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Luigi Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Luigi Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 97 Tier Ranking: 25th Popularity: 30th
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delbuster posted November 30, 2014

Luigi is a pretty interesting threat in this game.

His close range game is quite good - Jab combo, Fair, Dair, Uair, Nair and Bair are all solid normals with quick startup, and his short hop is the perfect height to use them at. His dash speed is also pretty good, and complements this. Generally you will see Short Hop dair or fair into landing with nair or uair.

His Down Throw combos perfectly into just about any of his aerials. Lower percents mean short hop, higher percent needs full jump and eventually uairs.
Note that you can dthrow into jump Up B - a tricky combo to do correctly, but very possible - but it will likely not KO as the Up B power is not as strong in mid air, and at percents where the Up B would KO the Dthrow would send too far.

He has two special moves that also help him in this regard; his Fireball is a slower moving, simple forward moving fireball that helps control space and his Down B is a high priority, multi hitting move that launches opponents at the end. The fireball helps him get in, and the Down B can help vs mashing opponents at midrange, although it is unsafe on block.

If your opponent has good defense, the fireball might not be enough. Luigi's slipperiness can work against him, as if he does not powershield an attack he gets pushed back more than other characters and can thus miss out on punish opportunities.
Utilizing shorthops, dashing, and airdodges in conjunction with his air normals, Fireball, and Down B, Luigi wants to take the initiative and score close range situations where he can outprioritize the opponent or scare them where he can score a grab.

And finally, in any free punish situation where your opponent makes a big mistake or gets shield broken or something, Up B is a great punish tool.

Recovering is a little more difficult as Luigi this time around. You'll have to be very proficient in getting height out of his Down B, or using his Side B to not get punished, because Side B will stick into walls for a long time. His Up B also has very little horizontal movement. This is his other main weakness with being kept out - if you survive though, his close range game truly is fearsome.

JehJehKeyblade posted January 19, 2016

Luigi's Down Throw has been nerfed. So what? His kill follow up with Cyclone isn't GUARANTEED anymore but can still be done if the opponent's action is read correctly. He is also able to connect more attacks afterwards at low percents such as his Forward Smash. And at mid percents it's pretty much the same. It isn't a good idea to Down Throw at high percents anyway, as his Back Throw is a kill move.
Nerfed or not Luigi remains a versatile, easy to learn, high tier character.

Supahotfire posted November 19, 2015

How is luigi still 16 he got a massive nerf that makes his down throw almost not worth using. He should be in the 20s/30s He's no more down throw hungry than diddy used to be but now they are both downthrowless


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