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Lucas Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork

Lucas Super Smash Bros. 4 moves


Weight: 94 Tier Ranking: 28th Popularity: 38th
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Rosie1818 posted February 9, 2016

Smashboards thinks their so great. They think they control every aspect of this game and their word is infallible. Their treatment of Lucas, regarding him as a low tier, is proof that they are not. Lucas is CRIMINALLY underrated in this game. Its a sin! So begins my "Lucas is bad" sarcasm that I have used around my friends. As a Ness and Lucas main, I feel like I actually know what I'm talking about. Is Lucas top tier? No, not quite. Is he top 20? You bet your ass he is. Lucas and Cloud seem to have taken each other's position on the tier list over on Smashboards. People who are good look at Ness and Lucas and say, "Ness is better." They're right. Bad people say, "Ness is better, so Lucas is terrible." If you're going in with Lucas, playing him like the top tier, Ness, its not going to work. You're a bit weaker than Ness. You don't have the super powerful throw. THAT'S FINE!!! Realizing that is the first step to playing Lucas in this game. You know what Lucas does have? He has safe on shield options. He has an approach. He has a great zoning game. He has one of the best jabs in the game. He has 4 kill throws. How many throws are there? 4? That's interesting. He has one of the strongest up-smashes in the smash series. He has a Pk Freeze kill set-up at as early as 40% He has an extended grab range. He has a brutal true 0 to death combo. He has a recovery that is virtually ungimpable. He has two spikes that kill at the earliest of percents. All of his smash attacks kill. He can absorb and reflect projectiles. PK Freeze stage spikes can kill at 0%. And I'll be damned if someone says Ness's approach and zoning are better. But go on him low-tier again.

flaringflareonftw posted June 18, 2015

GREAT 0 to death combo: Down throw into a dair, read recovery, fow. tilt. Rinse and repeat until around 80%. Up smash.
Video link (ctr+c)

G00mbaGamer posted June 7, 2017

Hey, I'm back and I am here to go over a combo that isn't true (unless you are on for glory) but only requires like 2 minor reads to perform. Grab > D-Throw > Nair > FS > FF/ Dair > Sourspot F-Tilt > Grab >

Now here I will stop for a bit and explain before going on with the combo. FS is footstool (this is the first minor read) FF is fast fall, and the reason I stopped is that with the second grab it depends on your position. If you are near the ledge then Grab > RAR Bair Spike (RAR is reverse aerial rush, you perform this by pressing in the opposite direction that you are facing (in this case away from the ledge) and jump immediately after, this will make Lucas face away from your opponent) and if you aren't near the ledge do the exact same thing as before and when they are near the ledge (they should be at this point) do the grab > RAR Bair Spike.

This is extremely devastating and can work from 0% (but is a bit harder to get the fs from low percents) and this is a stock gone unless they have a stupidly good recover *cough* villager *cough* but if they are around 30% when you start this then they are dead no matter what. I have taken over 200 stocks with this and if they ever airdodge before the footstool then fastfall nair to cancel landing lag (nair's landing lag is shorter than hard landing lag for lucas) then upsmash and they are dead unless they are at low percents. Or you could grab and just keep repeating the grab after they airdodge to the ledge and do the true followup of RAR Bair Spike.

And with that I say, "Sayonara, Suckers!"

G00mbaGamer posted December 12, 2016

Lucas has been my main since brawl and at first all of the brawl Lucas players hated the new Lucas as his combo game was almost completely changed from brawl, but the people who stuck with him (like me) found out he has an even better combo game than in brawl and with practice he becomes a menace of the battlefield. He is the same speed and weight as Ness and is a semi-clone of him sure but Lucas can kill earlier with all of his smash attacks except for f-smash but good Lucas players realize his d-smash is stronger than his f-smash and comes out faster (i believe). Most of his common damaging combos rely on his d-throw with follow-ups such as short or full hop nair, up-smash, or up-air and at kill percents Lucas can throw his opponent off stage and massacre them as in my opinion he has one of the best off stage games in the game, with an amazing recovery and moves that just keep beating his opponents off stage until they die. So who is bad now?

Jarool posted August 16, 2016

I recently picked up lucas as an alternate, and while in practice mode i just so happened to down throw and accidently buffered a standard jab combo instead of jumping to nair. Twice...on separate occasions, somehow the down throw true comboed into the jabs instantaneously. I tried to slow time and recreate it, but i have no clue how it happened. If anyone could provide some insight on how this could be done consistently i think it would be quite interesting.

whizgamer posted March 23, 2016

lol Rosie1818 kill em save lucas!!!

TheMH06 posted June 18, 2015

Lucas, at first, may seem like he's been nerfed from the transition of Brawl to Smash 4, losing techniques like his Zap Jump and incredible damage-racking abilities. However, while he has lost some defensive abilities, he's gained an impressive combo game.

Many of his moves, such as his D-Throw and N-Air provide greater opportunities to start combo strings, and many of his major flaws have been addressed like his grab-release lag and Rope Snake. Lucas veterans may be turned off by his nerfs, adaptable players will be pleased with his great ability to combo and kill at early percentages.

Lucash posted June 16, 2015

Down throw, up smash at low percentages is good for getting early damage, add pummel for more.

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