, 2016

I have a low percent combo. If hit correctly, it gets up to around 50-60% damage. First, early dash attack so they fly back behind you. Then jump and do two Bairs, and then follow up with 1-3 Utilts, 1-2 Uairs, and then an UpB. It works if done right, but there are a few gaps that can allow escape. The key to landing this is to be quick.

ShadowDemon35 posted January 11, 2016

Tips and tricks as Mario. If you own a 3DS or Wii U that has Smash, watch my videos I send to the server.

Epicness937 posted November 3, 2015

personally i think mario is one of the three characters (the other being mii brawler and little mac) that have a street fighter like feel. a tip for you is if you play street fighter to try mario. a second tip is unlike most characters his counter is his forward special not his down special so good luck!

SFITB posted March 4, 2017

F*ck Mario

diegoman100 posted May 23, 2016

Mario is by far the most brain dead character in the game. He is super easy to pick up and master. Dthrow is your main combo throw besdes up throw for the ally combo, dthrow can lead into utilt or up air to up b.
b throw is your kill throw and cape can gimp some characters. thats literally it.

kyuibi posted November 20, 2014

If you can land up tilt A, then you can just do it over and over again until they go out of range on hit, then you can do jump up A and do it again for really good damage.


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