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Lucina Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Lucina Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 90 Tier Ranking: 17th Popularity: 5th
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floorwalker posted November 23, 2014

People seem to underestimate Lucina because of the strong similarities with Marth, yet they do have noticeable differences that are worth mentioning. Of course Lucina is more all around balanced in her sword strikes, (just think of any other sword fighter in the game) and Marth has to be played by spacing his strikes at the tip of the blade for more damage and knockback. If you don't like Marth's tipping style of play, then Lucina is a great choice for a sword fighter. Also she has a mask taunt to add cool factor to her already badass character personality.

Lucina's main difference is primarily the fact that she can rack up damage a little faster than Marth can due to balanced damage. This provokes Lucina players to play her in a more aggressive way than Marth's more safe playstyle. Marth's damage in his non-tipped sword strikes are weaker and don't reward him as much if not placed right, but not for Lucina. Every hit she lands, feels like she's closer to kill percentage, considering her character design isn't meant for knockback, but for offensive momentum. However, her main weakness is trying to land the kill on characters with high stamina. She usually can kill around 100% or higher depending on the character she's facing, while Marth can kill around 75% or higher with a tipped smash attack.

Overall, Lucina's an all around efficient fighter that has most of the same frame data as Marth, but is a lot easier to punish people since you don't have to space. Her dancing blade deals a little bit more damage than Marth, so it's a good tool to use. Both Marth and Lucina are strong characters in their own ways. Just embrace their differences.

Bakbagel posted December 15, 2014

So many people are riding on the fact that Sakurai called Lucina an "Easy to play Marth", let's all take a minute to remember that Sakurai is the same guy who said Wavedashing would have no effect on SSBM competitive. The big problem is people aren't thinking about Lucina like marth isn't there, they're not thinking about how Lucina can play as a character, they're trying to play Marth and seeing that Lucina doesn't do it as effectively. They may be clones, but at the end of the day, Lucina isn't named Marth, is she? I personally play both, and find each pretty fun in their own respects, Marth focuses on a laid back playstyle, dodging in and out to land tipper stuff, then follow up with ariels and wait for another opportunity to strike, Lucina has the same playstyle to an extent, being a clone, but is more focused on getting in people's face, she can't space, because she isn't Marth. She isn't supposed to space, that isnt the idea. The idea is using her quick, balanced ariels/smashes in conjuction with stronger tilts and mildly faster sheild breaker, to get in people's faces, and stay there, people trying to space you out can't do much if you're chasing them an practically staying inside of their character model, now can they? Marth can't do that, it just isn't his char, it's like if you tried to play Fox and picked Falco, the differences aren't as big, but it still lends to a different playstyle, it doesn't make sense to try to play a character like another one, when they aren't the same character. To those wishing to learn Lucina, or figure her out in general, play her, but for awhile, completely forget that Marth is a character, don't associate the two, think of what Lucina can do to be the most effective, not how her moves stack up to Marth's, because they don't, they're not designed for the same purpose, and as such can't be compared.

Senshu posted November 24, 2014

Generally Lucina is a more beginner friendly way to play Marth, almost most things that Marth has, Lucina also has, they even generally work the same way. The main difference is that you don't have to worry about spacing to get damage, but if you're playing competitively, you're still going to worry about your spacing when it comes to a competent opponent. You're still going to want to poke them before they poke you. Lucina's main benefit is probably pronounced in a more chaotic 8 player smash, where it's more crowded and you have less breathing space, but in a 1 v 1, Marth's tip damage will come out on top. It's best to play Lucina starting out, but once you're more confident, it's best to switch to Marth, just to get that tipper damage and launch. Also their shield breaker is just about the same, breaking shields really early.

Ponydood posted November 24, 2014

I think lucina is better than marth.

spyro777 posted May 12, 2017

Keep up voting Lucina she deserves it.


AdefraZF posted July 4, 2015

For me Lucina is better than marth,both are awesome but i prefer lucina

ToastyDMY posted March 11, 2015

Lucina is a slightly faster, smaller and beginner friendly character that doesn't require as much technical skill as her great great ancestor to use efficiently in Smash. for starters all of her moves minus Up Tilt and Down Air don't have have tipper esc hitboxes, and generally do the same amount of damage no matter where she makes contact with the sword. shes also generally a tad faster than Marth so despite her size shes generally able to out maneuver him, while also not having to worry about getting tipper hits.

Personally I believe that Lucina is easier and better overall as a character tier wise than her counterpart, because of how negligable the strength decrease is and how she has an easier time setting up her game.

KeroroLM posted February 9, 2015

So I can say and it's probably just me but, Roy would have been better im just sayin. Roy has more of a difference compared to lucina and marth.and marth is better than lucina because of the factor if he sour spots his attacks he can combo. While lucina will take longer to rack damage.

fairerrarity posted December 27, 2014

Lucina is Marths clone. Marths attacks do more damage at the tip, and an uncharged tipped forward smash KOs at 80 near the edge of a stage.

Lucinas forward air is good for damage and keeping opponents far. it has good range and its speedy. Although forward air gets pretty predictable with Lucina and the opponent can easily shield then grab. Neutral B is called shield breaker and is does exactly what the name says. half charged shield breaker can break a shield in one hit, leaving you free to forward smash or neutral B again. down tilt hits people when they run at you or try to roll past you. forward tilt has good range. Up tilt is good at hitting opponents above. Jab combo is good for keeping space between you and your opponent as well as racking up damage.

Only use side B combo up to 3 hits because your opponent can shield the fourth hit. If you can hit all 4 side B's - when they are in the air go side-side-side-down because it does the most damage.

Lucina is a pretty good edge guarder. Forward air is good for keeping opponents away and Down air spikes if you hit right at the bottom arc of the move. you can also jump off facing away from the stage and back air bounce them off the stage too. Up B also does this.

Forward smash and Up smash are good KO moves. Down airs knock back isn't as good for KOs. none of Lucinas throws KO except at high percentages.

Counter can protect against anything except for grabs and the KO punch from little mac. (and if you can counter an old wrinkly turnip from peach it will also KO peach at 100%)

Try to avoid spamming dash attack because it starts up slow and you can be punished if your don't hit it.

Make sure to play defensively as well as offensively. neutral air is a good defense too. baiting out grabs and dash attacks can give your opponent a forward air. But don't become predictably with neutral airs or forward airs.

lucasxness posted July 19, 2016

A Lot Of People Think That Lucina Is Just A Worse Marth But Riddle Me This: If That Is True How Come You Have To Unlock Lucina First? That Alone Shows That You Have To Be A Lot More Skilled Then A Marth User To Use Lucina.

Link24 posted November 20, 2014

lucina seems pretty pointless to use, to be honest.

even if youre poor at spacing tippers on purpose, the occasional accidental tipper is far more worth it, as lucina does about 105%-110% of marths untipped sword and not that much more knockback.

her shield breaker is incredibly good at doing its namesake, though, but not that worth it as marth is superior.

I have a more in-depth tip thing for marth his eventhubs page, check that if you want


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